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Two For One Day...Mobile Date Confirmed...Denture Cat

Apr 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

April Fool’s Day!  Fair warning. And…it’ Opening Day for baseball.



I wrote with an old friend Rick Tiger yesterday at my publishing company. It had been a minute for sure…almost a year ago when we last rhymed words together. Rick’s traveling schedule doing listening rooms and house concerts is finally picking up again after a long dry spell from the pandemic and I’m happy for him. Rick is a great storyteller with a “real” approach to telling his songs and stories when he performs. He’s managed to survive this crazy business for a long time now and he’s one of the good guys who just loves the art form and challenge of writing songs. And yesterday he brought a fun idea, and I brought a “whiskey” idea and we wrote BOTH before we left the building. Pretty good day at the office…literally.



I did confirm a date for Mobile, Alabama for Saturday evening June 4 at the Peoples Room in Mobile…an intimate 50 seat listening room where I’ll be a guest of Juanita Smith who’s the Mom of a talented son named Eric Erdman who I write with some. Both are from Mobile. Originally my friend Brent Burns was to be the guest but he had forgotten he was already booked so Eric called me and I gladly said “yes”.  Brent and I are working on another gig to tie in with that trip for that Monday June 6 in Gulf Shores. Details on that soon.  But the Mobile show is locked in and all the details are on my calendar now here on the website. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this listening room so I’m looking forward to being there and working with Juanita who’s turned into a part time stand-up comedian. Should be fun.



Airports are REALLY busy again. Folks are feeling safer about flying and getting away. So much so that Delta will be filling their middle seats up again starting in May. And so many folks are going back to Hawaii they have a rental car shortage and some rental cars will cost the tourist $1000 a day! You might want to put off flying there for a bit longer to buy your pineapples and macadamia nuts.


Here in Nashville anyone 16 and up can now get a shot if they want. It’s getting easier to get them.


Russia is testing a vaccine for pets over there while here in the US some Zoos are already vaccinating the animals they have that are at the most risk.



A lot of folks love to go to beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado…and it indeed beautiful. So many are going that you could need a “timed” reservation in order to go in the park. It’s worth it though. My family went a few years ago and just had the best time gawking at the incredible scenery and the wildlife. I’d say stop in Estes Park, the gateway town to the park and order up some Barbecue at Smokin’ Dave’s while you wait for your time to enter the park.  Best BBQ I think I’ve ever had.



We’ve had a toilet paper shortage because of the pandemic. Because of the ship blocking traffic in the Suez Canal (until they freed it yesterday) toilet paper is hard to come by again in places. Enough so that they’ve upped the price for a roll. Folks might start using a water hose from something other than watering their plants this Spring.



The owner of the restaurant in Wisconsin who had his giant chicken stolen from out front is offering a $1,000 reward. The dang thing is 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide wearing a red chef’s hat. How do you steal something that big? And what do they want with it? I can relate to giant chickens.


When I lived in Decatur, Illinois for a few years one of my great friends there was the late Bill Krekel who ran Krekel’s hamburger stand. STILL the best burger I’ve ever eaten. Bill was a funny man. So much so that he drove one of those Chicken Cars. A Cadillac with a giant rooster head on top of the roof with his eyes blinking. Everybody knew Bill Krekel largely because of seeing him…and ME sometimes riding around town in that dang chicken car. I’m smiling now thinking about him and riding shotgun in the chicken.



Daughter: Mom, you’re invading my personal space!


Best comeback line ever came from that Mom who told her daughter: “You came out of my personal space”!



So that movie is out. Not my thing so I won’t watch it and somehow, I’ll be fine. But I heard radio station yesterday asking their listeners who they thought would win the fight between the two monsters. No brainer for me. Unless Kong is wearing a fire-retardant suit? He’s going down.



And how about this video of a cat who had a camera attached to his collar who stole a pair of dentures that flew out of a woman’s mouth in England while she was bickering with her husband. True.


Couple thoughts. First…extra polydent may be in order lady.


Second: Who put a dang camera on a cat? Not a cat scan…a cat cam.



I’m writing with my Pennsylvania buddy Irene Kelley again this morning and I’ll try and get an update on how her cabin build is going in Gatlinburg and how long it might be before she passes out invites to writers to come over there and write songs off the deck looking at the Smoky Mountains.


And then the Reds and Cards play Opening Day baseball in Cincinnati a little after 4 pm. I grew up with the Cards, love the Reds…so I can’t lose today.


Have a great Thursday!





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