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Cowboy Writing...Wienermobile...Signing The Deal

Apr 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Little fog this morning in Tennessee as Tuesday’s sun start to pop it’s shiny head up over Old Hickory Lake.



Monday found me writing two parody songs predicting the NCAA basketball winner last night that turned out to be Virginia.  So some radio stations are playing that little championship song this morning. And I’m yawning while blogging because of staying up late to see the overtime win last night.


After that cleared I was in the Bobby Braddock songwriting room at Sony on Music Row with Paul Bogart writing a fun idea Paul brought to the table.  Paul’s a busy young artist.  Two young boys, a calendar full of dates mostly out West for performing, some rodeo roping (he’s a cowboy) and now his attention is turning towards recording new music again.  He also told me yesterday that he’s teed up to play a big country music festival in Norway this summer. Happy for my talented Okie friend.



The town is full of folks riding pedal taverns up and down Lower Broadway.  LOTS of bachelorette parties find their way to those as well as tourists from all over the country.  It can get pretty loud.  Now add to that a rolling hot tub party complete with a bar.  Put on your swimsuit, have something to drink, and see the sights of Nashville.  We’re becoming New Orleans with a twang without the beads…so far. And on it goes.




How bout this?  Scientists polled a whole bunch of German citizens and came up with this.  The happiest two years in our lives are the age of 23 and 69!  They conclude that at 23 young folks are looking forward to what’s to come in their lives.  And 69?  A lot of worries are gone…folks are mostly retired spending their 23 year old kids inheritance.  Makes sense to me.



There are now reports that if you zap your brain at the age of 60 or so with a mild electrical current you’re memory becomes more like people in their 20’s.  I just report what I read here folks.  I can only hope it’s true…and hope that it might be usual for those suffering from Alzheimer’s.



Ever notice how folks who insist on going for a run with music in their ears NEVER have Yanni cued up on their playlist?  Just me?



USA Today reports the BEST most economical time to fill up your vehicle with gas is Monday morning.  Worst time?  Friday afternoons. Folks are getting ready to leave for the weekend and guess what gets jacked up?  Not so much on Monday mornings.



Did you know that this is the 80th anniversary of the Wienermobile?  And that 1500 persons a year sign up to be the drive of the weenie on wheels?  There are only 12 open positions. Driving classes take place in Wisconsin.  You sign up to learn to drive it at “Hot Dog High” in Madison.  Something to aspire to huh?


When I was on Milwaukee radio we got use of one of those for a morning and turned it into a contest for kids.  The winning kid got picked up that morning and rode to school in it making quite the entrance.  It was pretty danged cool.



The new Concorde jet they are working on?  You can go from NYC to London in ONE hour.  That’s truly amazing but most will never be able to afford a ticket.  So my plan is to ride the Wienermobile to see Big Ben.  Wish me luck.  Wieners float right?



What is it with Waffle House’s in Nashville.  We’ve had one horrible tragic incident already and yesterday apparently a women walked into one NAKED with a gun.  Nobody got hurt in this one thank goodness.


Why there’s never been a comedy reality TV series based on Waffle House is beyond me.  But…someone did write a song about it…”Midnight At Waffle House”Mr. Tarantino…we have your next movie idea.



Well today is going to be a fun busy and grateful day for me.  I’m writing with Nathan Woodard and lyricist Brent Baxter today.  Brent was one of my co-writers on the Joe Nichols song “Crickets” and Nathan is a great singer-guitarists who’s had a lot of success in the Christian music field.  So this should be fun rhyming day.


And when that’s finished…I’m sitting down at a table at Daywind Publishing where I’ll write today and sign my first publishing deal.  Amazing.  I’ll have more on this tomorrow but know that I’m excited to be part of this great family of writers and folks who make Daywind successful.  And a particular thanks to my friend Jerry Salley who opened this door for this day that’s about to happen.  Sometimes if you write long enough…good things can happen.


Have a great Tuesday!








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