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Stormy Weekend...New Music...New Tour Dates

Mar 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and the weather is better here in Music City. In fact the sun is shining brightly. But..it was quite the stormy and loud weekend here over Friday night through Saturday and Saturday night that had a mixture of everything bad. Tornadoes, flooding, thunder, lightning and some of it was really loud. The rain and lighnting never stopped until about 7 am Sunday morning. One bolt of lightning was so loud in our backyard that I was sure we’d have a large tree down…but we got lucky. And the power for once stayed on through the long storm. Others were not so lucky as it’s the worst flooding in Nashville since 2010 when even the Grand Ole Opry got flooded out. 4 deaths so far from the storms. Schools in our county are closed today because of all the high water.


We’re fortunate where we live because we’re on higher ground. Usually with almost any kind of storm our power goes out but except for a couple of momentary blips we had no issues there either. A generator is on my shopping list right now. It could have been much much worse so we feel blessed.



This past weekend started with a great songwriting session with Jerry Salley & Aussie bluegrass artist Kristy Cox at my publishing company. Jerry is getting ready to produce a new album on Kristy and they were looking for an up-tempo song of a specific kind so I was fortunate to have a chorus written about living back in the country and getting off the grid during these times we’re living in. They loved it, we wrote it, and I’m almost certain that Kristy will record this song. I also found out that she’ll also be recording three other songs that I’m a co-writer on. So Friday was a really good day hanging with talented friends and coming up with something that’s going to work great for Kristy. Kristy also told me that she will have a tour in Europe starting later this year into 2022 with two separate string of dates in her home country of Australia. I’m hoping she’ll pack me in the bag on one of the Australia trips.



A new date came in for my “Hits & Grins” trio that I play in with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier. It will be for either the last Sunday of September of this year or the first Sunday in October in Waynesville, Pennsylvania. This is one of almost 25 theater dates that got cancelled because of Covid-19…an entire tour. So we appreciate them wanting the trio so much that they looked way down the road to make it safe for all of us and everyone that might come to the show. Details will go up on my calendar as soon as I get them. But you can count on us performing “I’ll Join the Amish” that night for sure.



And then more good news came in.  I was to cruise the Danube River with my friend Brent Burns July 4 of this year leaving from a port in Germany and floating all the way to Budapest. We’ve known that this was not going to be possible because of Covid and sure enough those dates have been pulled. However, it’s re-schedule for August 13, 2022 leaving out of Budapest. So I think the Emerald Ship will be going back towards Germany. I’ll have all those details before too long and I’ll post the info on how you can join us if you’d like. And you should. After cruising the Rhine River a couple of years ago I can tell you it’s just a spectacular vacation…worth every dime.  And Brent and I will entertain 3 or 4 times on board the ship with our big group that’s sure to sail with us. Start making plans! And here's a little VIDEO to show what that trip and the ship will look like as it leaves from beautiful Budapest.



NYC now has an app for your vaccine passport. Put it in your phone and you can pull it up and show it to anyone who needs to see that you’ve been vaccinated.


RV’s and trailers are going to be scarce this summer according to the folks who sell them. Sales are way up since the pandemic began with folks hitting the road and camping.


Lots of jobs have taken a hit. Can’t imagine how bad it must be for “professional cuddlers”. There are people who get paid to cuddle you and make you feel better…I suppose. Business is surely down.



Oscar Mayer is now making bacon-scented shoestrings. Which means those who buy them will be bending over more to retie their shoes. Everything is better with bacon…including shoes.



A new study suggests that when you drink a cup of coffee before your workout, especially in the afternoon that it will make a significant difference in your fat burning. I have half of that routine down. I always drink coffee. Does lifting the cup to my mouth a hundred times per day count as the workout part?



Some believe moderate drinking of beer has health benefits…even more so than wine. Did you know that beer has many antioxidants…more than wine and it also has iron, calcium, fiber and it’s higher in protein. The study also suggests that there’s a 40% less chance of heart attacks and strokes and one who drinks beer in moderation is less likely to have kidney disease.


So between my habit of lots of coffee and moderate beer drinking…I should still be writing songs at 102.



Drones keep capturing unreal images. Here’s a new one. A drone flying over a sea of fog in one of the most beautiful places on earth…Switzerland. Take a peek.



In Croatia a 54-year-old man breaks the world record for holding his breath for the longest amount of time. 24 minutes!  How does one do that? And can he teach that technique to folks here in Nashville who went underwater this weekend?


I don’t worry about that so much since my wife is constantly telling me “don’t hold your breath” big boy.



I have nothing big on the calendar today so it’s time to scratch off some stuff that needs to be scratched off my “way behind” list. Or I might stay in and watch the NASCAR “dirt” race at Bristol that got canceled yesterday. They had lots of rain like we did. Lots of rain will give you lots of mud on a dirt track so hopefully the dust will be flying today.


Have a great Monday!





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