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Veggie Whoppers...New Beach Tune...Earl Thomas Conley

Apr 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

No weather “Bomb Cyclone” in middle Tennessee.  Warm…80 degree high today here in “Twang Town”.



Wednesday was a day of re-setting and getting out to enjoy the great weather day we had.  Beautiful.  I did write one parody song for New York though about the new “veggie burger” that Burger King is going to roll out.  I’m from the school of I want some “moo” in my burger and if it don’t have that…how can you call that a burger?  Geez.


I did get in a walk…first day of the years I was able to do that in running shorts and here’s to more and more of that in the days ahead.  We had the lawn mowed for the second time this year and when you look out my blogging window you see a lot of green these days. 



I did get a nice e-mail from my Missouri friend Becky Denton and her drum-playing husband Will who told me they just recorded another song the three of us have written together titled “Back To Tybee”.  Like in Georgia…like in one of their favorite places to get away from it all.  It’s a beach song following “Two Bags One Beach” that Becky had out that had a little success on Trop Rock radio.  So here comes another beach song for those folks.  Thanks for recording the tune you guys.  Can’t wait to hear it.



The greatest golf tourney ever starts today…The Masters.  I don’t play a lot of golf anymore mostly because of time and the fact that my golf game sucks.  I’m jealous of my brother Gary up in Pennsylvania who plays really great golf as his son does.  Me?  Not so much.  I will say though that I always enjoy the experience though on the few occasions I get to tee up a little white ball and then go looking for it in the bushes or woods or water.  And that’s because golf courses are some of the most beautiful places on earth.  If I just played a little better!


I’m a believer in what in what ole Mark Twain once observed.  “Golf is a good walk spoiled”. 


I’ll be watching some of the Masters for sure.  In fact this weekend my wife and I are spending a few days with some great friends down near the Rosemary Beach area so my friend who’s a golf lover and I will sit and look at the water out one window and the final round of the Masters on the big screen together.  Fore!



We love Jim Glaser a few days ago and now Earl Thomas Conley at 77.  Man…what a distinctive voice.  I remember the first time I heard one of his early records when I was a Music Director at WUBE radio in Cincinnati “Fire and Smoke” and thought “how cool is this guy’s voice”?  He had a ton of hit records, several number one’s including one that writer Walt Aldridge and Tom Brasfield wrote that has one of the CLASSIC country lines in it.  “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever have to do…holding her and loving you”.  RIP Mr. Conley.


I’ve had the pleasure of hearing one of the co-writers Walt Aldridge perform that song a few times at a writers festival down in Port St. Joe, Florida.  It’s killer.  Check out Walt’s GREAT version of his song right HERE.



That’s coming up this Saturday.  Because Nashville is of course a music town that get’s in the papers quite a bit.  And there are a lot of vinyl lovers that will be in store looking for some new vinyl pressings from current artist who will have something to buy that one can slap on a turntable and then drop a needle on it.  Crosby Stills and Nash, Bob Dylan, the late Louie Armstrong and many others will have limited vinyl release records on Saturday.  Me?  I was way ahead of my time I guess.  My first album was on vinyl.


I’m just wondering why they don’t have 8-Track Store Day?



With warm weather approaching everywhere with the exception of where my sister Rita lives…Minnesota…ya might want one of these.  A “motorized” float.  Just like it sounds.  It floats…and ya got a motor to move it around whatever water you’re in.  Complete with beer holder.  So when one sees the pool macho-moron who’s always ready to swim over and tip your float?  Hit the gas. 



That they made a cereal milk soft serve cone?  Ice cream out of cereal milk?  I dunno.  I just know it looks delicious.



Don’t ya love weeds?  They will pop up no matter what you do to them.  And now they are saying the latest weed killers are losing the battle.  The spray it on…but the weeds still shoot up.  You know what that means right?  Time to build a wall to keep them out.



Off to write with Gary Cavanaugh today and then I have plans to get myself out there in this beautiful weather again before doing some pre-packing for our Florida trip. 


Have a great Thursday!



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