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Home...I'm Going Under...Opening Day!

Mar 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Home in Nashville where the potholes have all been filled with water.



I made it home from Gulf Shores…about an 8 hour drive or so with stops and the timing worked out perfectly for me to swing by the airport to pick up my daughter who was completing another round of flights for American Airlines…so that was kind of cool.  And then we both unpacked our bags at home.  So…all settled in back in Music City after a weeks worth of writing songs on the beach.


And this morning?  Pretty good rainfall happening and apparently it will linger through Easter around here meaning the ole Easter bunny will be getting a wet tuckus when he lays his eggs on the lawns this weekend.




I’m excited that song I wrote with Karen Taylor Good is coming out tomorrow by Darin and Brooks Aldridge who recorded a song about a baptism that Karen and I wrote inspired by something Lang Scott and Linda Davis Scott’s youngest daughter said to her older sister about her upcoming baptism a few years ago…”I’m Going Under”.  As you can see…the promotional art work is very cool and tomorrow all the info will come out on how to buy/listen to the song that I do think has a chance to really move some souls and hearts.  So proud to be part of this song…and thank you Darin and Brooke for loving it this much.





It is a GOOD day today…Opening Day baseball!  Weather is going to postpone some games I’m sure as it did for my Reds yesterday as they had too much rain in Cincinnati.  So I’ll be spending some time glancing at some of those games today after my writing appointment.  And before ya know it…I’ll be sitting in a ballpark somewhere.  Yes…I am an admitted baseball nut…but I only go to so many ballparks because of their great health food selections.  Uh uh. 



I’ve always kind of wondered how many friends lose friends over politics.  Well…the Ford Trends survey just out says 1-5 of us lose a friend over politics.  Geez.  I tell people all the time…I don’t have one good friend worth losing over politics.  Not for me.  Y’all go on and argue if you want.  I’ll be on the couch watching baseball.


Actually…one of my favorite sort of kind of compliments came from another songwriter one day as we were writing songs and he was talking politics.  And finally he said, “ya know Bill, after all the time we’ve spent together I don’t think I know your political persuasion.”  Good.  Works for me.  And he and I are still good friends.



I was at Happy Hour with my friend Brent Burns a few nights ago in Gulf Shores and up on the TV where normally some kind of sporting event would be on…they had the new refurbished “Roseanne” show on with the original cast all back.  And...it was funny again.  Apparently other folks agree as it had a big ratings grab…18.2 million watched.  I’m a big fan of John Goodman…and as long as Rosie doesn’t try to sing the national anthem again…I’ll watch a little.



Gotta remind myself to buy a Mega Millions ticket.  It’s at the point where I have ZERO chance to win…so of course…that’s the only time I buy one.  It’s worth over 500 MILLION bucks right now.  Of course if you do win…ya gotta pay all those taxes…so it’s probably not worth it.  Maybe I’ll just pick up a Coke and a Slim Jim instead.



Apparently some micro breweries are opening up near hiking trails…especially on parts of the Appalachian.  Makes sense right?  Tired…thirsty…BEER!


It reminds me of the cool book my long time friend and former funny radio pal Roger Naylor wrote out in Arizona titled “Boots and Burgers” which is all about great trails to hike…and then a nearby burger place to check out.  He loves both…so do I.  And after hiking in Sedona with him a few times…I get it.  We’d be RAVISHED coming off a hike in the desert so he put two and two together with this book.  Roger is hiking over 1,000 miles this year…as he has in the past.  I’m pretty sure he loves researching both…the trails…and the burgers.  And I’m hungry now just typing this.








Quanta Airlines is now kicking around the idea of opening up empty cargo spots on their planes so one can exercise…and maybe shower on long trips.  Hopefully they’ll put up a micro-brewery in one corner too and cover all their bases. 


So apparently all those people who board planes in workout clothes?  They’ve been ahead of their time.



“Excuse my French”.  Or at least…you could take steps not to use that phrase.  If you know that you’re going to have to end a sentence with that phrase…don’t cuss in the first place.  I think I’ll offer T-shirts that say that.  “Excuse My French” on the front with a list of curse words on the back.



I do want to say congrats to Ricky Skaggs, Dottie West and Johnny Gimble who are all going into the Country Music Hall of Fame…and all deserve the honor.  The great fiddle player Mr. Gimble…Dottie West…long overdue…and Ricky Skaggs is a complete no brainer with his constant contributions that continue today.


Ricky produced the Hillary Scott and Scott Family album “Love Remains” last year that won a Grammy that has a song I helped write.   And his amazing catalog of country hits, and bluegrass hits…his gospel influence…his musicianship…like I said…”no brainer”.  Congrats to all.








“Butt Lifting Underwear Isn’t Just For Women”.  I’m pretty sure I fall in the camp of those who would rather just “plant” their butts as opposed to “lifting” them. 



I’m back at the songwriting table with my friends Steve Dean and Daisy Mallory.  Daisy I have not seen for a bit as she’s been out on the road with Lori Morgan a bunch…so it’s going to be great fun seeing her and catching up on her life as we rhyme something today.


Have a great Thursday!

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