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Duo Rhyming...Ireland Driving...Church Taser

I stepped out of the house this morning a tad before 5 AM and it felt balmy.  Tomorrow…the temp drops like 20 degrees.  And so it do go.



I wrote for a second time with Chadley Brassfield and his wife Jessie Pennington Brassfield.  Chadley and his brother Bradley and now Jessie all play together in a trio called Brassfield Aly and the three of them stay busy writing and performing.  And it looks like they’re going to be really busy this summer out on the road.


So we gathered in their condo…Jessie went out to her car and retrieved her piano and set it up…so it sounded like a small band as we wrote a new song.  Chadley had been listening to the latest John Mayer CD and wanted to write something in that vein…so we tackled a thought he had for that and walked away with a cool new song.


Once again…upon leaving…I quietly thought to myself how much crazy talent…young talent is in this town.  A very fun day writing with them.





Well…my Reds were on TV…so I got to watch the last few innings of their game against the Cubs…and we got our first win of the year 1-0!  And then last night I watched quite a bit of the NCAA Championship game where Villanova pretty much proved why they were ranked as the best team…easily beating Michigan to claim the crown.  Nope…I didn’t see Sister Jean anywhere in the crowd…how bout you?



And…I was a listening ear for my wife and she’s doing the legwork for our upcoming trip to Ireland in late May.  It’s getting closer.  We’re knee deep in to figuring how how to rent a car, and drive on the other side of the narrow roads of Ireland.  This…will be an adventure.  We’re checking our insurance policy big time.


My daughter Heather is getting married there…but we are staying for a week to make it our first European vacation ever.  We’ll check the green and the coast and the seafood that my Irish music friend tells me is off the hook good if you’re near the coastline.  And we should be able to make a day trip or two to Belfast and Dublin.


My big job so far has been downloading an online book or two to read on the long flight over.



That would be Doris Day.  96 today!  Wow. 


Speaking of age…both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are over 40…and both are expected to be competitive at the Masters which is this week.  The Masters and the Ryder Cup are the two golf tourneys that make me sit down and watch grown men chase a little white ball.  So here's to the older folk today and the rest of the week down in Augusta.



The Hubble apparently got a picture of a star that’s 9.1 BILLION light years away from us.  Icarus is the name they gave it.  I’m always amazed that just when I think there’s nothing new out there…they find something new out there!


And there’s more.


Now NASA believes there could be alien life on the planet Venus.  Wonder which side of the road they drive on up there? 


Maybe we’ll land on Venus and Mars both some day and find out if what they say in the books are true.  Men are from Mars…Women from Venus.  Maybe



That the wives of two twin brothers deliver babies on the same day?  I dunno…but it happened in Michigan.  I don’t even wanna know what kind of conversations took place between the brothers to make that possible.



Now in Hong Kong…where living space is scarce…and EXPENSIVE…they are building little micro-houses into concrete water pipes…those big round ones.  Wonder if I can get a wrap around porch on mine?



“Relax, coffee won’t give you cancer”.  Thank you.  There’d been rumors about placing warning labels on coffee which of course would make one pause before ordering the Grande Pike black.  Apparently that’s not true…so I’m picking my coffee back up for another sip right now.



“Mom Used Taser On Son To Wake Him Up For Church”.   Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition…literally.


Now…growing up…we were in church…a LOT.  I’m grateful they did not have taser guns back then.  Although the ole cast iron skillet over the head to get me out of bed was no bargain either.



Off to finish a song with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard today.  Jenny’s career is in overdrive right now…as her new single is getting some “love” on CMT…”Something To Complain About”.  I’m happy always to write with those two creative folks…and root like crazy for Jenny’s career to blossom. 


Should be a fun day at the office.


Have a great Monday!

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