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Old Radio Friends...Writing Funny Down Under...ACM Awards

Apr 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning coming up after a pretty busy weekend.



Mine started with a songwriting cancellation on Friday morning. I was to have written with Scott Barrier and a young country singer Dalton Little. All set to go when we get a text from Dalton who gave one of the best cancellation’s excuses, I’ve ever gotten.  The note read, “I’m so sorry but I just showed up at work and cows are out and the guy that got fired has stolen some things. Can we reschedule”? Did I mention Dalton is “country”?  I’m thinking that when we do write late next month the song title will have to be, “Who Let the Cows Out”.



Friday afternoon I had a great lunch meeting with Dale Turner a long-time radio guy, then a long-time record label promotions guy for RCA and Lyric Street to name a couple. I first met Dale in Cincinnati when he was on the air at WSAI Radio. He interviewed me a couple of time to plug a club I was playing at with my band back then. John Marks was also part of that radio station. John went on to become a major Program Director himself in radio, almost hired me for the morning job in Salt Lake once. Then John ran Pandora and most recently Spotify. John and Dale used to come out to the club I was playing to promote the radio station and one or the other of them had to dress up in the chicken mascot outfit. So those two guys in a chicken outfit went on to have major major careers with lots of stories to tell.


Dale actually tells some of those in a book he wrote a few years ago. So good to see him. He’s retired now, he and his wife Pat took an 87-day Pacific Cruise after his retirement and saw China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Australia, New Zealand…you name it.


Later on when I got into radio in Cincinnati our station competed against the one Dale had worked at. And one other common thing between us is that he’s from St. Louis and his wife is from Cincinnati. I’m from near St. Louis and my wife I from Cincinnati. I met Kathy in that very nightclub where Dale and John did their chicken thing.


These days Dale spends some of his time helping run the Tennessee Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame and we kicked the tires on doing a songwriters evening that could raise a little money for that organization. We’ll see. Either way it was so great to see Dale again and swap old war stories.



It was 9 AM Sunday morning in Australia and 6 pm Nashville time when I saw my two friends from Down Under pop up on my screen. Rae Leigh, who has a wonderful songwriter’s podcast called the “Tryst” invited me and her fellow Aussie Angus Gill to help her co-write a funny song idea she had about a hospital friend of hers who’d been working as a nurse for like 40 years. Her name is Jill and she once shared with Rae that her secret to success was to be not afraid to use what God gave her. Her nickname is “Push Me’ Up Jill” so you can guess what kind of secret weapons we’re talking about. Angus, who was writing in his van because he was on the road to a festival and myself were only too happy to help Rae write the song about her friend. And it did turn out funny if I do say so. Can’t wait to hear Jill’s reaction when she hears her song.


The experience reminded me once again how amazing technology is as I could write a song with two folks from Australia as if they were sitting in my living room. Amazing.


Years ago at a radio seminar in Dallas legendary radio guy (now deceased) Kidd Kraddick stood before a room full of morning show broadcasters and put up the internet on a big screen. It was the first time I’d seen it and my jaw dropped. Old dial up modem thing back then but just amazing. He told the room this would change the world. Boy was he right. I was reminded of how right he was again when I wrote with those two Down Under on my computer.



Sunday night I was online with a running commentary on this year’s ACM Award Shows while it was playing “live”. If you want to check those out go to my Facebook and Twitter pages.


I thought the show was good and there was a LOT of music and not a ton of talk. And there were lots of great moments.


Some of my faves:

The Carrie Underwood performance of songs from her new Gospel album was outstanding. She took us to church in the Mother Church…the Ryman Auditorium. And her duet with CeCe Winans was standing O stuff.


I love the new Lady A song “Like A Lady” and their performance was great.


Hard to beat Eric Church and he did not disappoint with this “live” performance of a new song.


I thought the Little Big Town moment on the streets of Nashville even without Phillip (out from Covid) was a fun look.


Miranda with songwriters Jon Randall and Jack Ingram was a big time favorite of mine. A darned cowboy song. Love it.


Luke Bryan to me was a bit of a surprise at the Entertainer of the Year winner but…he continues to crank out hits and the American Idol exposure has not hurt.


Really fun show last night. Congrats to all the winners.



We’re now hearing that some states have a stack of unused vaccines. So the next hurdle for the CDC will be trying to convince those hesitant that it’s safe and a good idea to get the shot. That may be a little more difficult right now with the news of bad reactions from the J&J vaccine that’s still on pause right now.


Meanwhile, NYC is reporting the least amount of Covid cases and hospitalizations since last Thanksgiving. Half of the US is vaccinated now with ¼ being fully shot. Israel dropped its mask mandate requirement for outdoors and Australia and New Zealand are dropping their quarantine restrictions for those folks flying back and forth between the two countries. Progress.


France is now working on a special pass that will allow Americans to visit as long as they are fully vaccinated.


In Atlanta at the Aquarium two of their otters tested positive. There are still a lot of things to learn about this virus obviously.



The Texas House of Reps have approved a bill that will allow folks there to carry a gun without a permit either openly or concealed. Meaning, I’m not going to start a fight with anyone in Texas.


And over in New Zealand they have proposed a ban on all tobacco sales to anyone born after 2004. Their goal is to be the first “smokeless” nation by the year 2025. The “Lord of the Rings” was shot in New Zealand. That means that the sequel cannot be “Lord of the Smoke Rings”.



If you love the pool…you need this. The Flintstone Modern Day Stone Age car that floats. I mean c’mon!  Just remember to not load a Brontosaurus rib on car tray unless you want to tip over in the deep end.



I try to buy everything assembled. I can’t build or put together anything. And I don’t really have the patience to learn how to do so. So I think I’m pretty happy that Amazon Prime will soon offer to assemble furniture upon delivery. Works for non-engineer me.


The publication “Stacker” just released their list of Top 100 Country songs of All Time”. They based it on the Billboard charts and looked at their all-time greatest songs by chart position, sales and more from 1959 until the present. That makes the list a mix of old and contemporary.


I was happy to see the song “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins land at #37 as my buddy Steve Dean helped write that smash. Awesome.


Their top 5 is:


5 There Goes My Everything by Jack Green


4 Take Your Time by Sam Hunt


3 Wanted by Hunter Hayes


2. Walk On By-LeRoy Van Dyke (Missouri boy done good)


And their number 1 song is “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line.


Here’s the complete list if you want to take a peek.



“Mother of the Groom Turns Out To Be The Mother of the Bride Too.” Pretty good and heart tugging story behind this one.


A mom from China lost her daughter at a young age. Wandered off I think. She has a son. He’s getting married. At the wedding she notices a unique birthmark on the bride and asks her parents if her future daughter in law by chance had been adopted?  Those parents were shocked at the question as they had kept the adoption private. They had found a little girl on the side of the road, took her in after they could not find her real Mom and then adopted the girl. She was indeed the missing daughter.


Now, you’d think that would ruin the marriage but get this. The Mom who lost then found her daughter at the alter had grieved her loss and decided to ADOPT a son. The adopted son married her real daughter.


Feels like I should use the old Paul Harvey sign off that ended every show of his back in the day. “And now you know…the rest of the story.”



“Woman Claims She Has A Past Life As A Celebrity And Knows Where The Body Is Buried.”  Put the shovel down and seek help lady.



I’m off to my publishing company to write with a great Christian songwriter Lee Black who’s had so many of his songs recorded by gospel artists that it’s hard to get them all on one page. Looking forward to writing an idea I’ve had for him for a while.


Have a great Monday!







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