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Key West Stuff...A Great Airport Story...Album Release Party Tonight

Apr 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Dang Day again. Got a big album debut party I’m going to this evening. More on that coming up in today’s blog.



I hooked up with the redhead from Missouri Becky Denton and wrote a new song with her. She had a play on words title that turned out to be fun with a beachy vibe of music that seemed to work for the tune. Becky has dipped her flip-flop toes into the beach music waters over the past couple of years and this would be another song that would fit that musical mode for her. She also told me that she and her husband Will Denton have been working in studio on a song we wrote called “Sanday” that she loves and will soon be able to put out for folks to listen to and buy. Can’t get enough fun beach songs.



I want to thank a bunch of folks in the Trop Rock world helping book shows for the Meeting of the Minds convention/party in Key West in November. I’m committed to a couple of songwriter rounds already and it looks like I’ll be a presenter at their big awards ceremony too. Add to that a show in the theater there called “Fools on Stool” that I look to be part of appropriately with some other guys in that “beach’ world that have a sense of humor. I did this once in New Orleans and it’s like you play your songs but you insult each other all night long. And they RATE your insults looking for the high score at the end of the evening. I’m going to have to start sharpening my wit to compete against those guys.



My young chiropractor who I like a lot is an avid Cincinnati Reds fan as I am. He grew up in the Buckeye state a Redleg fans…and knows his baseball as well as his real craft. You can’t have a better chiro appointment. He’s cracking my back and stretching me like a pretzel all the while talking baseball. He needs to put a beer and hot dog stand in his office to make my visits complete. And I’m happy to say that I think he did some good for me during the visit.



I’m betting some folks are making a chiro appointment after hitting numerous potholes that are hard to miss right now. Geez. I call it “swerving” season. I try to drive a little slower and watch the car in front of me to see if they swerve or not. If they do, I know what they’re trying to avoid. Great time to invest money in tire and front- end alignment shops. There’s one stretch of asphalt near me that I swear looks like the lunar surface.



Nearly half of all the virus infections are in 5 states. New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida.


More states are opening back up. California will do so in full after watching their number decrease. That will happen in June.


They’re saying that 80% of all teachers and child-care workers have had at least one shot.


And within the next two weeks any adult who wants a shot will be able to get one.



That higher income folks feel more confident. Makes sense. And with that said I just found out that Kim Kardashian is now a billionaire. Getting famous for being famous pays well folks. And I’m guessing she’s pretty confidant. I should have been born pretty with a bulbous behind. And yes, that may be my next comedy song. “Bulbous Behind”.



Folks just continue to pour into Nashville. Tourists are back. The building cranes have never left. They just keep putting stuff up. And now our airport is getting a massive overhaul and will be much bigger to accommodate or try to accommodate all the traffic. How big? They are saying it will look like you’re inside a big arena when you deboard in inbound flight. Wouldn’t surprise me then if you walk into an arena headliner singing on a big stage in the future at BNA.


There is “live” music in our airport at more than one location. I’ve played a small stage there one time with my “Hits & Grins” trio. It was fun. Steve Dean who is part of our group tells the GREATEST airport singing story EVER!  True story. He and a friend were playing at our airport years ago, doing their thing when someone tipped them off that Johnny Cash was coming up the causeway. So…they cleverly started playing “Ring of Fire” the iconic hit from the Man in Black. Sure enough they see him slowly walking up the concourse right at them. And he walks right up and onto their stage, walks up to the microphone and turns to the two of them and says in his low voice, “Key of C boys”. They change keys and the next thing you know Johnny Cash is singing with the two of them and the place goes crazy. No wonder folks want to come to Music City.



Here’s an ironic story. Morgan Wallen, the country artist who got caught on camera saying the “N” word while drunk could have ruined his career. Radio stations pulled his music. But his double album has been the number one selling album for 10 weeks in a row. There’s a lesson behind that I’m sure.


But guess what finally knocked him off that number one spot?  A gospel album…by Carrie Underwood. “My Savior” a collection of old hymns sung by Carrie is now the number one seller.  Seems a tad ironic to me.



A friend played me this video of a guy (several months ago) singing in a small shop. A song called “I’ve Got No More F***K'S to Give". Now, he drops the “F” bomb a lot in this song. But it’s caught on around the world now and if you’re not easily offended by that word…you’ll probably find it really funny too. But if you are offended by bad language…don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Lo-Rise jeans are making a comeback. Perfect for plumbers and young skinny girls. I’m neither. I see no need for me to stop wearing Hi-Rise jeans despite the trend. That should make anyone who knows me happy and make them feel relieved.



Universal Studios in Orlando is getting ready to open what they call the “most intense coaster ever”. The Jurassic World VelociCoaster opens June 10 and will be the tallest “launch” coaster ever. Don’t eat before you board and get rid of all the change in your pockets. Don’t ask me how I know.




I never bought comic books when I was a kid. Couple things figured into that. I didn’t have a lot of money to be buying comic books and they just weren’t my thing. Although, in our little hometown there was a pharmacy on the corner of Main that had comics in a rack. So as a kid you could go in there and thumb through some of them for free while enjoying a fountain soda with a straw. I obviously should have bought a few. Yesterday a guy bought the first Superman comic book released in 1938 that told the world who Superman was. He paid 3.25 million for it! And those in the know think he got a bargain price for it. Hard for me to imagine my investor guy advising me to buy comic books…but I should have!


Who knew they were making comic books in the 1930’s? Turns out that this particular book started the whole superhero genre.



I drop out of watching American Idol after they pick their final kids to compete in Hollywood. I enjoy watching the auditions much more and then lose interest. Same thing with “The Voice”. The fun in that show is watching the judges pick their teams while picking at each other. But last night I did watch Idol that we had taped where the kids sang a duet with famous artist. And I thought they had a really great moment when 1- year old (15!) Ava August chose the perfect song to with Josh Groban “Both Sides Now”. I’d forgotten what a truly great song that was but Ava and Josh sure reminded us. If you have not seen it…watch this pairing tear it up. It's the second song in this clip.



Man: “My wife accused me of being immature. I told her to get out of my fort.” Rightfully so dude.



I’m writing late this morning with my Grand Canyon Railway buddy John Carpino out in Arizona. John is back to singing on that train he got me on a couple of time to perform so I’m anxious to see how that’s going during Covid and what their protocol might be as you go from car to car and sing to the tourists riding to the south rim every day and back. That will be fun.


Then tonight I’ll be out front as my friend Jenny Tolman has “live” album extended re-lease show and party for “Jennyville”. She’s added 3 new songs to this album and one is a song I helped her and Dave Brainard write “Who’ll Be Your Fool” that I should be able to share with you shortly. The song turned into a great duet with Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seeley and I’m kind of thinking that Jeannie might show up tonight and sing our song on stage with Jenny. That will be a moment…and something to share here in tomorrow’s blog.


Have a great Wednesday!















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