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New Writers...Baby Songs...Poncho & Lefty

Apr 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning after a pretty day and night yesterday. Sweatshirts are back out of the closet, and we’ll dip into the 40’s tonight.



I got to know Ericca Latza, a North Carolina native yesterday as the two of us wrote thanks to my friend Scott Barrier who set this up. The two of them have been co-writing for a while and Scott thought the three of us should try writing together. And so we did. And I’m glad we did as Ericca was great…friendly and talented and young. I don’t know how folks that age get so talented really. AND she brought a couple of ideas with her one of which we wrote that we all agree turned out great. We’ll be doing more of this in the future for sure.



To our daughter Heather and her husband Casey who are closing on their home sale up in Clarksville TN today as they left for Alabama where Casey is in flight school now for the Army. They only owned their home for a couple of years before they decided to make the move so we’re thankful that they caught the market at just the right time. Happy for them. It’s a good time to be selling folks…not buying.



I got a nice voice mail yesterday from my Cowboy buddy Paul Bogart out in Oklahoma who’s a great young country artist that I’ve blogged about here numerous times. Paul was telling me he had a song idea to write about his new daughter that he and his wife Tonya added to a household that that already is home to two young boys. What’s really cool about this is that means the two of us will have written a song about each of his children. The first Buckaroo Lullaby was written about his first boy Jett. The second one "The Ballad of Exit 199" is  a true story was written about his second boy Ace that happened on exit 199 in Nashville right in the truck. Paul recorded both songs on different albums of his so it will be an honor to write something for his little girl Gentry Lynn.


Check out this nice article about my friend Paul that mentions the songs for his kids.



30% of Music City they say has been vaccinated now.


Studies are showing what you might expect. That exercise is helpful combatting Covid-19.


France has announced they will continue to use Johnson and Johnson despite the US putting it on hold because of a few blood clot reactions from those who got that shot.


And studies also show that leaving the middle seats open on airplanes reduces the risk of spreading the virus. Of course it reduces the chances of profits for airlines too. So there’s that.



I don’t know if drinking is helpful containing the virus BUT if it does then folks in Ireland are going to live a long long time. On average the Irish drink of 40 bottles of vodka per year. Wow. Which brings us to this funny Irish drinking joke.


Irish man says, “I resent the stereotype that the Irish are all violent drunks. We’re perfectly capable of violence when sober.”



Facebook spent 23.4 MILLION dollars last year on security for Mark Zuckerberg and his family. That do seem like a ton of money but when you consider the company is worth 860 BILLION dollars…it’s not so much after all.


One comedian said of Facebook: “So thankful for Facebook! Otherwise I would have to call 563 people every morning to let them know I just ate breakfast.”



We can relate to big tech like Facebook. Oracle and Amazon have both opened huge places here with several more tech companies moving to town. Oracle just built a 60-acre 1.2 billion dollar-campus. And I passed a new Amazon plant near where we live on our trip home from South Carolina this past weekend that my friend Lang Scott pointed at. HUGE…really HUGE. You could park a bunch of 747’s inside that bad boy. We’re officially a town of hillbilly’s and techies now. So the hillbilly singers should be able to find someone to tell them how to attach an mp3 file pretty easily these days.



Today in Houston those residents who order a pizza from Domino’s can choose to have it delivered to them by a driverless car…robot. It’s happening. And this is what it looks like. I’ll have a meat lovers please.



I had not heard this story until I read it this morning. One Eric Church shared about his musical hero Merle Haggard. Wille Nelson and Merle got together in a studio…they’d been drinking…a lot. It was time for them to record “Poncho and Lefty” a great song the late Townes Van Zandt had written. Willie got his part down (and was more sober than Merle) then Merle went into the vocal booth and recorded that last verse. After that he went to his bus and passed out. When he awoke this morning, he actually asked Willie what they had done the day before. When Willie told him that they had recorded that song Merle wanted to go back into the studio and sing his part sober. Too late. The song was already gone to New York and was out on the airwaves in short order. A huge hit.


Now, this would be a good place for me to set the record straight. When folks hear some of the songs I’ve written like, “If I Had Boobs”, “Trailer Park Sexy” and “I’ll Join the Amish” they think alcohol surely had to be involved. Not so. I can write stupidly sober…sort of like that Irish guy in the joke further up in today’s blog.



How about the story of the Mom who got a tattoo of her child’s painting that she had framed and hanging on her wall that came from school one day and an art class the child was in. The Mom finds out much later the teacher passed out the wrong pictures to the wrong parents. So she has a tattoo now of some other kid’s artwork. Hopefully her kid can paint over that.



“Man Farts at Police Officer, Argues He Was Practicing Freedom of Expression”. Nope…I can’t make up this kind of stuff folks. Pretty sure he can try and express himself in a jail cell now and find out how his fellow incarcerated friends will react to his freedom of expression.



I’m writing with my friend Amanda Williams who is bring a bonafide hit book writer to the table with us His name is Bob DeMoss who’s had 5 best sellers in his time and is also a noted publisher and more. So that should be an interesting write. Amanda was extremely thoughtful setting this up as she knows my wife Kathy has just written her first book ever and it will allow me to pick Bob’s brains a bit about his world that my wife is dipping her toes into right now.


Have a great Thursday!








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