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Road Trip Today...The Duet...Tim & Tug

Apr 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday morning and I’m packing a guitar and a bag for South Carolina. Road trip starts in few hours.



My day was open so I did some pre-packing for the trip. My guitar and a couple of bags are in the hallway ready to load right now. I tied up some loose ends here at the house and did absolutely zero of any kind of importance. Except I did book a couple of tickets to see my Reds play the White Sox in Cincinnati early next month!  That will most certainly give me something to look forward to on my calendar now.


And another date is “penciled” in for January of next year possibly back in South Carolina for our “Evening in the Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself. So great to be filling in my calendar again with shows and road trips.



I’m so happy to be able to share this new song just out today from Jenny Tolman that’s a duet with Jeannie Seeley Who’ll Be Your Fool” that I wrote with Jenny and her fiancé-producer-writer-guitarist (too talented) Dave Brainard. We wrote this song probably three years ago together. The title was one that Dave had already written with someone else before but he loved the title but was not happy with the song. So I was blessed to create this wonderful new song from the same title with them. The duet features Grand Ole Opry Star Jeannie Seeley so I’m double honored to have her singing with one of my favorite young talents in this town. Dave did a great job of giving it a bit of a “throwback” sound…like in those old Owen Bradley sessions with Patsy Cline and Brenda Lee and more. So click on the link above and take a listen to our little tune.



And last night Darin & Brooke Aldridge sent me a copy of a song they recorded that the three of us wrote titled “Grand Ole Circle” which is all about that 6 ft piece of wood the artists stand on if they’re lucky enough to sing on the Grand Ole Opry as these two are now doing quite a bit. They sent me the version they recorded with the Grand Ole Opry band and it’s just so good and I think their fans, and any fan of the Grand Ole Opry is going to love this song. It’s going on a brand-new album they’re working on right now…their first recording for the Billy Blue Record Label which is part of the family I work for…writing songs. The two of them are truly excited about this song so that make me excited too. I know they are filming a video for this song too so something to look forward to again in the near future that I’ll be able to share here.



Megamillions is worth a couple hundred million dollars right now. Time to buy your ticket perhaps.


And that reminds me of this question, “In Nigeria, how do you know if you’ve really won the lottery?”



As of today 1 in 4 American’s have had at least their first vaccine shot. The numbers are continually growing which lead me to wonder if they’ll have “herd immunity” cattle drive in Wyoming someday soon.


Meanwhile there are starting to be a lot more places now where you can walk in and roll up your sleeve with no appointment. Sort of like the flu shot.


And how about the news that suicides actually dropped amid coronavirus which defies almost every prediction experts made? Still learning as we go about this thing ain’t we?



Willie Nelson owns his own marijuana company. Willie and Tommy Chong are pretty much the faces you think of when someone mentions marijuana. Now on his 88th birthday coming up Willie will be conducting something called the Luck Summit: a “virtual marijuana convention” where folks can get more educated about hemp and weed. Before you knock weed, keep in mind again that Willie will be 88 and looks pretty darned relax. I don’t see me rushing out to buy a bong anytime soon…but I think a lot of opinions have and are changing all of the time about the industry.



I just saw the list for the most popular baby names for the Baby Boomer generation…folks like me.


Top 5 in reverse order for girl names are: Barbara, Susan, Patricia, Linda AND the #1 girl Baby Boomer name? Mary.


For guys it’s David, Michael, John, Robert AND the #1 boy Baby Boomer name? James.


Number six for guys is William. Missed it by THAT much.



Speaking of Baby Boomers. My buddy Brent Burns cut an entire CD project titled Baby Boomers with songs that relate to our age group. So of course we had to write a title song for the album. And I do love how this turned out. Take a listen here to “Baby Boomers” and see how much of what this song talks about you understand or relate to.



The Masters got underway yesterday in Augusta. I missed my chance to go last year because the pandemic stopped everything. Not that I’m bitter. Okay, I am bitter but there’s nothing I can do about it but hope I’ll get another chance to see that incredibly beautiful place.


I did see the story about how one golfer hit a shot that put his ball on the top of an alligator’s back. You can either drop or play the ball where it lies. The guy still has both of his arms, so you can figure out what he decided to do.



I shared how I watched Opening Day baseball the other day with my friend and co-writer Wil Nance who’s a huge Cardinal fan. He told me a story about how he and his brother when they were young both got the great Stan Musical of the Cardinals to sign their baseball gloves. So awesome.


I have a little baseball memorabilia. My favorite item is a baseball with the late Tug McGraw’s signature on one side and his son’s Tim’s autograph on the other side of the ball. That happened when I played in a media baseball game in Cincinnati many years ago where the media team played a bunch of retired “pros” from the Big League’s for charity. In between innings during the game I sat down next to Tug McGraw. I don’t ask for autograph’s a lot, but there was a baseball there and I asked Tug if he would mind signing it? He did gladly.  I held onto it for years, and they when I was in Milwaukee on the radio they asked me to go emcee the State Fair concert one night featuring a new star. Guess who? I went on Tim McGraw’s bus to interview him for the radio station and took the baseball with me. And he gladly signed the baseball that his Dad had signed all those years ago. Pretty cool if I do say so.


BUT…the best piece of memorabilia I’ve ever seen hangs in a picture frame in the home of National League umpire Randy Marsh in northern Kentucky. I had gotten to know Randy a bit when I was on air in Cincinnati. In fact, he invited me to hang out in the umpire’s room at the ballpark one night when he was going to be behind the plate and I sat and visited and watched them rub dirt on the baseballs for the Reds game. So fun.


And then Randy sent me an invite one day for a house party he and his wife were throwing for their new home they had just built in northern Kentucky. I went of course and was amazed at all the baseball stuff Randy had collected in his “Guy Room” downstairs. But my favorite piece of memorabilia was that picture on the wall of an astronaut Randy had befriended. The picture is of the astronaut space walking in his suit. Incredible shot. He autographed it for Randy and the autograph reads, “Randy, I could see it from here…he was SAFE!” Still makes me laugh.



Gosh, do we see that Flo girl enough on those Progressive Insurance commercials?  Ever wonder what the actress makes for doing those? Me too. Stephanie Courtney by all accounts was a pretty fair stand-up comedian before she got the “Flo” job for Progressive. She’s been doing those commercials for 5 years and counting and they pay ole “Flo” $800,000 per year. Wow.


Wonder when Flo-Max will start using her?



“How to Get Spaghetti Stains Out of Underwear”. I can’t recall the last time I did that but “Shout” works pretty well. Don’t ask me how I know.



Time to load up and travel for our “Evening in the Round” show for Saturday night with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. We’ll overnight about halfway down as we’re getting a late start and then we all look forward to the show at that beautifully restored Opera House right on Main Street in Sumter, South Carolina.


Have a great weekend!



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