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Writing With An Author...Cheese Incense...ACM Awards

Apr 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday...and here comes the weekend.



It was a first-time combo writing appointment for me with my multi-talented friend Amanda Williams and hit  author Bob DeMoss. Bob has multiple books on the best seller list, has worked in publishing and acquiring books, worked on radio for a while and somehow finds time to write songs too. Living in Lynchburg, Virginia now after living here in Nashville. His youngest daughter enrolled at Liberty University in Virginia so Mom and Dad followed to support her…and they miss Nashville all the time. An older daughter still lives here so they make trips back and forth. Bob brought a really clever title to the table and we wrote that while getting to know each other better during the course of creating a new fun up-tempo girl song.


After we finished writing Bob spent over an hour on the phone, I think with my wife Kathy talking about book writing as Kathy has completed her first book ever. Bob provided some guidance and expertise that he’s acquired from a lifetime of writing and publishing books. So his time was simply invaluable to all of us. And I got a new song out of the deal with him and Amanda who was on a roll with the idea yesterday so I tried to stay out of the way of that and just let the song happen…and it did. Great day with her and a new friend.



Happy belated birthday to one of my very best friends and music travel buddies Lang Scott who blew out a few candles yesterday. We have traveled some miles, played some music and laughed for a long while. Here’s to more and more of that. Love ya brother.


I thought his wife Linda Davis wrote the sweetest thing about her husband yesterday and I don’t think she would mind me sharing this. She wrote on a post on her Facebook accompanied with some pictures of Lang and their family, “If you read this, I love you. If you don’t, I’ll be telling you for the rest of my life”. Blessed to know these two.



And I’ll share this incredible video that Lang showed me on our road trip last weekend with Linda for an Evening in the Round show down in Sumter, South Carolina. Jerry Lee Lewis (The Killer) was a guest once on the old Tom Jones TV show. Now Tom Jones is a powerhouse of a singer and entertainer. BUT…as Lang pointed out…it’s hard to compete with Jerry Lee. Incredible to watch the two of them talking turns on some iconic songs.



Yesterday the word was that a Covid-19 booster shot will likely be needed within 12 months. Starting to sound like an annual flu shot.


Europe is over a million deaths now from this awful pandemic.


There’s obviously some concern over reactions to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Which is why it’s on pause right now in the US. But a study reminds us this morning that there have only been 5,800 infections if folks who are vaccinated. And the number vaccinated is now is over 125 million. The blood clot news though does make one pause. Even if the numbers are small.


And that study also points out that the rise of blood clots from Covid-19 is 8 to 10 times higher than for those who have been vaccinated.


And here in Nashville we are at the point where one can now just walk in with no appointment and get a shot…if they want.



I’m glad that we are still in the stock market some but for the life of me with a pandemic and all that’s constantly in the news it’s hard to figure why the Dow Jones will break yet another all-time high. 34,000 and climbing. Even the pandemic, a change in the White House and the overall thought that jobs would be lost? Not a concern on Wall Street so far. If Vegas would have let us place bets on the stock market going up or down during this past year? I’d have lost a lot of money on the bet I would have placed…along with a lot of other folks.



If Mother’s Day is not until May 9, then why am I seeing so many articles and ads for Mother’s Day gifts?  Heck, I still have not bought a tree or a shrub for Arbor Day which comes up first on April 30. Priorities people!



Now if you can’t find a Mom’s Day gift that you think she’ll like, keep in mind that Kraft is now giving away cheese-scented incense so she can breathe in some cheddar or gouda or swiss or whatever her choice is. I think I’ll try the Velveeta when they offer incense.



Maybe Mom wants one of those new electric cars that everyone is making right now. If you’re tight on your budget, check out this GM $4,400 electric convertible. Pin your hair up Mama.  



I read a suggestion from one tech guy who says we should all live our lives knowing that the camera is ALWAYS on. Yes, it its. Everywhere there be a camera. Heck, some cover up that little hole in the top of their computers for fear that folks have hacked in and could be looking at me right now. If you are, do you like these Fred Flintstone boxer shorts and long black socks I’m wearing while I blog this morning?



I don’t know what it is with the fried chicken sandwich wars all of a sudden. Everybody is rolling one out. This article from the Chicago Tribune lists the top 24 or 25 in their opinion. Here’s the top 5.


 At #5…the original chicken sandwich at Church’s. (not tried yet)


#4…Chik Fila chicken sandwich (love)


#3…KFC chicken sandwich (not tried)


#2…Chick’n Shack at Shake Shack (not been to the place yet)


And their favorite?  The fried chicken sandwich at Popeyes. (On my list to try for sure)


If you’re curious here’s the rest of their list.



This is quite the story. A couple of gals from Knoxville over in east Tennessee went shopping and then tried to pay for everything with a MILLION DOLLAR bill at the DOLLAR General Store. They got it in the mail…thought it was real. Gullible…and they were not charged believe it or not. Hard to put people in jail for stupidity alone. For the record, they don’t make a million-dollar bill. But if they did, and you had one, WHY would you be shopping at Dollar General? How much stuff could one buy with a million dollars at the DOLLAR General Store?



“Medical Marvel: Mom Got Pregnant While Already Pregnant”. Don’t ask me folks. I can’t figure out how to beat that golf tee game at Cracker Barrel.



I’m writing with Scott Barrier and a young friend of his whom I’ve not met yet…on our computers. Dalton Little is young and LOVES traditional country music. It’s getting harder to find those here in a country music town. So I’ll look forward to meeting him and writing something really country this morning. It was easy for me to say “yes” because I saw he’s a member of the FFA like I was. So we can have a little AG talk and I can brag to him that I was President of my FFA Chapter, was a Star Green Hand, AND judge chickens in the FFA state competition. And you thought you knew me huh?



I’m even writing on Saturday this week. I’ll hook up with two Australian friends Angus Gill and Rae Leigh who I got to know a bit when she interviewed me for her songwriter podcast a couple of months ago. She reached out because she had a funny idea she wants to write and thought Angus and I would be a pair for that. I think she might be right as Angus has a “left of normal” brain like me. So at 6 pm my time tomorrow evening I’ll be looking at two Aussies who are just waking up as it will be 9 AM Sunday morning their time.


Then Sunday evening I’ll have my laptop out for a running commentary on my Facebook and Twitter pages of the ACM Awards. Like last year we’ll see performances from the Opry House, the Ryman and the Bluebird Café because of Covid protocol for a second year in a row. However, there will be some folks (limited) in the audience. A group of Vanderbilt doctors and nurses fully vaccinated will make up some of that audience and they’ll be able to say “thank you” for what they’ve done from those stages. So if you want, follow along with the silliness I’ll be posting Sunday night.


Have a great weekend!



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