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Pasta...New Show On The Books...Dilly Dilly

And…winter is back again.  We had a storm blow through last night after an 81 degree day…lights flickered…temps dropped like the stock market and this morning?  COLD! 



So…a new study comes out that tells us if we eat less calories…the odds of living longer and looking younger increase.  Now they tell us!  And that’s exactly what my New York folks wanted me to write a parody song about yesterday…so somewhere this morning some radio listeners are getting that message musically.  If I see more skinny people in the near future…I’m going to try and take credit.



After finishing up my public service message song…I headed for a songwriting appointment with my friends Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard where we finished up a song we had started a few weeks earlier.  That’s always fun…to hang with those two creative folks.  Jenny’s new single-video  “Something To Complain About” is number 2 this week on the “newcomers” chart on CMT and we’re all hoping it might lift up to number one next week.








And…I added another date to my performance calendar for “Hits & Grins”…a private corporate outing here in Nashville May 7…a Monday at 12:30 in the afternoon at the Opryland Hotel.  Love that.  Always enjoy being the entertainment at corporate functions for those who bring their business into Music City and want to entertain their clients and staff for a few days.


This Saturday night our trio will play at Puckett's in Franklin, Tennessee.  Showtime is 8:30 pm.  If you're in town or near...call...make reservations and join us!



I saw a story that claims pasta will not make you fat.  Really?  Well…since I’m doing a little tour in Italy in late September-first of October…I’m going to choose to believe this big time.  I’m hoping to see that gelato has been added to that little list soon.



In Tennessee…they voted down arming some teachers in our schools.  The good news is that Louisville Slugger just three hours north of us are offering free baseball bats to any teacher who wants one.  A joke…just a joke folks. 


I know we desperately need more high caliber teachers…but…



Still too cold to be totally caught up in baseball…but I’m close.  It’s great to be able to find a game on my TV every day…and read the box scores in the morning paper.  And…I’m trying to decide with a pretty full schedule if I can’t click off a couple more baseball stadiums sometime this year on my bucket list thing I’ve got going.  Minnesota, Detroit, both New York stadiums, the new one in Frisco and Seattle are all that remain. 


It’s a sickness…but the Doctor tells me there’s no cure…and I’m good with that.



Switching to golf…the Masters starts tomorrow down in beautiful Augusta.  The golf decision makers there who tend to keep tradition holy on and around that pristine golf course…will not allow anyone to shout out “Dilly Dilly” from the crowd.  I don't want to say the "Bud Light" thing has caught on...but I did buy that glass you see as a Christmas present for my friend and "Hits & Grins" partner Steve Dean last year.  As you can also see...he's using it!


Pretty sure they don’t allow “It’s In The Hole” either.  Those that do shout out stupid things apparently can be removed from the course altogether. 


So this year…if you’re lucky enough to get a pass at the Masters…maybe try shouting “Boom Shackalack Boom Shackalacka”.  I’m pretty sure you’re safe with that one.  Pretty sure.




Science folks say we may be able to video tape our dreams some day.  Really?  I remember very little about my dreams.  At least 95% of the time I wake up and couldn’t tell if I dreamed anything or not.  My wife can wake up and write a movie in intricate detail about hers…she always remembers.


I’m pretty sure I don’t want my dreams…or hers recorded.  If someone does record one and gets it out to the public…I’m more than prepared to claim “Fake Dreams”   “Fake Dreams”! 


The news is not the only thing that can be faked…he said with some slight confidence.



I have a little writing to do for New York…but then my day kind of clears up.  So…I’ll have time to either get to the gym…or dust the cobwebs off my thigh-master and go crazy.


I think I did dream about using my thigh-master last night.   See…nobody needs to see my dreams.


Have a great Wednesday!







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