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A Great Online Concert...Corona Songs Everywhere...Mac & Cheese

Mar 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and the sun is going to be out today and the temps will be warm.  More than ready for some of that.



For being quarantined my days have stayed busy.  I’m grateful for that.  And being able to create music and songs every day right now is a blessing.  Yesterday’s co-write was with my long time friend Steve Dean and our new young friend down in Pensacola Jessie Ritter.  Once again, Jessie brought the start of an idea that we crafted into a new song after about 3 hours of online time.  It was a fun Google “hangout” for sure.



Our friends The Scott Family who are all gathered together under one roof down in Florida right now put on a heck of an online concert last night.  Linda, Lang, Hillary & Rylee, Hillarys husband Chris and a couple of the baby-grandbabies who may have stolen the show.  I hope you had a chance to catch it.  The good news is it’s still up and you can catch that HERE.  I’m pretty sure this great family lifted some spirits last night all around the world. It was a great way to spend a quarantine hour last night.



So, if you write a lot of songs somewhere along the line you’ll have a song in your catalog about Mama, trains, cheating, being happy, being sad, a patriotic song, a funny song or two AND whenever there’s an all consuming topic like CORONAVIRUS, songwriters can’t help but go there too.  That’s because we tend to write what we’re thinking about.  And all of us are thinking about that right now.


But here’s how bad it can get.  Tons of songwriters by now have their own coronavirus song.  I have this one with my friend Brent Burns and Matt Hoggatt, “Corona Beer & Corona Virus”.  When Matt suggested the idea I wasn’t sure I wanted to jump in because I knew there were going to be a lot of those songs written.  But, Matt’s idea had a different twist to it…not so predictable, so I was happy help co-write that one.



Another co-writer friend of mine texted me a coronavirus parody of the Neil Diamond song “Sweet Caroline”. I’m pretty sure that my friend did not know at the time that Neil Diamond has just put a video of himself doing a parody of his own to that hit of his.  I think my friend’s idea will get lost to THIS PARODY from the original singer.  I’m pretty sure if the band “The Knack” were still together, they might put up a parody of their big hit “My Sharona”…which has been parodied several times too already.  It happens.


I once wrote an entire song with another writer…my title…and when we finished the song I thought, man…that title sounds a little familiar.  So…I googled it and it was at the top of the country charts for Chris Young.  SAME title.  These days if the title sounds too good to be true, I always Google to see if it’s already been written into a big hit.  It do happen. 



So we had our worse day yesterday with the virus with 200 deaths.  Gosh.  On the better news side, over 113,000 folks who came down with the virus are no fully recovered.  That perhaps is a glimmer of hope. Maybe if we all do the right thing we can get through this.


New Orleans looks to be the new epicenter and that’s no surprise considering how New Orleans is a city that celebrates crowds and parties all the time.  Not a time to “let the good times roll” at the moment down in the quarter.


The stock market has rebounded two days in a row.  It will be interesting to see which way it goes today.  My wife and I did have a chat with our finance guy yesterday who’s convinced it’s just a matter of time until the markets recover.  How much time of course is the question no one can answer.  We’ll see.


As far as the Airlines go?  One travel writer suggests planning your vacation and booking your flights NOW because of all the bargains.  Book one far enough in advance in hopes that the virus will be long gone and you can smile knowing you saved a lot of money.  Not a bad thought.



I do love how American factories are jumping in to help.  Ford is making facemasks for those exposed…hospitals and other places that need those so badly.  And now some distilleries are jumping in to make hand sanitizer.  Hello…alcohol?  I won’t mind washing my hands in the least bit with Jim Beam Hand Sanitizer.



Here’s how bad it is.  First, the Cheesecake Factory says they can’t pay rent on any of their 300 restaurants.  It is the end of the month and rent is due for everyone. 


And on top of that?  Now Waffle House which is always open shut their doors.  So now I have to order the scattered, smothered and quarantined at home.



One of the other things going on is a lot of folks are now trying to cut and or color their own hair.  Those folks may have to quarantine themselves even longer than the government wants.  They’re not going to wanna go out in public…at least I know I wouldn’t…if I had any hair left to ruin.



Anyone that knows me knows it’s my fave.  Still.  Even though I consider it more of a treat these days as opposed to something I would regularly put on my plate as I did growing up when I could eat anything and not increase my waist size.  So you know I had to check out this LIST of “Best Mac and Cheese in each state. 


In Missouri where I grew up Redbook says it’s a place called Q39 in Kansas City.  Here in Tennessee they choose Hattie B’s Hot Chicken…a place where folks routinely line up for a block to scorch their tongues.  You can check out your home state by clicking on the link above. 


I’ll still take the old big pan of boiling water, elbows, slice off half of a Velveeta Cheese Block and stir.  Add pepper…done.



I’m going to put up another Whyte House Relief Song later today on Facebook and Instagram.  This will be the 3rd installment.  So, if you need a laugh…look for that.


And this morning I’ll be online with my bluegrass buddy Laura Leigh Jones writing a song.  And it will not be a coronavirus bluegrass tune…I don’t think.


Have a great Thursday!





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