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Songs Finding Homes...A Beach Birthday...New Mexico Interview

Apr 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and the sun is sneaking up here near Rosemary Beach, Florida.



Gosh…we got a perfect postcard day here on the beach yesterday.  And I’m not over-exaggerating..,.perfect.  My wife Kathy and I are here chilling with our great friends Lang and Linda and we made the most of the perfect Monday we were given.  We did a whole lot of nothing.


I go my wife into Seacrest to do a little shopping, and we hit a gelato shop and watched folks walk by while we licked and watched the ocean.


Then later in the afternoon I sat out on the beach with some SPF 200 and wound up being on the phone quite a bit passing along some good news as Jeannie Kendall or “The Kendall’s” back in the day called me while I was on my beach chair and gave me some great news that she’s going in studio and will be recording FIVE of my songs on her next album out later this summer.  Awesome.  So I had fun sitting there and dialing up all my co-writers to pass along some good new to them too.


Jeannie and her Dad Royce are old friends and produced my only vinyl album many recording moons ago.  Royce passed years ago…so it give me great pleasure knowing Jeannie is going to put some of my songs on her project after all these years.  Thank you Jeannie.



I get a note out of nowhere from Cledus T. Judd who’s getting ready to record a really silly song that’s now REALLY topical that we wrote years ago.  I’m waiting to hear more later today here on the beach but that don’t suck.



I saw my friends Ayla Brown and her boyfriend Rob Bellamy just got their new CD and I have three songs that I wrote with them on this new project with those two lovebirds who recently moved to Boston from Nashville as Ayla is half of a big country morning radio show in Bean Town. 


So I got more done on the beach doing nothing than I get done at home normally.  I need to take more vacations apparently.



It was Lang’s birthday and his daughter Hillary’s birthday present was to hire a chef and his wife to come in and cook dinner for all of us to celebrate Lang’s big candle day.  Pretty good present for sure.  Everything they made was so incredibly good…and while they prepared the meal the guitars came out and we gave them a little mini-concert. Add some red wine with that and birthday cake and you get quite a way to wrap up a perfect day on the beach.  Happy Birthday to my longtime friend.



Like almost everyone else our mouths dropped open in disbelief as we saw Notre Dame burning.  So sad.  Even though I’ve not been there it breaks one’s hear to lose that kind of history and architecture.  My daughter Heather has been there more than once and she’s just really sad about it.  I get it.  You can’t replace things like that.  Rebuild?  Yes.  Replace?  Never.  I hate that I didn’t get there to see it…and it makes me glad that our travels recently have allowed me to see things like the Vatican, the Coliseum, Northern Irelands castles and places that are still standing.  Go while ya can folks.



A Japanese café just spent $200,000 installing a bathroom that’s surrounded by a huge fish tank.  Uh huh.  So you sit down and watch fish swim by.  Be just my luck I have to go and I get in line behind that diver.



Apparently San Francisco is considering putting a toll on their famous Lombard Street…the one that’s downhill with nothing but curves.  6,000 folks or more line up their cars wanting to drive down it clogging up traffic so…you may pay in the future to do that.  It is possible to get too popular.



Just when I think Crocs have gone away out comes “Goth Crocs”.  For those who love the black gothic thing…something now for your feet in plastic.  Wonder when Nike might roll out a Goth Golf Croc?



Forecast is saying “perfect” again so I see a little more beach time today.  I am doing a radio interview this morning for an Internet classic country radio station in New Mexico that’s called Radio New MexicoJoel Hixon reached out to me on Facebook after apparently reading my posts there and somehow decided I was interesting enough to want to talk to.  So…he’ll play some of my songs and we’ll talk about whatever he’d like to talk about this morning. 


Then after that?  It’s all beach.


Have a great Tuesday!




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