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No Eggs...An Egg A Day...and Beach Trip This Week

Apr 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |


Monday April 17, 2018 
Don't panic...but your taxes are due tomorrow!
A quiet Easter here at the Whyte House.  No eggs...no chocolate bunnies...but I got a couple of hikes in...one on Easter itself on a trail that I thought would not be busy...when the opposite was true.  Apparently everyone decided to try and walk off their Easter ham dinners.
And...we did get a new big screen TV installed...and it's like watching TV all over again after our last one had run it's course and most everything we watched started looking screen.  This is one of the Smart TV's....where from my phone I can cast Netflix, You Tube, you name it up onto 60 inches of Hi-Def.  And I have to say that the Geek who came to our house might have been the sharpest-nicest-non geeky dude ever to come an install anything for us over the years.  You know how a lot of those tech guys speak in another language of their own most of the time?  Not this one.  Plain spoken.  What a breath of fresh air.  Thanks.
No...I was not one of those who sat breathlessly and watched that giraffe pop out of the back end of Mom on the internet.  But I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Select.  File that one under things I don't get.  And keep in mind that this is from a guy who will sit and watch endless innings of baseball on TV that basically mean nothing in the long run.
I'm guessing if giraffes drink...the go with beer and those LONG neck bottles right?
Now someone has taken advantage of the phrase "Fake News" and commercialized it into "Fake Ale".  A beer...that's fake.  Toronto has it just in case you want to make trip across the border and try it.  Keep in mind you'll wake up with a fake hangover the next day...and that your head really doesn't hurt. 
If you'd rather have coffee than fake ale...there's now a clear coffee.  The makers say it won't stain your teeth.  Gonna be hard for me to say, "give it to me clear" instead of "black". 
Wonder what color it will be when you add cream?
"Beauty and the Beast" has now brought in over a BILLION worldwide at the box office.  Pretty sure every Disney animated movie that made money will now have a "live" version on the way.
A HUGE opening for the Vin Diesel-Rock movie "Fate Of The Furious".  Biggest first weekend opening ever for a movie taking in a whopping 532 MILLION bucks.  Fast cars...special effects out the wazoo...it's working. 
And for the record...I'm no doctor...but I'm pretty sure that anything out of the "wazoo" is painful.  Ask the giraffe who gave birth.
And...Star Wars is opening to big rides/exhibits at Disneyland and Disney World sure to be big hit.  This news coming on the heels of the new TRAILER teasing all Star Wars fans about the newest movie in the franchise coming out this Christmas. 
I'm guessing the new theme park land will be as big as the Harry Potter part of Universal Studios is....which is pretty darned great if you've never been. 
In our lifetimes....very few movies have you leaving the studio going "wow"...what did I just see?  Star Wars is certainly one of those.  Can't wait for the new one at Christmas.
To twist a Star Wars phrase...the life was with the woman who Italy who just passed away this weekend at 117!  She credited eating a raw egg every day to her longevity.  If I thought that would really work...I'd be out buying laying hens today for sure.
OR...You could work your body out like crazy.  Goat yoga is a hot trend right now.  Get a mat...get a goat...hope the goat doesn't eat your mat before you get to do your "downward dog".
I'm waiting for the Pilates-parrot class myself.  Can't wait to hear the parrot screaming...."one more...gimme one more"!
Glen Campbell has one more album of new music on the way.  Great news for his fans.  Glen is gone...but here...and will always be here through his music.  I'm so glad we get to hear new music from him one more time.
Add to that...both Loretta and Willie will also release new music this year.  Kind of nice to know ain't it?
Well...I'm writing quite a bit this morning for my New York comedy folks...and then will turn my attention to prepping the songwriting class I'm teaching this Saturday in Jackonville, Florida followed by a showcase concert that will feature a lot of talent from the Jacksonville area.  I'll do a set too at the end...so I'm looking forward to that road trip which starts early Wednesday morning.  First stop is in Gulf Shores Wednesday night where my wife and I will  hang with Brent Burns and his wife Pam. And then Thursday night Brent and Iwill do a show at the new Intracoastal at the Wharf in Orange Beach which as always will be way too much fun to be legal.  It will be great to see and play for so many friends we've made down there through the years.


Have a great Monday!

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