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Survived The Storm...Hometown Songs...A Pickle That Yodels

Mar 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Nice to see Friday and the weekend show up after an adventurous weather afternoon and evening here in Nashville yesterday. 2-inch hail just south of town. That’ll leave a dent on the hood of your Pinto for sure. 50-70 mph winds hit East Nashville and caused a lot of damage. Alabama got pounded again with tornadoes too and at least 5 deaths. We were lucky. Lot of noise and rain but for the most part the worst of it scooted by us. 9500 folks here lost their power and we managed to avoid that this time. Grateful for that. I get tired of playing flashlight tag with my wife.



My writing appointment with one of the great bluegrass pickers and singers was great fun. Tim Stafford is just so talented so it’s always fun to see what we can mold into a song together. I had a verse and a chorus idea that we left pretty much intact and then Tim went to work on the rest of it with me making it better as he always does. Blessed to have so many talented folks who will allow me to hang with them creative and Tim is certainly one of those. Tim also plays in the highly acclaimed bluegrass group “Blue Highway” and told me that their summer schedule is really starting to pick back up. They play a lot of outdoor festivals so that helps, and most festivals will operate and half or less capacity. But it’s a step forward towards normal in the touring world.



One staple to write towards for a lot of songwriters is “hometown” themed songs. There’s a lot to draw from and it’s personal for the writers who go there trying to rhyme lyrics about where they came from…and there’s some great ones.


I say all of that to share this brand-new song from Kelsea Ballerini that features Kenny Chesney singing harmony titled “Half of my Hometown”. Check it out and listen.


I recently helped write a “home” type theme for former American Idol star Lauren Mascitti titled “Still That Girl from Ohio” as she’s a Buckeye.


And for me?  I’ve not yet written a song that’s completely about my hometown but there’s some of that in this song that my Australian friend Tamara Stewart recorded titled “Dear Hometown”. There are images of her small town in Australia where she grew up…and there are a few images of mine as well. So…I’ve got half a hometown song maybe.



I watched “First Man” on Amazon Prime last night…the story of Neil Armstrong and being the first man to leave a footprint on the moon. Ryan Gosling played Neil and I’d give it just a fair rating. I love aviation movies so that part is always fascinating to me but I thought this movie fell just a little flat. All the years I lived in Ohio and I never managed to tour the Neil Armstrong Museum. Still on my list.



Rutgers University will require all Fall students to be vaccinated if they want to take classes on campus. More of that to come I’m sure.


Major League Baseball opened all team stadiums as vaccination sites. So far over a million have gotten their shots outside a ballpark. Wonder if they have vendors strolling by offering up hot dogs and cokes?


Staples says they will laminate your vaccination card for free until May 1. As much as we may have to show those cards the lamination business could get hot.



It seems like every day we get more and more UFO sightings. Are there aliens out there?  I don’t know. I do know that there’s lots of stories about them but so far we’ve not seen any of them interviewed. Since they can’t really find any to bring to a TV camera my it’s aliens who are making all the robocalls we get.



More and more vehicles are rolling out fuel by electricity. Amazon delivery trucks, UPS just ordered a fleet, mail trucks and lots of electric cars and trucks are on the way too. How about this one for throwback. A new VW bus that reminds one of the 60’s and Woodstock and peace signs. Hopefully they’ll put down some shag carpeting too to make it really 60’s realistic. Seems like every time I road in one of those back in the day you never went more than 5 miles before someone in the VW bus would say, “Dude”! Or…” Far Out”.



Oh you want one of these. You book readers check out this creative bookmark of the Wizard of Oz witches’ legs sticking out from under a bed to mark your page. Folks can make some odd things we want to buy. I might have to get this too…a yodeling pickle. Uh huh. I should be able to work a yodeling pickle into my act when I’m on stage.


Friend 1: Let’s go for a movie

Friend 2: I’ve got a doctor’s appointment today.

Friend 1: Just cancel it, tell him you’re sick.



Florida Woman Found Naked in Storm Drain Was Missing For 3 Weeks, Got Lost in Tunnel During A Swim. This is why I blow my pool up. Hard to get lost in an inflatable Barbie pool.



I’ll be at my publishing company Billy Blue this morning writing with Jerry Salley who heads Billy Blue Records and Aussie Kristy Cox as Kristy is working on her next album. I’ve been blessed to have Kristy record 4 or 5 of my songs including “Finger Pickin’ Good” that I wrote with her and Jerry that features the incredible guitar picking of Tommy Emmanuel that helped Kristy win the Golden Guitar Award in Australia for the “Best Bluegrass Recording of the Year” last year. I’m hoping we can write something half that good today. (If you've not seen the video of this song they made to use for that award show just click on the link above.)


And congratulations to my friend Jerry and Billy Blue Records as they just signed Marty Raybon to the record label. Marty is a heck of a singer and many know him from his days with the hit group Shenandoah. But Marty is also a terrific bluegrass singer and the label will produce one with him and for him. I’m hoping I might have a song or two to pitch to him that he’ll like.


Then it’s the weekend with March Madness where nobody has a lot of teams in their Sweet 16 Bracket. Will Gonzaga run the table and have an unbeatens season?  We’ll see.


Have a great weekend!







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