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No Bunny Showed...Going Under...Selfie Museum

March is gone…hello April.



Easter Sunday and all was quiet…not a “peep” literally.  And looking out my window over the newly cut grass that runs down to Old Hickory Lake…not one Easter egg to be found.  Sigh.  Makes me wonder if the Easter bunny has a “naughty” and “nice” list too?


And even though it’s Spring…Winter just won’t give up completely.  A high of 61 here today…then 80 tomorrow but only 55 on Tuesday for a high with a low of 35.  Good grief.  Meanwhile back in my home state they had snow yesterday…some kind of cruel April Fools joke.  And for the Yankees Opening Day ballgame in NYC?  Snow.  Play snowball!






It was nice reading this ARTICLE from a leading bluegrass publication about the song I co-wrote with Karen Taylor Good that Darin & Brooke Aldridge released over Easter weekend about a baptism.  They did such a great job with the song…and it’s available digitally right now everywhere.  iTunes, Spotify…you name it.  As a songwriter, it’s gratifying to read the words of the artists…and how the song affected them when they first heard it.  Click on the article link and check it out…and then listen to the song which you can also access within that articles.  The song is a blessing for sure.






I don’t actually buy a lot of music anymore.  Part of that comes from working some radio still and having access to music as I work.  But…I did buy the new Kacey Musgraves CD “Golden” over the weekend that is just chock full of well written songs delivered with skill.  I’ve been a Kacey fan since her first CD rolled out…and nothing has changed with this new effort.  Really good stuff.  Here’s one of my favorites off the album...a song titled "Rainbow"



Taylor Swift surprised everyone and showed up the Holy Grail for songwriters…the Bluebird Café over the weekend.  So even though she’s become a pop Princess…she has not forgotten her roots…or the fun of being in a small acoustic environment.  Very cool…and what a treat for those who had a ticket but had no idea.  I tell folks coming to town all the time to get advance tickets for the Bluebird…one of the great treats in this town.



Yep…Nashville is still growing.  Proof comes from this new stat…we are now the 3rd highest in the country for job growth.  And it’s not all pickers and singers.  Lots of tech folks moving to town.  My guess is…some of them pick and sing too.



There is now a SELFIE MUSEUM in LA.  Seriously.  I have no idea what’s in there…can only guess.  I do know that the whole selfie phenomenon is what motivated me to write “Get Over Your Selfie” that I sing out a lot…and was included on the “Hits & Grins” 2 CD that I co-wrote with Amanda Williams one day.  We sat on the porch at the Nashville Songwriters Association building (which used to be the old studios Alabama and Harold Shedd owned once and literally cracked ourselves up as we wrote it. 





The chorus goes:

Get over you selfie

Step away from that phone

Get out in the real world go make some friends

You won’t feel so alone

Hey everybody’s sick of the way

You keep click, click, clickin’ all day

Get a little self-helpie

And get over your selfie


They should put our song in the danged museum!



Some Audi A4 cars come with a traffic light computers that actually count down the time to a red light as you’re approaching.  Wow.  So if you see a car speeding up near a light…you know that they know the light is about to change.


Now…if they can develop a pot hole computer to let us know how close and how deep one is…that would really be helpful.



Those words of course from the infamous Roger Miller classic “King of the Road” song is still true for many hotels.  But now when they say “no phones”…they could really mean no phones in hotel rooms as…they’ve become antiquated.  Many hotels will move to voice activation devices.  Ask for ya want.  “Alexa…room service please”.  We’ve all got cell phones so the old land line phones are becoming more and more useless everywhere.  And this just in…don’t buy stock in phone books.



I saw where “League Of Our Own”…the great movie with Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Rosie O’donnel, Madonna and others will be turned into a TV series on Amazon.  I’m going to have to figure out how to get Amazon on my big screen.  And will most certainly do so if Jon Lovitz is back in as the scout.



Steven Spielberg done good…good to the tune of over 40 million at the box office for the opening on "Ready Player One"…chock full of special effects.


And word is that Ron Howard is just about done with “Hans Solo” the spin off movie for Star Wars.  Will it do well?  Oh yea.  Those in the know think it will take in over $150 million the first weekend it opens.  I can’t wait until Yoda gets his solo turn on film.



In the “Pearls Before Swine” cartoon strip this morning the little mouse tells the character Pig…”you’ve put on weight…better get to the gymn”.  To which pig replies, “I can’t I have a disability…laziness.”  Incredulous the mouse says, “that’s not a REAL disability”.  To which Pig retorts, “It’s real…oh it’s very real”. 


No argument from me Pig.



Off to write with Chadley Bradley…yep…real name.  He’s part of a duo Brassfield Aly…two brothers who make great music together.  Looking forward to that.




Then…my Reds who are off to an 0-3 start on are TV.  I was planning on skipping the game and going to the gym after my co-writing session…but my disability won’t allow me.  I’m sure you understand.


Have a great Monday!



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