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Sumter South Carolina Show...Zoom Game...Back To Writing

Apr 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back home from South Carolina ready for a new week.



Our “Evening in the Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott & me could not have had a more fun road trip and concert that was held in the Opera House in downtown Sumter South Carolina Saturday night. We hit the road Friday afternoon after Lang and Linda finished up taping the Larry’s Country Diner Show that you’ll be able to see soon on RFD TV. We overnighted Friday evening in the beautiful town of Asheville, North Carolina home of the Biltmore Estate. Still have not seen the place yet but on the “to see” list for sure. We got a great night’s sleep then 4 hours later rolled into Sumter.


Then the show in Sumter was just so much fun Saturday night. The city has spent a ton of money revitalizing the downtown area and that includes the old Opera House which is now just flat out gorgeous. Our Hyatt hotel was directly across the street and that made things really easy for. The hotel has a Bobby Richardson display. For baseball fans you’ll remember the great second baseman for the Yankees on all those championship teams with Mantle and the like. His bats, baseball cards, helmet, World Series rings all on display as Bobby is a Sumter native and now 85 or so…still living somewhere near Sumter.


250 folks showed up for our show and that was a sellout as the venue could only sell half of the Opera House seats because of Covid protocol and they scattered them out between the downstairs main floor and the beautiful Opry balconies up and to our left and right. The sound and light guys were some of the BEST we have worked with which made our job easy Saturday night. And what a pleasure for the three of us to return to what is “normal” for us…traveling, singing, telling stories and hearing stories.


After the show a lady said, “I just love how relaxed and informal” your show is! Well thank you.  Our design was to create a songwriter show that makes you feel like you’re sitting in our living room. It really felt that way Saturday night as Lang Scott had a lot of family in the house as he’s from that area. And it was really special for me to sing “Safe Haven” written about Lang’s Father who is buried near Sumter as his sister Cindy was in the house too so I got to sing that song about his AND Cyndy’s Dad Saturday night. Special for sure.


So thank you everyone for coming and thank you Sumter and the Opera House for your professionalism and making Saturday night so much fun for all of us. It reenergized the three of us Lang (who books most of our shows) is now saying get ready for a bunch more shows coming soon. Can’t wait.



And expert this weekend says women and people under 40 are more likely to experience side effects from Covid-19 vaccines. Why? They don’t know. Like a lot of questions asked about Covid ya still get a “I don’t know” as we continue to learn more and more about the pandemic.


A woman in New York got the virus 3 weeks AFTER getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Not what we want to hear is it? And a study is now saying that the Covid variant from South Africa can break through the Pfizer vaccine. Sigh.


The pandemic has not wiped out the economy. Some folks and some businesses have thrived. And the stock market continues to climb. More proof of that is that Rolls Royce just had its biggest quarter in their history. Sales were up more than 62% from this time a year ago. The delivered 1,380 of their cars with the average price somewhere around $330,000. Umm…I’ve got a Toyota in my driveway.



Kim Kardashian West’s Skims shapewear has sold a lot of Skims to women. 1.6 BILLION dollars’ worth. I don’t think anyone buys “girdles” anymore. When’s the last time you heard that word?



Guys says his favorite exercise is a combination of “lunge and a crunch”. It’s called lunch.



A lot of folks are zooming. Some are having “Happy Hour Zooms” during this pandemic where friends jump on the computer at the appointed time to see each other while they have a cocktail or two there instead of going into a bar. Some have gotten creative with a Zoom drinking game.


You take a drink if you mention the word coronavirus

You take a drink if you ask, “how’ everyone holding up?”

One has to take a drink if they say, “Sorry, I was on mute”.



One has to take three drinks if a significant other or a pet wonders into their Zoom shot. Lock up the dogs and cats.



“A Guy Who Mailed Himself in A Crate Overseas Is Writing A Book”. I don’t see it on the best seller list myself. Perhaps an Adam Sandler movie…but not a book.



It’s back to the writing table this morning with Jimmy Fortune and Rick Lang. Jimmy’ s here in town…Rick is out in Maryland so Jimmy and I will be staring at Rick on our laptop. This will be the first time the three of us have written. I write a lot with both, but the first time we’ve done this together. Rick is working towards a second “Gonna Sing Gonna Shout” album. The first got two Grammy nominations a few years ago so we’re going to be working to write something that might fit the second project. Those album features Rick’s songs that he’s written with folks but then well know singers are invited to sing those songs on the project…like say a Jimmy Fortune perhaps. We’ll see. Should be a very fun write.


FYI: Jimmy was very busy over the weekend taping two shows with his “Brotherly Love” quartet that features Jimmy, Ben Isaacs, Bradley Walker and Mike Rogers”. If you’ve not seen or heard these guys yet check out this performance. Pretty amazing foursome to say the least.


Have a great Monday!












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