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Stones...Tin Pan Tonight and Puckett's Tomorrow Night

Apr 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First full weekend of April straight ahead.



My songwriting appointment was with my long time friend Steve Dean…part of my “Hits & Grins” trio that includes Victoria Venier.  A a reminder…the three of us play at Puckett’s in Franklin, Tennessee this Saturday night at 8:30.


Sitting in Steve’s studio and talking about other folks the two of us have written with and songs we’ve written…I found out that the two of have written maybe 70 or 80 songs through the years.  Sometimes just the two of us…may times with a third writer.  Wow.  I had no idea


And certainly there’s a reason we have done this…great chemistry being the big reason.  Steve has had 9 number one songs in his lifetime…and he’s a great melody guy.  So when the two of us sit down…I lean a lot on his melody ideas and then hope words that make sense and are cool pop out of my head to spill over those melodies.


Yesterday I brought an idea we both loved.  The two of us exchange “beer” pictures.  I know.  Weird.  It just became a thing.  Many times Steve has a beer off the back deck at his house and sends those to me with a funny caption.  Many times he reminds me he’s enjoying the end of the day with that beer while the “Rolling Stones” are blasting out of his speakers on the deck.  That did not escape my “idea” book…so I took “Stones On The Deck” to his studio yesterday and we had fun tearing into that idea.


Proof once again that you have to be careful with what you say as that could turn into a song.







Then last night the two of us did rendezvous at a little party thrown by a mutual friend Sheree Spoltore who runs an organization called SBC Global…which is company she started to help songwriters.  Co-writes…retreats…idea..classes…all part of what Sheree does so well.  She truly is a bright light of encouragement to a lot of writers in this town.


So last night she threw a little gathering party at the CMA building off Music Row and I went with Steve and Victoria made it too.  Food, music, networking…all part of the deal last night and it was fun.


To top it off…they gave away a $200 gift certificate door prize…guess who won?  My friend Mr. Dean.  I told him to buy a lotto ticket.


Thank you Sheree for the fun time and networking opportunity.



Christie’s auction house in New York is going to sell an Andy Warhol painting of Elvis.  They expect it to bring 30 MILLION dollars.  I have got to get my velvet Elvis appraised.



I don’t want to say that Nashville has gone hockey crazy…but they have.  Our Predators have the best record in hockey this year and should make a serious run again at the Stanley Cup after losing the finals last year.  A few nights ago we had a horrible call by the refs.  So a HUGE female Predators fan here...who's a hairdresser...spent almost $150 to mail a dead catfish to the NHL offices in Canada.  It's a custom here.  Folks toss a catfish on the ice at home games.  Don't ask.  And now there's an office in Canada that do not smell so good this morning.


It was a stinky call...bad.  So...I'm dropping some hush puppies in the mail this morning.



Virgin Galactic just had a successful test of it’s tourist space ship…after a bad failed test a few months ago.  I don’t think I have enough frequent flier miles to get on this bad boy…how bout you?



Did the Romans’ ever have a Sleep By Roman Numeral Number bed?   Mine would have been XLV.



In Vegas…you can rent a hotel room at the Palms that has a two lane bowling alley in it.  Little hard sleeping at night I’m guessing.  Wonder if you have to bring your own shoes?



Out this weekend is “Quiet” with John Krasinski and the critics are saying it’s the best horror movie in a long time.  Uh…no thanks.  I don’t think I’ve ever sat through one horror movie.  I’ll take Freddy Fender over Freddy Krueger any day.  Although with his blown out Afro…Freddy Fender was kind of scary too at times.





It could happen.  A female lead playing Harrison Ford’s iconic role…or sub role depending on how they go with it.


If it’s a lead role as Indiana Joan…I hope they choose Melissa McCarthy.  THAT would be different.



Well…mine got just a little less busy with a cancelled writing appointment today that just came in.  But tonight I’m sneaking out to hear some great friends and co-writers.


Paul Bogart is playing a Tin Pan South show tonight at the Station Inn (the Nashville songwriters festival) along with two other co-writer friends of mine and Trent Wilmon who produced Paul’s new CD “Leather” that I have three songs on including this “Buckaroo Lullabye” that Paul and his wife are apparently singing to his new little baby boy…love that.


And then tomorrow night it’s  Hits & Grins at Puckett’s in Franklin, TN. 


Have a great weekend!







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