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Opening Day Gathering...More Shows...Muppet List

Apr 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Fridaaaaay! And just like that it’s Easter weekend. I’ve got to go get ham and peeps today. It also turned cooler in Nashville. Temperature is right on the freezing mark of 32 right now with a high in the low to mid-40’s today.



I wrote with my talented friend Irene Kelley again online with her parrot chiming in so loudly that Irene had to shut the door on her bird. How often does that happen in a writing appointment?  It was a great morning of writing as I brought an idea with a verse and a chorus that we finished, and we got a great start on a second song idea Irene brought to her kitchen table.  The great news is that I sent the finished song to my publisher and he liked it so much that they sent it out to be recorded as a demo so that we can pitch it to a noted bluegrass artist who’s looking for songs right now for a new project. Fingers crossed on that. Irene also shared that the A-Frame cabin she’s building in Gatlinburg (with a view) should be done by June or so meaning that we might be able to sit out on that wrap around deck with a view of the Smokies in July or so and write new songs. Looking very forward to that day.



After we finished the songs, I headed for a Doctor’s appointment to get a needle stuck in me in a place that hurts right now. I can already feel some positive effects from that…thank goodness. Never thought I’d say “thank you” for sticking me…but I did.


Then I went to a little restaurant Sports Bar near where I live where songwriters Wil Nance, Steve Williams and Brian White all joined me to watch the opening day game between the Reds and Cardinals. Steve and Wil are BIG Cardinal fans, Brian and I root for the Reds. Cincinnati got walloped pretty badly yesterday so guess which two guys had the most fun?  Uh huh. But man did we laugh and have fun watching the game. And Wil Nance shared with me that both he and his younger brother Gary (who used to play bass in my band) both got their baseball gloves autographed by the great Stan Musial. Just kids, they got down near the field, asked and Stan the Man obliged. Now that’s a cool piece of baseball memorabilia.


Man it’s good to have baseball back again and it was great sharing Opening Day with that group. FYI...congrats to Brian White who found out yesterday "Blame It On You"... a song he helped write for Jason Aldean just hit the Top 20 headed towards being a #1 song.



Yesterday my friend Brent Burns let me know that we are on for a show in Gulf Shores, Alabama for Monday evening June 7. This will be outdoors…a semi-house concert if you will hosted by a great couple. Tickets will be available to anyone who wants to bring their lawn chairs and join us. Those shows with Brent are always a ton of fun and we’ve developed a little following down there of folks who have seen us perform together and then return for future shows which is fun. So I look forward to seeing some old friends down in one my favorite places. All the details will be on my calendar soon. Man it feels good to have some shows coming back.


I also got my official invitation for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival down in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach in November. I’ll be there again with my Hits & Grins trio and this year we will play the second week of the festival November 17, 18 and 19. We always look forward to that. And this year it looks like I’ll be in Key West the week before for a Trop Rock Festival that I’ve always wanted to play at so it will be a very busy couple of weeks in the sun. Tough tough work, but somebody gotta do it.



Check out this nice article on my friend Jenny Tolman who is re-releasing the “Jennyville” album she released before the pandemic but has now added three bonus songs for a re-release of the album. And one of the added songs is one I helped her and her producer-fiancé’ Dave Brainard write called “Who’ll Be Your Fool” that’s now turned into a duet with Jennie and Jeannie Seeley the Grand Ole Opry star. Our song gets a nice mention in the article so thank you for that. There will be a re-release party here in town next week with Jenny and her band performing and I won’t miss that. Will Jeannie Seeley show up and sing the song at “The Local” next Wednesday night? I’ll let ya know.



A new study just out suggests now that people who have already had the virus would only need one shot of Moderna and not two.


In China, a border town had a breakout of the virus again and the Chinese officials say all 300,000 residents in that town will be vaccinated within 5 days. Wow.


How much is travel starting to return? Well, United Airlines is trying to hire 300 new pilots.


Country star Eric Church let his feelings be known about getting the shot in Billboard where he said, “It’s become clear to me that the only way to really get back to normal is through vaccinations. You’ve got to get needles in arms”. He and some other country stars will become visible with those thoughts in a campaign that you should be seeing soon. That’s not to suggest that ALL country stars feel that way. Just like the general public…some are still hesitant or they fall firmly into anti-vaccers. To each their own. But Dolly, Willie, Loretta, and now Eric Church have become vocal about getting the vaccine.



I read a survey taken by a radio program that lists the top 5 Muppets according to their listeners. #5 Rowlf (the dog) Trivia: Rowlf the dog was the very first Muppet we saw when he was part of the old Jimmy Dean TV show back in the day.


#4 Beaker #3 Animal (I had a drummer nicknamed after this character at one time)


#2 Gonzo and their favorite?  Kermit the Frog.


Good choices…what’s your list look like?  Here would be my top 5 Muppets of all time.


#5 Miss Piggy #4 Rowlf #3 Waldorf & Astoria (the two old geezers in the balcony with their great insults) #2 The Swedish Chef and I’ll take Kermit as my number one favorite too. It ain’t easy being green folks.


The great Muppet news is that all those old shows are now available on Disney +



One of the great TV “gets” as they call it…when a host “gets” a great guest would be when James Corden the late night show host got Paul McCartney to jump in a car with him in England and revisit some places and even surprising a crowd in a pub in a very unique way by singing with his band. How did Corden pull this off?  He reveals, “I just sent him an e-mail”. And the lesson there is, if you don’t try or ask…they can’t say “yes”. If for some reason you have not seen this yet check it out. One of the most entertaining TV bits I’ve seen over the last few years.


I’ve got one really cool story like that too. When I was doing the morning show in Cincinnati Hillary Clinton was in town for a rally as she was running for President. I figured we had no chance of getting her on for an interview but had our producer reach out by e-mail and make a request figuring we’d never hear back. She said “yes”. And we were the only radio station to get the interview.  (FYI…this is not about politics so don’t get crazy here if you’re not a Clinton fan) She turned out to be very fun on the air, quick on her feet, funny…and would talk about anything. At one point I ask her, “Senator Clinton you could have talked to anybody in this town, why did you say yes to us”?  She said, “Because you ask Bill”. Lesson learned…and I still laugh when I think about her answer that morning.


Whatever it is you want in this life, if you don’t ask…you ain’t ever gonna get it.



“Naked Rock Climber Insists It’s Art”.  Right. I think I’ll pass on buying a frame for that picture.



I’m writing with Darin & Brooke Aldridge down in North Carolina later today. They are continuing to work and record songs for their first album on Billy Blue Records which is part of the group I work for here in Nashville. They’ve already recorded a couple of songs we’ve written together and we’ll see if we can’t write another one today that they might like to add. Check out their first single for the label “Blue Baby Now”.



Final Four will have me watching to see of Gonzaga can go unbeaten. Did I mention baseball is back too? My poor couch is going to take a beating from my butt hitting it so much.


Then it’s Easter Sunday…Happy Easter to all!  And looking ahead, next week…next Saturday night I’ll be at the beautiful Opera House in Sumter, South Carolina with Linda Davis and Lang Scott as our “Evening in The Round” trio will finally be back in concert again!


Have a great Easter weekend.









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