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On The Air In New Mexico...A Press Release...Seacrest FL

Apr 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day and last day on the beach.



Oh…just another perfect weather day down here near Rosemary Beach off Highway 30.  I got a little work done banging on the keys of my Mac while looking at the bay outside the windows here and sending NY another parody song about the price of gas…it’s going up again.  4 bucks or more per gallon out in California.  I’m starting to think folks that live in some of these managed beach properties here in Florida have it right.  Buy a place that has lot of stuff nearby and wear out the bike and walking paths and keep a golf cart in the garage to get into town and back.  Life is sunny and lazy down here.



I got a funny text from my WSM radio friend Charlie Mattos yesterday that read, “Now I’m getting a press release about you.  I’m a lucky man”.  Still laughing at that.  My publishing company put out a press release about them signing me as one of their songwriters and Charlie was on their list.  Next time I’m on air with him I’m sure I’ll hear about this PRESS RELEASE.



I did do an interview with Joel Hixon who owns his own internet radio station in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  I did not know Joel at all until we talked long distance for the first time during the interview for his classic country radio station.  Turns out some friends told Joel that he needed to follow me on Facebook and he did then go curious and read my bio and got intrigued enough to reach out for the interview we did yesterday. It also turns out that Joel has had a LONG radio career in California and New Mexico and was once named the "New Mexico Broadcaster Of The Year". 


We had great fun.  He played songs I’ve written for others…and played some of my comedy songs too and gave the shows I’m part of with a plug…two May 30 and June 1 in Artesia and Alto respectively.  For complete details on those dates check my online calendar.


Joel and his wife are going to make the trip up to Alto to see that show and I’m now looking forward to meeting him face to face.  Thanks for seeking me out Joel.



Our little group made a trip into the middle of Seacrest which is a very cool upscale beach community full of shops, and food, and coffee and the beach.  We caught an incredible sunset last night…some of those pictures on my Facebook page today.  You can tell we’re having fun down here looking at the faces of my wife and our friend Linda Davis in the one snapshot.  Sun goes down and some of us grab a crepe…me and Riley Jean and her friend Zandra grab gelato.  Pretty much a perfect Tuesday.



Apparently “Vasectomy” cakes are one of the HOT baked items these days.  True.  Cutting the cake never ever sounded more painful to me.  I think I’ll stick with gelato.



A Chicago bar offers to give patrons an ice cube with a picture of George Clooney in the ice cube to drop in their bourbon tumblers I suppose.  It will cost you $25 if you want to see George looking back at you while you toss one down.  I’ll wait for the Three Stooges on ice.



“Pet Deer Kills Man And Injures Wife In Rural Australia”.  Yes…the deer had a huge rack of antlers.  Pick your pets carefully folks.  I had a Pet Rock once and lived in fear of getting stoned to death by it…so I tossed it out in the driveway.



Well…we have a few clouds lingering over the water right now but it’s supposed to burn off this afternoon so we’re gonna soak up one more day on the beach.  We are going to spend a little time here shooting some video to promote our upcoming concerts for our “Evening In The Round” trio this summer that we’ll post online when each date gets closer.  The next road trip has six shows teed up in Arkansas, Texas and New Mexico so we’ll start with those first.  As always if you’d like to come see a show just pull up my calendar and find out when we might be close to you.


Then…we pack to return home so tomorrow will be a pretty short blog here if any.


Have a great Wednesday!




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