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Signing The Deal...A Great Gift...Two Tunes

Apr 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Upper 70’s and not a cloud in the sky today in Nashville.  I see a walking trail with my name on it.



Tuesday was a memorable day as I officially signed a publishing deal with Billy Blue Publishing.  More on this in the coming days as Daywind/Billy Blue is working on a press release to announce the signing that took place yesterday.  My wife Kathy came for the official signing and photos and I’ll share some of that later. 


My thanks goes out to my friend and co-writer Jerry Salley who really made this happen after telling the folks at the publishing company that they should listen to my songs and have a conversation with me.  I’m already a huge fan of the folks there including Ed Alexander the President, Joe Dan Cornett the Creative Director and the guy I work with on a daily basis as well as the VP of the Publishing Company Rick Shelton.  And I appreciate Dottie Leonard Miller the owner for allowing me to be part of their creative company.  It was gratifying to sit at a round table with a pen in my hand while all the folks I mentioned posed for the press release photos that should be out in a few days. 


This signing is going to expose my catalog a whole lot more and a lot more aggressively.  It will also allow me to write with a whole of talented songwriters I’ve not written with yet as well as some gospel/bluegrass and Americana artists and bands.


After the snapshots were done and the ink had dried Jerry Salley and Joe Dan Cornett took me to little place called Moby Dickey’s near the publishing company that had a great outdoor patio with a view of Old Hickory Lake and we celebrated with something cold to drink.  Just a pretty great way to wrap up a memorable Tuesday.


This morning I’m proud to be wearing a Billy Blue baseball cap they gave me yesterday. 



I had a co-writing appointment before the signing at the publishing company with Brent Baxter and Nathan Woodard.  Brent who is from Arkansas recently moved to Missouri where his wife is from.  But, Brent’s a great lyricist…plays no instrument.  And usually that means if you don’t play you’re lyrical content has to be pretty strong.  And he’s just that good.  The ONLY time I’ve ever written with Brent was when he had a publishing deal.  He, Lisa Shaffer and I wrote “Crickets” which went on to become the title track on a Joe Nichols album.  So Brent told Nathan that story and said, “no pressure but the only time Bill and I wrote we got a Joe Nichols cut”.  That got a big laugh out of Nathan of course who’s so talented on his own. 


So it’s the first time the three of us wrote and we got on a major roll.  We got not one but TWO songs out of this session.  One bluegrass…one with gospel overtones.  Brent brought almost a page of lyrics for the bluegrass idea so that one almost wrote itself.  And then an idea I had brought up got written and the two of them finished the last two lines as I was gone signing the deal I mentioned above.


There’s a line in the second song that Brent said out loud that made all of us applaud and high five.  Hopefully this is a song someone will record and then I can share that great lyrical line with everyone.


I get home and my daughter Heather had left me a late birthday gift.  I missed her as she was at the airport waiting to fly out for her American Airlines job as well as a wedding shoot she’s doing down in Miami today.  The gift?  I won’t lie.  It made me cry.  She found a framed lyric that reads, “I will cling to the old rugged cross and exchange it one day for a crown”.  That’s a song my late Father used to sing.  When he passed Heather and I sang and played it at his funeral. 


Did I mention that Tuesday was a REALLY good day?



It’s mid April and 4 million folks are under blizzard, snow, and high wind warnings in the US.  Out west 74 mph winds…big time snow in places including Iowa, Kansas etc.  And poor Minnesota?  They could get a foot of snow.  I’m liking Nashville more and more.



April 21 is Easter this year but already the ads are out big time.  I saw deals on Peeps, and baskets and most certainly ham in the paper today.  How ham became the official meat of Easter…I dunno.  Just is.  That doesn’t hang me up though nearly as much as how a rabbit lays eggs that big.  Get ready for Easter. 



How bout the young 34 year old guy on Jeopardy yesterday winning $110,000 on ONE show shattering the record on “Jeopardy”?  Wow.  Guess I was not the only one who had a really great Tuesday.



That lifting weights will cut the risk of cancer by as much as 20%.  Okay.  I guess I’ll trade in my yoga pants for a weight belt later today. 



I’m a big fan of that show and it’s coming back.  And what got my attention is that one of my favorites on the TV show “Survivor” is going to be running around the world…Rupert!  The cast of contestants this time all come from reality TV shows.  Survivor and Amazing Race just happen to be two reality TV shows I don’t miss.  So go Rupert!



My favorite rock band of all time?  Easy.  The Eagles.  And man would I love to see the concert they are getting ready to do in Vegas with Vince Gill in the middle of all that harmony.  They are going to perform every song off the iconic “Hotel California” album as well as some of their greatest hits.  That album is still in my collection of vinyl today.  And for me “Hotel California” is a musical masterpiece.  People ask sometimes, “what’s your favorite concert you’ve seen ever”?  Eagles…Hell Freezes Over Tour…Milwaukee.  Just can’t beat 7 part harmony.



An off day as far as anything really important going on.  But tomorrow and Friday will be busy with writing appointments before my wife and I head south to Florida with some friends to just hole up and relax completely for a few days on the beach.  Time to re-charge and we’re looking forward to that.


Have a great Wednesday.


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