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That Train...Album Party...Packing for South Carolina

Apr 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning after a rainy Wednesday night. When the sun hit’s my front yard I may need to bale. I'm paying 10 cents a bale if you're interested in hauling.



I had a busy Wednesday that started with a Zoom writing session with my friend John Carpino out in beautiful Payson, Arizona. John had contacted me telling me he had a cool song idea…a title. Indeed he did and we spent some time writing that yesterday as well as catching up. John is my friend who got me on the Grand Canyon Railway a couple of times. Two trains a day are running now and tourists are spread out and the entertainers on board like John are all wearing and singing through their Covid masks. Can’t imagine how that works but he promises me it does and that the folks running the railway do a great job of cleaning all the cars all the time as it runs daily from Williams AZ to the south rim of the Grand Canyon daily. John took a hit in the winter when all the gigs dried up, and he was not ready to jump back on the train yet. It’s warming up now, folks are back and John is playing almost every day again doing shows two or three times a week on the train and several nights at a little outdoor venue called “Cruisers” that sits right on historical Route 66 where he always draws a crowd playing his guitar, singing and playing his harmonica.


I’m just looking for a way to get back out there again someday and put my cowboy hat back on and jump on the train with John and entertain those folks who pay for their tickets for that beautiful grand trip to the Canyon.


John wrote a great song about the experience of riding and singing on this great train with this VIDEO. Click and watch and you'll get a good idea of what the trip is like with John singing onboard.



I had a great time rooting on my friend Jenny Tolman who played a “live” set with a full band here in Nashville last night. Her set was pretty remarkable as she had to massage her singing because of her allergies that takes away some of your high range when you try to sing. Something most singers learn to do if they do a lot of shows, or if they’ve been not singing a lot because of the pandemic. She did great. Jenny has added three new songs to her album “There Goes the Neighborhood” one of those being the duet with Jeannie Seeley that I mentioned that I helped write, “Who’ll Be Your Fool”. The extended version of this album will be available digitally tomorrow wherever you download your music. And that means I should be able to share that duet with you here tomorrow with any luck.



I do have to say that when I walked into the venue last night, I was pretty startled to see a full house and it looked like I was the only one in the place wearing a mask. What pandemic? I see more and more signs of folks just being “over it”. So while my friend John Carpino who’s been fully vaccinated is singing through his mask on the Grand Canyon Railway? Not so much for singers here in Nashville.


Colorado had to shut down a vaccination site after several adverse reactions to the J&J shot. What’s with that?


Meanwhile Fauci is saying that new Covid cases are at a disturbing level with a large uptick in cases for younger people.



I added another date on my calendar officially. June 7 I’m in Mobile, Alabama at the Peoples Listening Room and June 9 was just added. An outdoor house concert in Foley, Alabama with my friend Brent Burns. Thank you to Karen Lyons and her husband for having us at your “Lyons Den” party. All the details are on my calendar.


Uber and Lyft can’t get enough drivers as a lot of folks stopped doing that during the pandemic. So if you need work and have four wheels…



I grew up in small town America. Montgomery City, Missouri is where I was born…very small population. Same thing with Elsberry, Missouri where I went to High School. As a songwriter writing country songs, small town life is relatable and I’ve written my share of those kinds of songs like a lot of writers have. If you live or have lived in a small town then you recognize the signs that prove that.


Like, you’ve given directions based off a stoplight


If the bowling alley was your main source of entertainment. Or the pool hall.


You not only know what the FFA stands for, but there’s a fair chance you were the President.


Traffic jams are cause by tractors and combines.


All of those apply to me and yes…I’m filing those away for a song somewhere down the line.



This VIDEO on how to make a single serve pizza in a coffee mug. My wife Kathy makes cake in a coffee cup. Pretty good dessert option to hold in my hand while I watch baseball these days.


I do want to brag a little here about my wife. Her first book…fiction is completely done now and she’s in the middle of the finishing touches of a contract that will get it to the editors for the publishing company she’s signing with to fine tune it and then work on a release date. I know I’m her husband and partial, but this book is a page turner for sure…really good. And I can’t wait for folks to read the book and then realize who has the real talent here in the Whyte House. She’s getting close to the finish line!



Women for the most part know when to walk away from an idiot guy. Sometimes the red flags that pop up are BRIGHT red. Like this one girl who was out on a first date with a guy who shared with her that he had been recently assaulted by a ghost. Uh huh. Who ya gonna call? She called a cab…not Ghostbusters.



The Master’s Golf Tournament will start today in Augusta. No Tiger Woods. He’s still recuperating from driving too fast. Officials released the info yesterday with his permission that he was speeding. REALLY speeding. His car crashed at 75 mph in like a 40 or 45 mph speed zone. Police and authorities report it’s like he never lifted off the gas when he should of suggesting that he may have accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal. Don’t know. But I know golf tournaments are not the same without him in it. His personal life has not been perfect…admittedly.  Who’s has? But you can’t help but be drawn to the greatest golfer we’ve seen in our lifetime.


That’s why I was happy to say “yes” to helping Cledus T. Judd help write this parody song about Tiger Woods from the Little Big Town hit “Girl Crush”. Check out our video-tune of “Man Crush” if you’ve not already seen this.



And here’s a really good guy athlete. Shaquille O’neal was in a jewelry store in Atlanta and overheard a guy asking the clerk how much he owed to pay off his girl’s engagement ring? Shaq jumps in and asks, “how much is the bill?” And then he pays it off for the guy.


When asked about it later he shrugged it off and said, “I’m just trying to make people smile. That’s all”. He does this a lot…every chance he gets. Daily if he can. It’s one thing to be filthy rich. It’s another to use a lot of that money to make people smile unexpectedly. Hats off to Shaq.



I have an “off” day to day…no writing. But I’ll be packing a suitcase as tomorrow I’m on the road with my great friends Linda Davis & Lang Scott as we head for a show in Sumter, South Carolina Saturday night. We’re getting a late start to so we’ll overnight somewhere along the route Friday night and then head for the Opera House in Sumter on Saturday. Can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this kind of “normalcy returning Saturday night.


Have a great Thursday!

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