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Back Home...Tiger Song...Easter Weekend

Apr 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back home for Easter weekend and waking up to rain and temps back down in the 40’s today.  Might have come home from the beach a couple of days too early.



Thursday was spent getting home from the beach straight up I-65 North all the way home.  We did make a Whataburger stop as that seems to be the law…you HAVE to have one once you get near either Birmingham or Montgomery on the way down or back home.  We did our part to keep them in business.  We got reminded that once we hit Nashville that this city has traffic…LOTS of traffic even though for the first time in a long long while officials are saying we are seeing a bit of slower growth.  I’m starting to think we need to put up a wall around Music City to stop the population growth her!



I did find out that Cledus T Judd my old comic friend did release a parody song I helped him write titled “Man Crush” taken for the Little Big Town smash “Girl Crush” that’s all about this guy who has a man crush on Tiger Woods.  You might have heard…Tiger is back.  And now he’s got a song.  Glad I could help.



Easter has not happened yet but there are lots of ads already reminding us not to forget Mother’s Day.  Thanks for that.  I did see one Mother’s Day card that I thought was funny.  The front of the card says, “Thanks for not selling me to the circus Mom”. 



Wisconsin is now the latest state to be thinking seriously about making marijuana legal.  If they do I fully expect to see someone open the “Weed & Cheese” store…just for rhyming sake alone.



Yea…I never heard of that word either until I saw it in print and then looked it up.  “Petrichor”…a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather”.  I just figured the next time it rains after it’s been hot and dry you might want to drop a new word to look cool.  Just saying, “I can smell the rain” won’t do anymore.



I gotta do a better job of saving toys…if I ever buy anymore.  This STAR WARS collectors set is going up for auction and it could bring more than $30,000.  May the dollars be with you.  Who knew?  I do have some worthless beanie babies though if you’re interested.



There’s a new version of Monopoly….Lion King Monopoly taking advantage of the “live” action movie soon to be out for Disney.  Without looking I’m guessing the playing pieces will include a lion and a warthog for sure. Is there any household that does not have a copy of some kind of Monopoly?  My fear is we’ll live to see the release of “Kardashian” Monopoly.



Now there are pinball parlors popping up and making a big comeback.  Full of pinball games to play…old style.  That’s a trip down memory lane.  I remember getting out of High School at the end of the day and hitting the old Dew Drop Inn on the one main street that ran through the little town of Elsberry, Missouri.  You bought a bowl of French fries…put those on top of the pinball machine and ate them between rolls of the ball clanging off the bumpers.  I was never any good at it.  But I did master the art of “tilting”. 



Carla Delevigne (actress) Shows Off Armpit Wig”.  A wig…underneath your arms.  I guess it is the world described in the Kacey Musgraves song “Follow Your Arrow Wherever It Points”. 



Admission is free to National Parks tomorrow.  That would be one great bargain.  I’ve been in several across the US…and they’re all beautiful.  Later this year I’ll get a chance to see Yellowstone again which is magnificent especially when you consider it’s paired up with the Grand Tetons where you can get this kind of VIEW just by walking into one of the lodges.  Take advantage of the “free day” tomorrow.



I’m off to write with Becky and Will Denton who are releasing right now a new beach song single we wrote titled “Take Me To Tybee” (as in Georgia).  Becky has been dipping her flip-flop toes into some beach music lately with a little success.  So when we write today we might go there again especially since I just got back from the beach to draw inspiration from.  Either way it will be fun writing with them again.



It is Easter weekend and we plan on spending Sunday going to church with my daughter Heather and her husband Casey up in Clarksville where he’s stationed at Fort Campbell.  Heather just got the lead soprano position at one of those huge non-denominational churches where the music is pretty incredible.  The churches here can all draw musicians and singers from the music industry which helps elevate the musical portion of worship services to a very high standard.  So congrats to my daughter on that!


I hope you and your family have a great Easter too!

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