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Last Gulf Coast Day...Italy and Lobster Waffle

Mar 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday on the beach…last day looking at the water before running home…and…we’ve got a little drizzle on the sand today. Funny how the rain down here just makes the ocean look beautiful in a different kind of way.



Monday started early…and got to enjoy breakfast with a view as you can see here.  Can’t beat pancakes and eggs looking the Gulf coast waves wash in.


And after a morning walk…I got back to the writing table.




Brent Burns and I completed our 4th new song for his new CD that we are banging away at.  So we have two beach songs and two funny songs in the can and hopefully we’ll get one more tomorrow before I have to pack and head home.


And Monday wrapped up with me watching my buddy work the tourists at Lulu’s singing a lot of the songs we’ve written over the years…something he’s done well now for over 13 or 14 years.


Lulu’s sits on the intracoastal here where the boats float by and you get a little free floating show as you listen to music, eat a basket full of fried crab claws and enjoy a cold one…and my friend Mr. Burns.


He truly is the ambassador of the Gulf Coast.  And if you ever come down here I highly suggest you catch his act yourself on a Monday.





I’m certainly looking forward to the trip to Italy with Brent and about 50 of his fans who are going with us.  We’ll play three shows during the trip…in Rome, Florence and Venice.  Who’d have ever thunk it?  I’d invited you to go…the trip sold out before I even had a chance to post it anywhere.  However, there may be an opportunity to go with us to another very cool destination in 2019…and we are starting to kick that around some.  Stay tuned and make sure you visa is updated.




My New York folks had me write a parody song about Mark Zuckerberg issuing an apology for Facebook.  Happy to do that.  I don’t know if my musical “I’m Sorry” song will help lift his stock price or not…we’ll see.



I don’ want to say I get up early…but roosters think I’m crazy too.  Years and years of getting up at the crack of dark for morning radio shows has created a lasting habit.  More proof of that came this morning as I’m working at 5:30 at an Orange Beach Mickey D’s.  My phone lights up with a text from the producer of the WSM morning show hosted by Bill CodyCharlie Mattos.  Charlie needed contact info for a musical guest he knew that I co-write with so he ask.  I sent the digits right back and he let me know that Bill Cody and me were the ONLY people he would text at that hour.  A badge of honor… I guess?



The Public Safety Office down here issued a statement after a couple of folks drowned while playing in the Gulf Coast waters over the weekend.  “The Gulf of Mexico is not a swimming pool”.  Nope.  Swimming pool do not have rip currents.  And there’s no big diving board.



Europe…parts of it are seeing orange snow.  Yep.  Folks are skiing on it.  The Sahara Desert blew in with cold weather…and there ya go.  I could fall just as easily on orange as I could white.



Red Lobster is offering something called a “Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Waffle” topped with lobster. Uh huh.  I’m not sure who’s more upset…the waffle or the lobster.



81% of teachers agree that kids behavior changes positively after recess. I majored in recess in High School and look how I turned out.  Okay…there’s probably a better example.


For homeschoolers…are there any online recess classes being offered?



A chicken in the UK laid 2 egg triple yolkers in 1 month.  I can only guess this chicken performs in some kind of farm yard “Cirque De Soleil” show somewhere.



Well…time to wrap up this little beach run.  One more song to write…a little seafood dinner with some friends…and then it’s I-65 North to Nashville early tomorrow morning. 


Have a great Tuesday!








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