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Music Row Rhyming...Squat Lifts...Arkansas Ahead

Mar 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Another Hump Day to get over.



I had a very fun writing appointment with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti on Music Row.  The three of us have a semi-regular standing appointment to get together and rhyme.  Lauren is such a talented young singer-writer that Wil and I believe in and Wil brought a great fun up-tempo idea that we jumped all over and I think we gave Lauren something to consider singing at her gigs and maybe recording.  We’ll see.  You learn to “live” with new songs a bit before getting too excited about them but this one at the very least should be something we take into a recording studio to demo at the very least.


And I’ve got a bit of that going on…demo sessions right now.  If you don’t know “demo” is the word we use for making a “demonstration” recording that we can use to pitch to artists hoping they might record the song.


I’m about to sign a publishing deal here in town and I’ve been writing with some of their writers and artists over the past couple of months and they like a couple of songs enough to invest in demo sessions for them.  So there’s a little studio scheduling going on for my calendar right now.



And speaking of calendar.  I just added two shows to my calendar on my website.  One for Toccoa, Georgia in August and another one in Adams-Friendship Wisconsin for a show one year from today…March 27, 2020.  All the details are on the calendar if you’re interested…and both shows will be with “Evening In The Round” with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.



The NFL awoke and changed a rule that needed changing.  Now coaches can challenge a non-call as in for pass interference.  I was playing for a large group of Parrot Heads IN New Orleans when THAT play happened.  The play where a Rams defensive back mauled a wide receiver for the Saints and the whole bar screamed at the ref for not throwing a no brainer flag.  It changed the game.  The Saints would have won and gone to the Superbowl. 


Sometimes common sense and justice does show up.  A little late for Saints fans but it should cure this kind of mistake on the field in the future.  I can still hear that bar screaming as I was on stage with a couple of buddies.



Scented ink.  That’s right.  Body art you can take a whiff of.  They’re calling it Visual Fragrance.  It really means, “you’re tattoo don’t stink”. 


So if you get a flower tattoo…will it smell like a rose?  Skull and cross like a Pirate?  And if you ink “Mom” across your biceps…I don’t wanna know.



I didn’t know they held a Lego Convention every year.  They do.  And it’s coming to town…not far from where I live.  5000 to 6000 folks will travel and pay to be there.  Organizers say over 5 million Lego bricks will be on hand too.  Who knew?


I never go into Lego ever.  Let me know when the Lincoln Log convention is coming.



There’s a woman bodybuilder named “King Kong Barbie”.  For real.  Don’t mess with this Barbie.  She can squat lift 245 pounds.  Impressive. 


I do have to say though that there never was a time in my life that I really wanted to “squat lift” anything.  And these days I’m pretty sure if I “squatted” it would take me a bit to get back into a standing position.  You go on without me Barbie…and give arm curl Ken my best.



“Dentist Traded Root Canal For Meth And Gets 10 Years In Prison”.  Pain for pain I suppose. 



Off to write with Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman. Since I’ve last written with these two talented folks Jenny has released this new single titled “Welcome Mat”.  So it’s gonna be fun catching up with them and finding out how their new creative effort is doing.


Then some packing for a road trip that starts tomorrow afternoon to Arkansas for two shows with my “Hits & Grins” trio Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.  It’s been awhile since we’ve played a show together so we’re looking forward to entertaining some folks in Fort Smith and Greenbriar Friday and Saturday night.


Have a great Wednesday!



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