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Mr. Miller Song...Pearly Gates...New Road Dates

Apr 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Start of a new week…Monday. I hope you didn’t put all your eggs in one basket over Easter weekend.



This one started with a fun co-writing session with the bluegrass duo Darin & Brooke Aldridge who were in their Sunday clothes when they popped up on my computer screen Friday afternoon after singing and speaking at a church for an Easter thing. I told them they dressed WAY too fancy to be songwriters. I had a start on a song that gives “props” to my favorite songwriter Roger Miller who they also love so that turned out to be a very fun session with those two. One more song to go on their pile of songs they are looking at for their first CD release coming soon on Billy Blue Records.



I saw plenty over the weekend as the Cardinals and Reds started the year with a - game series against each other that featured an almost brawl in the second game. Boys being boys. And Saturday night I saw one of the best college basketball games ever in the Final Four when Gonzaga hit a miracle shot in overtime to beat UCLA to advance to the final game later tonight against Baylor. Hats off to head coach Mick Cronin and the UCLA team who played incredible against the highly favored unbeaten Gonzaga squad and were not given much of a chance. Again, from start to finish it was one of the best games I’ve ever seen. Hate to have to declare a loser in those kinds of games.



I also spent some time working on piecing together a couple of new gigs. One would be in Oklahoma, the other would be a multi-day trip to Key West in November for the big Parrot Head convention that takes place every year down there. So I’m slowly starting to add more dates on my calendar…finally.  I should have more details on both of these road trips soon.



One publication listed their top 5 beach towns in the country. I’m always curious about anything “beach”.


5 would be Santa Monica, CA. 4 Newport Beach CA 3 Boca Raton FL 2 Lahaina, Hawaii

And their number one beach town is: Naples Florida.


If you’re beach curious…here’s the rest of their Top 50.



My friend Rick Tiger shared this lyric video with me of a song we wrote called Pearly Gates that this young lady recorded and put a lyric video together for it. Rick had written the first verse and chorus to this song the day I met him at his publishing company at the time off Music Row and at first, I was hesitant to jump in because it seemed so personal to Rick and he had written a bunch of it. But Rick insisted and I’m sure glad he did. I found out after finishing the song that it could have been written about me as well as Rick. The chorus as you’ll see is:


I’m just like my Father

Look just like my Mother

Love just like my sisters

Got the strength of my brothers

And they all live within me

And will be with me with every step I take

When I’m walking through your Pearly Gates


Check out the song…and again…thank you Rick for allowing me to finish this wonderful thought with you that day.



Over 106 million have now had at least one shot…the numbers are growing. And on Saturday 4 million shots were given out in one day…a new record.


One of the new side effects from some vaccinations is that some folks are reporting they have had very strange and weird dreams. I dreamed the other night that I was competing on “Dancing with The Stars”. And I have not been vaccinated yet.


And yet another sign that air travel is booming again. Southwest Airlines just ordered 100 new planes.



I found two “Only in Nashville” things this weekend.


One is a musician named James Hatem who is going to try and play 80 different venues here in Nashville within 24 hours as the tries to set a new Guinness World Record that stands at 65 venues right now. And he’ll be raising money for the Music Venue Alliance here in Music City trying to give some funds to music venues that have suffered through the pandemic by being locked down. Cool.


The second “Only in Nashville” thing was this headline that read, “Man Beaten with Guitar”. Yep…we got plenty of “heads” and plenty of “guitars” here in Twang Town folks. In the words of Doyle from the funny Doyle & Debby show (paraphrased) “You can guitar for good, or guitar for evil”.



This is pretty incredible guitar playing from three gifted guitarists. Watch Tommy Emmanuel, John Jorgenson and Pedro Javier Gonzalez just tear up the Dire Straits “’Sultans of Swing” sog. And keep your eye on Tommy who I was blessed to have play on the song “Finger Pickin’ Good” that I helped write. I’ve never seen anyone who ENJOYS what he does more than Tommy. Just fun to watch.




Did you see any of those GM TV commercials this weekend announcing the arrival of the GMC all electric Hummer that you can order now but not get until 2024? I thought to myself, “I would buy one of those bad boys”. Then I checked the sticker price. Just $100,000 or so. So I quickly rethought…uh…nope.



Most will agree that Tom Brady is the G O A T. Greatest of all time. Most certainly in football. And that was proved big time when someone bought his rookie card this past weekend for 2.25 million!



How about Subaru designing a flying-MOTORCYCLE? Yep. For those who think flying and riding motorcycles aren’t dangerous enough…you can get both rushes in one vehicle. So when you make your commute to work on one of these remember to pack your lunch AND a parachute.



That would be the all-new Krispy Kreme Oreo Glaze donut. I just want one bite…really.  Maybe two.



I’m co-writing with Boston Rob. Not the one on Survivor…no. Rob Bellamy…the Rob that played a lot of hockey and is now helping other athletes make outside money by enhancing their presence on the web with a new company he’s part of. Pretty cool.


I’ll ask him who he’s taking in tonight’s NCAA Championship game. Gonzaga (unbeaten) or Baylor? I’ll be watching that tonight for sure while trying to decide to take a 3rd bite out of that Krispy Kreme Oreo Glazed donut.


Have a great Monday!





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