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Opening Day...Sweet 16...Arkansas Bound

Mar 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And it’s the best day of the year.  Opening Day baseball!



I wrote with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard for the first time in a little while.  Jenny has a new single and video coming out called “High Class White Trash” that she will debut “live” on WSM Radio tomorrow morning around 8:30 Nashville time.  If you’d like you can listen to it online “live” at wsmonline.com as I plan on doing in Little Rock tomorrow morning.  And apparently actor Jeff Bridges likes Jenny’s song “Welcome Mat” so much that he and his band have worked it up and will sing it “live” at a big California music festival coming up in the near future.  How great is that? 


I’m a big Jeff Bridges fan and his role in Crazy Heart as an older country singer was crazy good.  So I’m happy for my friends here having this kind of cool success. 


The song we started on yesterday in our session was born out of something Dave said in conversation that sounded like fun. That’s always interesting when the song is just born out of chatting with friends and someone says, “THAT sounds like song”.  We’ll have another day coming up soon to finish what we started. 



Someone in New Berlin, Wisconsin got very rich last night at they won 768 MILLION bucks in the Powerball drawing.  New Berlin was just a rock skip down the road from where I used to live when I worked in radio in Milwaukee.  That will buy a lot of brats and cheese and beer up der don’t ya know.



And today instead of brats and beer I wish I had time to be in Cincinnati for Opening Day baseball!  Skyline Chili is giving away a free cheese coney to celebrate what is pretty much a holiday in the Queen City as the Reds play their opener this afternoon.  Cincy is home to the oldest baseball franchise in the country and you can feel the history of baseball there.  The Opening Day Parade itself sets it apart from most baseball first game openers.  I was in a bunch of those parades…and at a bunch of those Opening Day games…sometimes in short sleeves…sometimes in a heavy coat.


And I wore a heavy coat for a lot more opening days when I was there in old County Stadium in Milwaukee.  Saw a little snow even on Opening Day. 


No matter what team you root for…this is a great day if you like baseball at all.  The Boys of Summer are back…and I’m ready.



We are up into the 70’s here today with sunshine.  It looks absolutely gorgeous as I peer out my little blogging window with a view of Old Hickory Lake.  But…I also see the tall grass that will get mowed for the first time in 2019 today.  If you read this blog you know I’m not a lawn guy.  I knew that for sure the first time I sprayed Round Up on some weeds on my lawn and folks would ask if those were crop circles they were seeing.  Despite that…the lawn gets mowed down today.


They really should equip Round Up with rifle scopes so you can narrow your aim.



I saw an article this morning listing TV shows parents would not let their kids watch.  And this will prove to you I’m no longer a young man.  My parent's TV?  Three channels.  There was nothing we couldn’t watch as kids on TV. 


However…I did see Marshall Dillon gun down a lot of outlaws so there’s that. 



I also saw where some of those old fire lookout towers have been converted into rooms you can rent and overnight in with incredible views of the forest.  Very cool.  My Mom’s side of the family always had and still has a big Dunbar reunion back in Missouri.  But growing up as a kid it was held at a place that had one of those old fire towers.  The grownups could throw horseshoes but us boys?  We were climbing the stairs.  They had the top locked off where you couldn’t get in but the view at the top stair was worth the climb.  I could see overnighting in one.



I don’t wanna sleep all night in an airport.  Nothing appealing about that.  With that in mind they named the top airports in the world and not one US airport made the list.  Singapore, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong and Zurich all made the list.  I’ve never been in one that made their list but that will end when my wife and I fly back from Zurich after our cruise down the Rhine River that starts June 24th and ends July 1 this year.  We’ll get a first hand look and see if we agree.



Apparently in Fresno, California theirs a bunch of goat stealing going on.  Who would steal a goat?  And what’s the sentence for stealing goats?  Thieves have truly lowered their standards.



I can it’s coming because Dunkin’ Donuts is now offering up “Peep” flavored coffee.  I have no idea if when you order a half dozen if they will put those in an Easter basket or not…but I’m on it.



Last night the documentary King Ken Burns was there with a bunch of country stars singing promoting his latest documentary “Country Music” that’s going to be on PBS soon.  It could be the definitive look at our genre that we love so much.  Mr. Burns of course did the incredible “Civil War” series and another great one on National Parks.  Oh…and the baseball one was first rate too.  So I can’t wait to see this.  If you’re curious like I am…here’s the first PEEK at what’s coming.



Gosh…Opening Day baseball…Sweet Sixteen basketball…and I’ve got a road trip to Arkansas this afternoon with my “Hits & Grins” trio for two house concerts this Friday and Saturday night.  Pig Sooey.  It’s been a bit since we’ve had a chance to play so Victoria Venier, Steve Dean and myself are looking very forward to entertaining folks in the Razorback state this weekend.


Tomorrow mornings blog will be from Little Rock.


Have a great Thursday!



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