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Southern Star...Duck & Cover and Easter Weekend

Apr 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |


Friday April 14, 2017


And here comes the weekend.


Spent some time yesterday writing with my long time friend and co-writer Steve Dean.  We tackled a fun idea yesterday so time flew.
Steve is a collector...you name it...he's got it...and a of that stuff in his his home recording studio.  LOTS of Beatles memorabilia, but also old radios (that he restores) guitars, lava lamps, posters, awards that he's won for his songwriting...old microphones.  That place has a cool vibe to it so it's always fun to write there and hear stories about where he got some of that stuff.


I got a music story from him yesterday about his number one song "Southern Star" that Alabama recorded.  We tell this story on stage....but Alabama did not like the second verse as much as the first verse and ask the writers to make a change...which Steve and his co-writer did.  The original lyrics mention Steven Stills...and he was a rocker.  Alabama was country...so they changed the second verse that starts with "hey my DJ friend."  Like I said...it was a big number one song so Steve didn't mind the change.


The other part of the story is that David Alan Coe recorded this VERSION of it...and until recently Steve had never really listened hard to it...but when he did...he heard other lyrics that he did not originally write either! 


The stories behind the songs....as told by the songwriters is one of the things that makes this whole thing so interesting to me.  And almost every song has an interesting back story to it.   That's another reason I love doing shows with other songwriters...getting to hear and share the stories behind the songs.  If you've never caught a true songwriters show...do yourself a favor when you come to Nashville...go see one. 


Loretta Lynn just announced that she will release a new album this August.  The Coal Miner's Daughter is 85.  Willie has a new one coming too.  Still making music after all these years.


I think both Loretta and Willie are wax figure now in the new Maddame Tussaud's here at Opry Mills which has it's opening this weekend.  Pretty amazing work by the artists.  One more stop for your Nashville trip.


That would be MOAB.  One big bomb.  Wow.  The world is a bit scary these days.  With technology we see great advances.  For better or worse...that includes weaponry that will allow us to blow up the planet.


Would not be surprised to her a loud boom in North Korea over the next few days too.  Wonder if we'll soon see those old "Duck and Cover" PSA announcements soon?


Some comedian once said, "in case of a nuclear strike get under your desk, raise your knees up, and kiss your butt goodbye".   


Every time there's an election...folk are threatening to move north across the border.  Amazing how many say that out loud or post it...not so amazing how they never follow through on that. 


Well...now those numbers may increase for some American's as the Maple Leaf country looks poised to legalize marijuana.  So...with any luck...those loud mouthed celebrities who pop off about leaving the greatest country in the world will actually move and then take some time to mellow out a bit.


Gas prices.  Up to 2.35 or so all of sudden here in TN where prices are not as high as a lot of the country.  Experts now say we'll see it jump to at least $2.75 per gallon in summer when we're all out going somewhere.


If there's any good news is higher prices at the pump...it's that it might allow me to sing this SONG once again.


Yes.  Apparently there are some things we bought in the 90's that have increased in value.  A few?  Furbies, Super Mario game cartridges, Supersoakers, Lego Sets and Harry Potter Books.  They are looking for early releases and editions on all of these things...but in general...it's an indication to check before you throw away.  This is why we have a TV show called "Hoarders".  


Still waiting for prices go up on my Pet Rock though.


Las Vegas will soon have vending machines where you can buy a needle.  Supposedly it will make things safer for addicts...and help prevent the spread of HIV or lord knows what from unsanitary needles that some use over and over. 


I'm waiting for them to load in some glue bottles for sniffing before I plunk down my dollars and push the button.


To my young talented red headed co-writer Daisy Mallory who got surprised engaged yesterday!  Daisy's Mom and Dad moved her from Arizona to Nashville to chase her dream.  These days she's out on the road singing and playing for Lorrie Morgan...and now she's engaged!  Things look to be working out for her.  One of the really good one's in this crazy town.


I'll share one of many songs that I had a hand in writing for Daisy.  The song is called "Looking For Amazing" that the two of us wrote one day with Brady Seals.  I'm thinking she found her amazing.  Congrats!


Beautiful day for a walk...and I'm eyeing a trail in a state park for later today.  Loading up a small backpack for the hike which should be fun.  I'll also spend a large part of my time today and over the next few days making notes and prepping for the songwriting class that I'll teach next weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.  I'll do a show next Thursday night in Gulf Shores with Brent Burns...this it's on to Jacksonville for the class...and a show later that evening.  Should be fun.


It is Easter weekend.  Hope you and your family have a blessed one.  Don't overdose on the ham or peeps.


Have a great weekend!

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