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Little Rock...A Sick "Hits & Grinner"...Tiger Shot

Mar 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning Little Rock, Arkansas.



Thursday morning was a “scramble” and go day as it was time to hit the road with “Hits & Grins” but…without one of our trio members.  Victoria Venier has had the flu.  And here’s how bad her flu is.  She’s had it a week but Wednesday night we felt she was going to make it and then yesterday morning she took a really bad turn.  A go to the Doctor kind of turn from nausea and all the nastiness that can go with that.  For the first time in her performing life she had to cancel and stay at home in bed.  Anyone that knows Victoria knows how SICK she must be when she has to cancel at last second.  So this morning Steve Dean and myself are just hoping she gets a turn for the better soon and we will sorely miss her during our two shows we have in Arkansas.


Both of our house concert venue folks were so nice to understand so Steve and I will do the shows as a duo starting with one tonight for the “Hunts” in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Fort Smith is about 2 ½ hours from where we are in Little Rock at Steve’s Father’s house.  Mr. Dean is 90 years young and newly engaged to Darlene and last night they treated me and Steve to dinner in Little Rock and we shared each other’s company.  We got locked on the Tennessee basketball game…they lost in OT to Purdue.  But that was the only downturn of the evening as we had a great time catching up with Steve’s Dad.  I hope to be in just half the health and good shape Mr. Dean is when I hit 90.


So later today we head to Forth Smith…then tomorrow we have a house concert in Greenbrier.  Today we’ll be adjusting our song choices and both of us will have to do more songs than normal without Victoria being with us.  Get better Vic!!



Before leaving Nashville yesterday my neighbor Dale mowed our lawn.  First mow of the year.  Dale told me both of his knees had just been replaced and he looked and felt great!  Gotta love medicine.  We also talked about his recent trip over to Europe where he bought a new Porsche in Stuttgart, Germany and then drove it all over Germany and into Switzerland before they put it on a boat and delivered it to Atlanta.  He shared that Switzerland might have been the most manicured clean place he’d ever been.  And since we’ll be in Zurich for a day or so in late June…it was nice to hear.


Dale worked for Xerox before he retired.  I drive a Toyota RAV with 200,000 miles on it…Dale has a couple of new Porsche’s.  And he mows MY lawn.  What be wrong with this picture?



Woo Hoo!  My Reds won their opening day baseball game yesterday against the Pirates.  I kept pulling up the score (wishing I could have been sitting in Great American Ballpark) and the trip was made shorter when I found out the good guys won late in the game.  I can’t wait to grab a seat along with a hot dog in the near future and watch the Boys of Summer do what they do.



Domino’s just rolled out a “hot dog pizza”.  Uh huh.  Tiny bits of hot dog in the crust.  Gosh…is this a great dang country or what?



Of course with every hot dog in a ballpark I think it’s a law that you also have to purchase a beer.  If not…they need to make it law.  With that in mind it was interesting to read in the Little Rock newspaper this morning that the University of Arkansas is going to offer up a degree in beer brewing science.  Kids can learn about making beer, graduate and work in the brewing business.  They have to wait until they’re 21 to take those classes…but they can basically major in beer.


Up until now a lot of college kids have majored in beer…but…got no diploma. 



I’m getting ready for my appearance on “Shark Tank”.  Driving to Little Rock my windshield got BOMBARDED with bugs.  If I can figure out a device to install on cars that will allow the driver to hit a button and have the bug smear erased seconds after it hits…I think Mark Cuban will jump in as my investor.



This is why Tiger Woods is Tiger Woods and I’m the guy trying out how to break 120 on a golf course.  Did you see this RIDICULOUS shot he played yesterday in a golf tourney?  On his KNEES backwards, wrong hand, wrong side of the club face…ridiculous.  I wouldn’t even attempt that on the putt putt course from inside the windmill. 


I guarantee you at every 19th hole today golfers are going to be talking about this.



So a guy in Australia…a musician was on a train with his Didgeridoo.  A unique Australian instrument that folks blow in.  Trouble was he was accosted by police with guns and in bullet proof armor because they thought the Didgeridoo was some kind of big long weapon he was carrying.  Good grief. 


This never happened to me when I took my High School band French Horn with me.  People asked me to stop playing it…but I was never involved in a police take down.



From the President…and to me this is funny no matter what side of the political aisle you be on.  He said this about wind energy and I quote, “I know a lot about wind”.



It’s all about gearing up for a house concert tonight in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  And think about this over the weekend.  March is leaving…April arrives and with that April Fool’s Day.  Start putting your antennas up boys and girl.


Have a great weekend!



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