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Bluegrassin'...The Beach...The Masters

Apr 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from Rosemary Beach where it’s also tax dang day!  Turns out things are not quite so taxing if when you're looking at the waves lap up to the sand.



Mine started Friday with a co-writing session at my publishing company with Laura Leigh Jones…the 4th time we’ve written together.  The more you’re around someone the more you learn of their background.  And this time around I found out that Laura grew up and played in a “noted” bluegrass band with her family “The Cana Ramblers".

After we finished writing a very up-tempo bluegrass song told me her brother was in town and she’d love to get him to play guitar on this new song.  After she showed me a video of her brother’s skill set…I quickly agreed.  Holy moly.  Check out this video of her brother Will Jones….displaying flying fingers on a guitar built specifically for him…he’s that good.  I got a lot more than just a song out of the session with Laura this past Friday for sure.



I’m on the beach and I got to hear a new beach song that Becky Denton recorded that we wrote with her main squeeze Will Denton called “Take Me Back To Tybee” which is about their favorite beach place down in Tybee, Georgia.  I’ve not been…but it was pretty easy to write when they opened up and talked about what they could see from a beach chair down there.  Happy to be a part of this song that will make you wanna grab your own beach chair and head south. 



And before zipping up the last suitcase I sent New York a song about Easter Peeps that will air Monday on some morning country radio stations.  Yea…it’s that time…Easter Week.



I threw that suitcase into the SUV as it was ravel day Saturday to the beautiful Rosemary Beach area where my wife and I are chilling through Wednesday of next week with our friends Linda Davis, Lang Scott their daughter Riley and Riley’s friend Zandra. Besides getting play music together we’re lucky to find time to just enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful place. If you watch the Home Shopping Network at all you saw Linda promoting her daughter Hillary’s clothing line Labellum this weekend.  She started her weekend in Tampa and then drove in Sunday to join us here.  So we’ve got a whole lot of nothing teed up to do here.



On the trip down I called my old comedian friend Heywood Banks up in Michigan as we had not talked in a long while.  Heywood built his stand up routine around a four-slice toaster a pair of tuning forks.  One of which he refers to as his “tuning fork”.  If you’ve not yet seen or heard his song “Toast”…click on…watch and shake your head as I often do at him.  It’s like a stand up routine on the phone when we talked and my wife Kathy was pretty much in tears at the stupidity she heard going back and forth.  Boys being boys.


He told us that his wife teaches Yoga…and I did not know that.  He said it’s easier to do a little yoga than it is to hear his wife tell him constantly that he should do yoga.  I can only hope he’s not wearing a pair of Lulu lemons while doing so.  He’s one or my favorite funny friends of all time and it was great catching up a bit and helping the miles we were traveling down I-65 South go faster.



Sunday morning my friend Lang pulled up the Masters on his big Mac screen from his computer allowing us to see four camera shots and pull up more info than one ever needs to follow a game of golf. I think I’ll watch the Masters like that instead of on traditional TV from now on.


 Like a lot of sports fan we got caught up completely in the excitement of watching Tiger Woods complete one of the greatest comebacks in sports history by winning the Masters for the 5th time.  Truly amazing.  I can’t wait to see the ratings numbers for CBS. 


There’s going to be a heck of a movie about Tiger Woods one day on the big screen as his is quite the story of reclaiming his health and putting his personal life back together again in front of a camera.



And don’t ya know Nike is pretty danged happy with what happened with Tiger and the Masters too.  Check out this new Tiger Nike ad that just rolled out. 


And get this…nobody seems to know why Tiger was chewing gum the entire round yesterday in Augusta but speculation is that a lot of Pro shops will start selling more gum.



Then early evening Linda pulled up to the house after being in Tampa selling her daughter Hillary’s clothing line on HSN that’s called Labellum.  We actually had her in a separate window on the computer watching her do her thing while following that little white ball around Augusta.  So now our little gang is all in here ready to settle the next three days or together down here on the beach near where Jim Carrey shot his movie “Truman".



The new TRAILER is out.  I’m ready for the Christmas to get here. 




A pair of slippers that double as a dust mop.  Yep.  Just walk and clean all at the same time.  If you want to keep a happy relationship going with the one who brought you into this earth…I would not suggest giving this to your Mom for Mother’s Day.



In Tennessee a hunter bagged an EXTREMELY rare albino turkey.  Apparently not that many exist.  Something with pigmentation I think.  Kind of hard for a turkey to hide from a hunter in camo if he’s all white I would think.



Did you see the world’s largest airplane actually does fly?  The STRATOLAUNCHER.  6 engines on this flying bad boy and the wingspan is longer than a dang football field.  That means about 100 wingwalker’s could all have a blast on one set of wings. The plane is designed to launch satellites into space.  Somewhere Howard Hughes must be smiling.



A guy who was on “Married At First Sight” did not marry the girl they paired him up with. His name is John Francetic.  BUT…he just got engaged to the TV show’s psychologist Jessica Griffin at the Grand Canyon this weekend. That proves once and for all that “reality” TV is truly unreal. 



It’s my friend Lang’s birthday today…on Tax Day so we’re celebrating that with him here on the beach complete with a great birthday present from his daughter Hillary who hired a chef to come in and cook tonight. I’m hoping he knows how to make “plain” mac and cheese.


Have a great Monday!









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