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Southbound...Good Friends Writing and No TV

Apr 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |
Wednesday April 19, 2017
On the road to Gulf Shores...pulled over at Mickey D's to get his blog in this morning.  The overhead speakers at this particular McDonald's is pumping out contemporary Christian music at a loud volume.  So this blog make take on a bit of a gospel tone between the typing and the McNuggets.

I had a great writing session with two wonderful talented friends...Linda Davis and Bobby Tomberlin.  Bobby is just back from playing Alaska and then Key West.  How's that for covering the map?  And Linda is out all over the world with Kenny Rogers with stops in Albuquerque and Salt Lake this weekend.  And me?  Off to Gulf Shores-Jacksonville-Tampa Bay.  So it's a treat when the three of us get to sit down and catch up and write something new.  And yesterday we wrote a funny song...maybe a first for Linda...so it was a treat watching and hearing her laugh through the creation of this new song that will probably be something I can add to my set list when I'm out singing.
Linda has a great song on the new Reba album...that's a double cd gospel recording...that's outstanding.  And Bobby has a duet that Barbara Streisand recorded with Blake Shelton not too long ago.  Tall cotton.
And my friend Mr. Tomberlin is a co-writer on one of my all time favorite songs from Diamond Rio "One More Day"
Just a fun creative day...one that reminds me again how lucky I am to get to do what I do these days.
There is bound to be one unfortunately on the tragic life of former New England star Aaron Hernandez who hung himself in a jail cell.  Millions of dollars...a star...had it all going...but had another "thug" side of him that he could not get rid of.  There are truly some things one can never explain.  But I'm betting some movie somewhere down the line will take a crack at it. 
Our Mayor is big on pushing and demanding for more sidewalks in Nashville.  Judging by the huge traffic jams now...I hope she'll have them build one from my house to downtown Music City which is about 30 miles.  I could walk to my writing appointments quicker than I can drive...I think.  Come to Music City folks...but be patient on the drive in and say hello to our orange barrels.
Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook wants to give us a new reality life.  It's coming.  One example?  For $1 you can buy and app that allows you to shoot your TV up on a wall and watch anything you want...with no physical TV set.  And he's working on something he thinks might eliminate smart phones.  Stay tuned...literally. 
I'm pretty sure we live in an unreal world these days as it is.
Guy in Tennessee gets a record size turkey.  Over 25 pds and the beard length is 12 and 7/16.  I think that's longer than a ZZ Top beard...but I'll have to check.  That's almost enough to make me wanna buy camo and go sit in the woods and scratch on a rock all day.  Uh...not really.
I did try scratching a rock from my couch once hoping it would signal to my wife to bring me something to drink while I watched the ballgame.  I want to give thanks to still having great instincts as it allowed me to duck in time.
This was bound to happen.  Two big wrestlers BROKE the wrestling ring.  Pile drivers from the rope...all you can eat buffets...had to happen.  We now know wrestling is Fake News too...so who knows if it really broke or if it had help.  All I know is those dudes are big enough that I won't accuse them (to their face) of having anything to do with it.
I had John Cena on my radio show once.  Our young producer wanted John to do his signature open hand slap to his chest.  Shirt off....WHAM!!!  That producer still has a hand whelp from Cena on his chest...like a proud tattoo.  It was funny...so funny...and LOUD!
Nope...I won't pick an argument ever with a pro wrestler.
In Tennessee...it looks like they will allow you to snap a "selfie" of yourself in the voting booth...as long as you don't take a picture of the ballot.  Justin Timberlake did that last election...got a lot of press..and got him in trouble.  They've adjusted the law now...because Lord knows...we need more selfies!
How bout the woman who stuck her hand down in her toilet and got it stuck?  Police came...they had to remove the entire toilet with her hand still stuck before finally getting it released out on the front lawn.  Speaking of selfie opportunities. 
Back on the road.  Not stopping til I see the ocean.  Tomorrow mornings blog coming at ya from Gulf Shores.
Have a great Wednesday!


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