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Funny Song Coming...Ice Cream...Back Home We Go

Apr 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Rolling north to Nashville.



We spent our last beautiful day here in the Rosemary Beach area just west of Panama City and were blessed to get another wonderful day of Florida weather.  Gosh we’ve had a great time.


Yesterday was a lazy Wednesday although I did write a parody song for my folks in New York about women being upset about losing their guys to the playoffs going on in both basketball and hockey.  What’s ironic about that is I took the hit “You Look Good” and turned it into “You Look Mad”.  That song was a hit for Lady Antebellum that features Hillary Scott the daughter of Lang Scott and Linda Davis who my wife and I have been spending beach time with down here.


We also spent some time down on a dock on the bay just outside this beautiful house we’re staying at to film promotional videos for our Western Tour coming up starting at the end of May.  We did one each for the venues so that was a total six we shot letting folks know we’re coming to their theaters.  Yes there were FUNNY outtakes that will never see the light of day.  I’m sure I’ll be able to share some of these as the dates get closer and the venues post them on their individual websites.  The run will include Hot Springs, Arkansas, Linden, Lubbock, and Midland-Odessa Texas as well as Artesia and Alto, New Mexico. 


The rest of the day was a bunch of nothing wrapping up with dinner in THIS  beautiful spot on the beach.  A perfect ending to our little beach stay down here.  Oh…we did stop and get ice cream and Lang and Linda’s daughter Riley brought home Ben and Jerry’s “Americone” ice cream.  Goodness…I’ve found a new favorite.  And there goes the diet.


 Our great thanks to Hillary for allowing us to share this beautiful past few days with her parents in this beautiful place. 



I have to keep it quiet for just a short little while longer but it does look like Cledus T. Judd is about to release a new parody song that’s going to be really funny that I helped write a couple of years ago.  Now with Tiger Woods winning the Masters…something funny is about to be released on the general public.  This funny song is a parody of a well known hit that I can't reveal right now...much like this PARODY song I helped him write a few years ago about Luke Bryan.  My educated guess is there will be a video to go with...stay tuned.


MORE BEACH        

I don’t know exactly how it happened but I’m getting more and more beach dates on my calendar.  No complaints.  I’m trying to find a few days now to get back down to Gulf Shores to write a bunch of new beach songs with Brent Burns for a new project.  Add to that dates in Port St. Joe, Orange Beach and Key West this year and you’ll understand why I’m not packing my flip flops in a storage bin anytime soon.  Brent recorded this song on his latest album “70 and Partly Funny” that really describes how we both truly feel…”It Don’t Suck Being Me”



Taco Bell now has a watermelon slushy complete with candy seeds in it that one can eat.  Might have to slurp one of those as I do like watermelon.  I’d propose some restaurant all the customer to choose a full on watermelon and then allow us to take it outside and bust it open so we can eat the middle out of it like we did when we were kids…or at least that was part of my childhood with a big long garden that always had lots of watermelon.  Who knows…it might catch on.



Back to Nashville this morning, but I have a feeling we’ll be back here again.  Pretty tough to beat this kind of just chilling out.  And because we’re on the road today it feels like a Friday to me instead of a Thursday.  But…Friday morning’s blog will be coming from Music City.


Have a great Thursday!



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