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Chicken Car...MLB Logos....Beach Time

Apr 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Packing flip-flops and shorts for a beach run.



I hung out on Music Row for awhile working on a new song with a co-writer and it wound up being one of those times where not much happened creatively.  And that does happen every now and then in the creative world.  But it gave us a chance to catch up a bit and table what we did put on paper to return to another day.


While in the songwriting session I took my guitar out of my gig bag and heard a rattling inside the sound hole.  I figured maybe I had dropped a guitar pick inside it but when I shook it…the noise was heavier than a pick.  Turned out to be putty pieces/clay that had hardened that held up some wires.  At least that’s what my Epiphone tech told me when I dropped it off after my writing session.  Epiphone sponsors my “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier and I do love my Masterbilt guitar the gave me to play on stages everywhere I go.  So when I get home from this little beach run for the next few days I’ll swing back by and it will be good to go again.



My daughter flew into Nashville after a photo session in Miami and a little flight time for American Airlines.  So Dad got to pick her up.  Her life has turned busier and busier too so every Dad knows you kinda cherish each quality moment you get with your grown kids as I did yesterday.  Her husband Casey who’s in the Army in Fort Campbell on choppers got a promotion a few days ago…so congrats Casey!



Now I’ve seen and rode in some “different” types of cars.  I mentioned the Wienermobile here a few days ago.  When I lived in Decatur, Illinois I befriend Bill Krekel who ran the best hamburger stand anywhere.  Krekel Burgers.  Delicious.  He had a CHICKEN car that I would ride in from time to time.  His burgers and his car made him recognizable everywhere he went.  I still smile when I think about him and that car.  He’s passed…but those chicken memories live on…as does his hamburger stand that’s still in Decatur.


All of that to point out this new NIKE SHOE car.  I’m not sure if the slogan is “Just Drive It” or not. 



Even if you are not an NBA basketball fan…you should watch this retirement VIDEO of All Star Dwayne Wade who retired a few days ago.  The Miami Heat did an incredible job of putting this together…a tribute to the Dwayne Wade a lot of us don’t see off the basketball court showing his heart…and how he helped others.  The gave back to him in the emotional video.  It’s a lesson to do for others when we can.



Car thefts are going through the roof.  Those keyless fobs?  It makes it easier for a thief to steal your four wheels.  At the Auto Show 2019 in New York they’re telling us that some cars soon can be started with an App on your phone making it harder for thieves to roll away with you car or truck.  I’m not sure what happens if you lose your phone….



Okay…I’m a big baseball fan…that’s been documented here.  But I did not know that several baseball team logos had stuff hidden in them.  The Milwaukee Brewers old cap looks to be M and B…but a closer look shows you it’s a catcher’s mitt.  When I moved to Milwaukee years ago I started going to Brew Crew games.  Even sat on a Milwaukee Brewer Charity Board at one time.  With all of that…I did not see the catchers mitt until after I had gone to many games.  When I did I remember slapping my forehead thinking “what an idiot I am”.  Now…some see the catcher’s mitt first and then see the M and B…so I’m told.  So when you look at their LOGO…what do you see?


The other hidden item on an MLB team logo I missed was the word WIN is highlighted with an underline on the Minnesota TWINS logo.  Wow.  The things ya find out later.



A leading smart money person said this.  “We buy stuff we want but don’t need”. I got a house full of it…how bout you?  But for the record I really do NEED that old snow blower that’s sitting in our crawl space.  Ya never know…we might get accumulation down here one day!



Remember those?  Mostly replace by SUV’s?  They were the best for watching a movie at the drive in theater.  You backed the car up to the view of big screen and sat in the back bench seat looking out those huge back windows.  And you made out.  Well…some of you did.


I’ve figured out that the disappearance of drive ins may have been the cause for the disappearance of station wagons.



“Florida Man Arrested Outside Olive Garden For Belligerent Eating Of Pasta”.  I don’t know…and don’t care enough to read what he was thinking.  Cops showed up and beat him with breadsticks I’m told.



Off to write with my friend Laura Leigh Jones at my publishing company today.  She’s one of those folks that are so talented…and yet so nice at the same time.  That means we’ll have fun writing about belligerent pasta eating today.



I’m off to the Florida beaches with my wife Kathy for the next four or five days with some good friends where we don’t plan on doing a lot of anything.  So Monday morning’s blog will be coming at ya from near beautiful Rosemary Beach.


Have a great weekend!


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