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MIss Daisy...A Little Irish Music..."I'm Going Under" Release

And…it’s Easter weekend.  The only time of year that folks walk up to a counter and ask, “do you have any Peeps”?



My Thursday started with a co-write with Steve Dean and .  Steve and I have a standing every other Thursday co-write session and we often invite a third person-writer-artist into the mix.  We had not seen our young friend Daisy for a long while so it was really great to see her again and catch up on her life.  Since I saw and wrote with her last…she got married and became a member of Lori Morgan’s band traveling all around the country now playing guitar and singing harmony for Lori.  So we got to hear some great stories.  Hearing how she got to play the Opry for the first time…and it was at the Ryman just made me feel great for her.  Daisy is one of those talented young folks who here that you just root for so hard because not only are they very talented…they’re just great folks.


And to top it off…Daisy brought in a really cool idea that we wrote and will record the next time we all see each other in May. 



We’re off to Ireland in a few weeks for my daughter’s wedding.  So last night she, my wife and me went out to a great little Irish place in town where our friend Colm Kirwan holds court musically and joined some other friends to hear Irish-Celtic music.  Colm is from Northern Ireland where we are all headed in May so we can pick his brains about all things Irish.


We’ll be just north of Belfast and after vows are exchanged we’ll have some time to see the countryside and at Colm’s suggestion…we’ll make a day trip to Dublin to see the Guinness factory and the Titanic Museum which he tells us is pretty spectacular.




It was great hearing Colm perform again and hearing the good news that he’s going to work some for Rory Feek who of course was half of Joey and Rory before Rory passed way too young from cancer. 


So it was good to spend some time with Colm again and some friends of ours who shared a long table and good time.  It’s almost impossible not to have a good time when Irish music is coming off the stage.  Infectious to say the least.



The song I helped write about a baptism is being released today by Darin & Brooke Aldridge.  Co-written with Karen Taylor Good (who wrote “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye”) by Patty Loveless and was inspired by Rylee Jean Scott’s personal statement of getting baptized…”I’m Going Under”!....this song I believe is going to touch a lot of lives.




On their Facebook page today Darin and Brooke detailed how you can download the song…and wrote a personal wonderful note about the message of the song…their own personal interpretation.


This LINK will take you to that. (just scroll down their Facebook page a bit and you'll find it)  I encourage you to read what they wrote…and certainly I’d love for you to hear the song.


I’ve written songs now…a LOT of songs over the last 12 years or so in this town.  If you do anything long enough…you come to know the difference in good songs and special songs.  This one for me is very special and I could see it being used in churches at baptisms to move folks hearts. 


You take a listen…and decide for yourself.  Thank you Darin and Brooke for recording this…and to my great friend Linda Davis for her recording of it too.



There were balls hitting bats yesterday.  Baseball is back!  And although my Reds got rained out on their Opening Day…there were lots of games.


And how about this.  The very FIRST pitch of 2018?  Home run.  Ian Happ of the Cubs went “yard” on the first pitch off the Marlins and the season is underway. 


There’s going to be a LOT of homeruns this year.  Have you seen that Yankee lineup?  Good grief.  Big boys…with big bats.  And fans love to see the ball get yanked out of the park…me too.


BUT…I will say I do love to watch a great pitcher too.  I grew up with Cardinals and I’m so glad I got to see Bob Gibson pitch so many games.  Electric…and he’s still one of my all time favorite players. 


The Reds play later today on TV…and I’m reserving a spot on my couch right now and asking my wife if she’ll be a vendor and run up to the boys room every now and then and yell out…”hot dog…hot dog”!!



This weekend the Chinese Space Station will crash to earth.  Where?  They’re not sure.  Take an umbrella.



Cameron Diaz told reporters they have not seen her lately because she retired.  No more movies.  She said, “I’m literally doing nothing”.  Now…that means she’s mastered the retiring thing.  Me?  I suck at it. 


And after all these years I’ve come to think like my friend down in Gulf Shores does…Brent Burns who told he would consider fully retiring but he has no hobbies.  What would he do?  What would I do?


We’re lucky…for the two of us…our jobs and hobby?  Same thing.  So maybe in a sense…we aren’t really doing anything.


I love golf…but I’m dangerous.  In fact…they tell me there’s a 3 month waiting period for me should I decide to buy new golf clubs.  So…doing what my brother Gary has done…playing lots of beautiful golf courses would only work for me if all of a sudden the golf Gods gave me a better game...or one just half as good as my brother's game.


So for now…I can’t go “Cameron”.  I’ll let you know when…if ever.



Now…if I bought this book I saw today…maybe it would get me to a “retirement” state of mind.  The book is titled, “The Subtle Act Of Not Giving A (insert 4 letter word).  I did not write the book...but I’m pretty sure I have mastered a few chapters already.  Most of the things a lot of folks get all worked up about are meaningless and not worth raising your blood pressure over for the most part.  I’m grateful that became my mindset a long time ago.


I think my book will be titled “Head In The Sand And Healthy”. 



A teenager in Canada buys his first lotto ticket ever.  Of course…he hits.  He gets $1,000 a week for the rest of his life.  That’s what you call a good investment.



I saw where the FBI held an Easter Egg hunt at Vanderbilt Children’s hospital yesterday.  Gosh…if you’re a kid on an Easter Egg hunt would you not be thrilled to know the FBI is on your side?  I’m pretty sure they know where every egg is already. 



Well…it is Easter weekend…I hope you have a blessed one. 

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