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Writing Stories...Ballparking...and Topless Coffee

Apr 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |


Thursday April 13, 2017


Well...at least it's Thursday April 13 and not Friday.


A full "Hump Day" that started with a co-writing session with Jenny Tolman.  We polished up the last song we wrote a bit...then got a start on a new one before our session wrapped.  During the writing session she shared her "Garth"experience with me.  I mentioned yesterday in the "blog" that she and her producer boyfriend Dave Brainard had been out to Lubbock, Texas as Dave was invited to play guitar for artist Sunny Sweeney who he produces.  Sunny opened 3 shows for Garth.


Jenny had nothing but great things to say about Garth...and hanging with him and Trisha and the band for few days.  Heck...Dave got to go out with one of those confetti cannons that Garth uses and fire it off into the crowd.  That's a pretty good three day hang.  And I'm happy for the two of them for getting to have that experience.


I don't know of anyone who does "one on one" better than Garth.  He makes whomever he's talking to feel special.  And that keeps you popular for a long long time as we're seeing with his career right now...still selling out arenas. 


Two songs and a Garth story...great way to start the day.


My website will have an all new look in the very near future.  Stay tuned.  I mostly use it to update my calendar and to do this blog...but you'll like the new site I'm pretty sure.  That's all happening because of my friend Lang Scott who's company MCN (Music City Networks) is re-doing my site.  They do a ton of artist pages...mine being one of them.  So the two of us grabbed Mexican lunch...and then I got a short tutorial on how to use the new website and upload info and pictures and music....etc. 


Can't wait to share the new look with those of you who take a peek at it every now and then.


And with the night free...I did get to the baseball park last night to watch the Sounds play the OKC Dodgers.  Beautiful night for baseball...with a full moon hanging in the sky.  We were getting our butts kicked when I left...but I never have a bad experience when I sit in a ballpark. And heck....they passed out free Sounds ballcaps last night!  My wife rolled her eyes when I walked in with it.  "Another ballcap"?  She's now claiming I have more ballcaps than she has shoes.  I'm pretty sure that's the Fake News I've been hearing so much about.


Minor League parks are all about keeping folks entertained...even if they don't pay attention to the game itself.  Our park has an area where they play cornhole, watch TV...there's a putt course...pitching cages...a separate bar area with upscale food.  And even though the place is absolutely packed with millennials...I would be that hardly any of those folks see the game...or can name one player in uniform.  Pay for a baseball ticket...and then never watch the game.  Beyond me.


If it were up to me...before they allow you to leave a baseball park...you would have to name a player...and the score.  Some folks would have to sleep all night in the park.


FYI...we will eat 18,969, 922 hot dogs in ballparks this year.  Yes...apparently someone is counting.  I have 2 in that total so far.


Here ya go Uncle Sam.  Tax time.  You got yours in?  Now hold your breath hoping you don't get audited...which is akin to having a prostate exam.  I should know...I've had both.  And given a choice...I'd turn left and cough again before having to go through the other.  No fun. 


For the record...only 0.7% of us will be audited.  Very cool...unless you happen to be in the O.7.  Good luck avoiding one again this year y'all.


Elvis's old manager had an office home...here in Nashville.  They sold it.  Historical Preservation folks are having no luck saving it...and it's about to turn into a Car Wash!  True. 


I'm watching Sun Records...the TV series on CMT where comedian Billy Gardell is playing the Colonel...and he's excellent in the role.  I'm learning a lot about the hustler the good Colonel was.  With that image portrayal freshly minted in my mind...it does kind of sadden me to see it gone. 


And now there's a You Tube video catching on of an MMA fighter showing you how to defend yourself in case you decide to fly United Airlines.  


United is now refunding the ticket price to every flier that was on-board when the Dr. got drug off the plane.  It's a PR disaster for sure...but me also thinks there's much more to come on this story...and on the Dr. and his behavior. 


To my simple way of thinking...if I owned the company...I would rather have had someone from United go on the plane and start offering money for someone to give up their seat...and not stop until someone says, "yes...I'll take the money". 


Every Airline is surely taking a look at their procedures after this incident...which is not a bad thing.


And then there's the 8 year old boy who learned to DRIVE by watching a You Tube tutorial.  He drives his 4 year old sister to McDonald's.  Well of course!


Man...you can learn anything on You Tube.  I'm searching it now for yodeling lessons.  You've been warned.


Apparently if you serve coffee in Washington state...some of you folks will need to start wearing more clothing.  Bikini baristas have shown up in Arizona...and apparently Washington state had a few giving you your Grande Cappucino with no top on.  That's changing.  


Don't know if anyone is using the name "Starbreasts" or not...but I'll check.


Some stuff you just can't make up.


How about a scholarship in fishing?  My younger brother Gene was born too soon back in Missouri.  He would have graduated with honors.


They have college fishing teams.  They compete against other college teams.  "Mom...I'm off to college to major in fishing".  That must be an interesting conversation.


Beats working.  As they say in fishing, "Carp de diem"...or maybe some say "Bass de diem". 


If you come to Nashville as a tourist?  Get ready to pay more for gas.  Looks like the state is going to pass a 6-8 cent gas tax to help pay for roads...and pave potholes...I guess.  Downtown hotels cost a TON here.  Parking can run you $30 a day or more.  And now it will cost you more for gas while you putter around Music City.  City is growing...and so it the cost of almost everything. 


"Woman whose nose and lips fell off is growing new set on her chest".  Uh huh.  I could not bring myself to click on the link and read what that's all about.  You go ahead if you want to.


Off to write with my long time co-writer pal Steve Dean in a few...and after consuming ballpark food last night...I have a feeling my Fitbit will be screaming at me to get a walk in.  


Have a great Thursday!

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