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Busy Weekend...Packed House...Johnny Cash Farm This Weekend

And off we got into a new week.



I had a fun busy music weekend that started Friday night at the Station Inn here in Nashville where I went to hear Paul Bogart and his invited friends at the songwriting festival that just concluded here “Tin Pan South”.  Paul had Cassidy Lynn and Zach Runquist on stage with him and a last second add Jim Beavers who’s had a ton of country hits including “Watching Airplanes” by Gary Alan and “Why Don’t We Just Dance” by Josh Turner to include a couple.  It was the first time I’d seen Jim “live” and he was a last second addition to this show because Trent Wilmon came down sick.  But what a great choice…funny…great guitar player and then one hit record after another.


Cassidy Lynn sang “spot on”, and Zach Runquist actually did a couple songs we’ve written together on stage and the same for my cowboy friend Paul Bogart who closed the show with the “Buckaroo Lullabye” that we wrote for his now oldest of two young sons.


As a songwriter…I felt like I was up on stage with them since they did four songs I’m part of.  And it was a treat to sit out in the crowd and watch and listen to how those tunes were received.  Gratifying to say the least.


Just a very fun night.



Then Saturday night I was on stage at Puckett’s in Franklin, TN with my “Hits & Grins” trio and we played to a PACKED house of attentive folks.  A lot of co-writer friends of mine also showed up and sat out front including Steve Ivey who produced my first CD here in Nashville who I had not seen in awhile and Lynn Marie the “Polka Queen”.  Such a nice surprise that they would surprise me and come out like that.


Young Taylon Hope who I wrote with for the first time not too long ago came with her parents…sweet as could be.


And my Irish singer-buddy Colm Kirwan was also out with a posse of folks at a big table. 


Add to that my wife and a bunch of her friends and other friends of “Hits & Grins”…and it was just one of those evenings I wish could have lasted longer.


Thanks to all of you who came out…bought CD’s…listened…and said such nice things.  It was great playing for you!




I did finally see the movie “Darkest Hour” the movie that allowed Gary Oldman to take home the Oscar this year for “Best Actor” for his portrayal of Winston Churchill.  After watching it…I can see why he won.  If you like history…you should like this.


If you like ACTION…then wait for the new "Solo"  Star Wars spinoff out in May.  They put up a new TRAILER yesterday to tease us about the arrival of a young “Hans Solo”.   My guess is it will take in about 50 times more money at the box office than “Darkest Hour” did. 



Roger Naylor...my great friend in Cottonwood, Arizona who I’ve written about…who used to be a part a radio show we did in Cincinnati and taught me a lot about comedy writing…has been commissioned to write a book…with pictures all about the Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon Park is turning 100 years old next year and the Canyon folks have selected my friend to be the writer of this glossy magazine that they expect to sell over a MILLION copies of.  I could not be happier for my talented long time hiking buddy who fell in love with Arizona as a kid and has never gotten over it.  He writes about the state like Shakespeare with a paint brush.


Do yourself a favor and follow Roger Naylor on Facebook.  He posts a ton of absolutely breathtaking watercolor pictures and what he writes with it…sheer poetry.  The state of Arizona simply could not have selected a better person to bring this book to life.  Congrats Rog!



Trip Advisor just named it’s top beaches in the US.  Number 1?   Clearwater.  Number 2?  Siesta Key in Florida.  Number 3?  Ka’anapali Beach in Maui. 


I’ve been to all three so no argument here.  I still think Gulf Shores that I frequent?  Underrated for it’s big white beach.  And that’s fine.  The less tourists no about it…the better chance it’s not packed with chairs and umbrellas and coolers when I go.



This just in…Dunkin’ Donuts is offering up something called “Donut Fries”.  I didn’t think it would be possible to make a donut better than it’s always been.  But…I’m from the school that everything tastes better fried.  So unhealthy I’m sure but I could easily hear me saying “yes” when I order a glazed and the clerk asks…”want fries with that”?



How bout this statement from the Facebook executive.  “If you want privacy expect to pay for it”.  Uh uh.  Or…delete the account.  There’s that.



The NFL could be considering dropping all kickoffs completely.  Would the game miss anything if they dropped that and just placed the ball on the 20 yard line instead?  Less injuries…less boredom.  Got my “yes” vote for sure.



“Can A Swan Break Your Arm”?  I dunno.  Don’t plan to find out. 


Actually I did quickly scan the article that came out of that headline.  So called “Swan” experts (and you know they have those) seem to agree that they can’t…but they could badly bruise you if you picked a fight with one.  So…back away from the swan.



A very full week of songwriting is ahead with lots of talented folks.  Today I’m back at a writing table with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard.


Basball season finally begins here for our minor league team and the temps are in the upper 70’s on Thursday…so you’ll know where you’ll find me on that day.


And this WEEKEND…I’m pleased to be the feature songwriter at the Storytellers Museum in Bon Aqua, Tennessee which sits on the old Johnny Cash farm.  I’m going early to soak up some of the history there before I play Saturday night.  Should be a treat from what I’m told.


Have a great Monday!



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