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More Rain Coming...Bird Chasing...Mouth Trumpet

Mar 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday and we’re getting ready to say goodbye to March but not before it dumps even more rain on us in Nashville. After all the flooding we’ve had here comes another couple of inches of rain with storms starting late tonight. 7 pm this evening to 1 AM Thursday morning. I can’t imagine what the folks are feeling here that live near water and watched it creep close to their house and stop to hear this “here we go again” forecast.



I got a lot of nothin’ done yesterday, and I’m really good at that. I cleared our yard for mowing, got a little solo writing done in preparation for some co-writes for the remainder of this week and set a Dr’s appointment for a little leg pain reminder I’ve been getting off and on. How’s that for one exciting Monday?


We have had some cheap entertainment on our phone the last couple of nights as our daughter will call and Facetime us from Alabama and we get to watch she and her husband chase a bird out of their house that keeps flying in. It apparently is nesting in a wreath hanging on their front door. So between her husband Casey shooing the fowl with a broom and their two cats going crazy during the effort? We may cancel our cable TV service.



Here in Tennessee the Governor and the Assembly have passed a measure allowing all of us to have “permitless” carry rights for our guns. Both open and concealed. Folks do like their firearms here.


I grew up in Missouri with guns…and hunting. A way of life. Anyone else remember pickup trucks with a gun rack in the window?  With the new law some may be mobile racking a Winchester or two again driving down the road.



And now the President is suggesting states reinstate the mask mandate again…for those states that stopped requiring them as the CDC is warning of another virus surge. The CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said that while there have been positive signs some “disturbing trends” have left her feeling scared. That’s certainly something nobody wants to hear. New cases of have increased 12% over the past few days.


More than 12 states are now opening up 16 and older to get a vaccine shot if they want.


And a new study is suggesting that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are better than thought. 95% effective…95% effective in insuring that one won’t catch the virus if fully vaccinated.



I love funny marriage quotes. The laugh comes a lot of times because some “truth” is tucked into the joke. Like this quote from Oscar Wilde who said, “The many who says his wife can’t take a joke, forgets that she took him.”



Because of that big ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal for days we could get hit with a shortage of coffee and guess what again? Yep… toilet paper. I’m trying to figure out which of the two items I need more. I’ve got a bidet…so I’m leaning towards needing coffee a whole lot more.



This girl can REALLY play mouth trumpet. I mean…really play. I’m not sure if she’s auditioned yet for America’s Got Talent…but that TV show should be seeking her out to audition. That’s the great thing about playing mouth trumpet over a real one. The mouth trumpet is cheaper, you don’t have to take lessons, and you don’t have to put your mouth trumpet in a case or clean out spit valve. I’m not sure why High School Bands don’t teach mouth trumpet and save the school some money on instruments.



Carrie Underwood will have a “live” streaming concert this Easter that should be pretty great for all fans of those old hymns you may have sung in church like I did. Her new album is titled “My Savior” chock full of those kind of hymns with those timeless beautiful melodies. My friend and co-writer Sydni Perry will be part of this show so look for her as she sings harmony for Carrie and plays fiddle. She told me the show is pretty great…as is the new album.


One of the things I love about Carrie’s new recording is that she did not over-sing them. She didn’t add a lot of runs or do vocal tricks out the wazoo. She just sang them beautifully. 


Last night I watched an American Idol contest sing “Over the Rainbow”. To me, that song is one of the best melodies ever written. And the contestant, who’s a really good singer, decided to show off every gymnastic vocal trick he had in his bag and buried that great melody with all his runs and tricks. There are some songs and hymns that deserve simplicity.



Technology will allow some Super Yachts to attach a pod underneath that will let passengers climb down inside it and watch whatever is in the water. And underwater observatory if you will. As many as 7 can take that trip at one time. I’d like on underneath a bass boat so you could see where the fish really are.



“Denny’s Workers Get into Fist Fight Over Which Table Would Get Chicken Fingers”. You just can’t make some stuff up folks.



Gerald Smith and I are getting together to write something new today. So I need to go put my boots on because I know with Gerald we’ll be writing something “country” for sure.


Have a great Tuesday!





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