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Funny Song...Beautiful Places...Usless Man

Mar 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A little cooler this Tuesday morning in Nashville.  70’s arrive in just a couple of days.



My songwriting appointment was with two great friends yesterday Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  Ever since Sydni was nice enough to introduce me to her former boss the three of us have written on a pretty regular basis and we’ve had a little success with the songs we’ve cranked out.  We’ve written a lot of commercial songs together, a fair amount of inspirational songs, bluegrass songs and girl songs.  But yesterday standing in Jimmy’s kitchen over conversation mixed with coffee Jimmy mentioned how he was glad he was not a woman. So with that tucked into the back of our minds we wrote a song that fits what I do much better than what Jimmy and Sydni do. It will be fun testing this one out on a “live” audience.



This morning at my Starbucks they were playing reggae music.  Bob Marley comes on and it makes me quietly think how much I would love going to the Caribbean.  Funny how that works.  If I hear a great song about the West…a cowboy song I think how great it would be to go see Colorado or Wyoming or Montana (as I’ll do later this year with “Evening In The Round”. 


However, if a song comes on about snow in Minnesota?  I do not think about booking a flight.



750 million and more for the drawing tomorrow.  I love Homer Simpson’s conversation with his son Bart about making money.  “Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it.  Now quiet!  They’re about to announce the lottery numbers”.



Now…I like pancakes.  I like syrup.  Although as I mentioned on my Facebook page a couple of days ago that commercial of Colonel Sanders kissing the gigantic Mrs. Butterworth bottle made me think I might just butter my short stack and forget the goo. 


However…this might be tempting.  St. John’s Cemetery Syrup. There are maple trees in that cemetery that they tap and turn into syrup and sell.  Wow.  All of a sudden I like Mrs. Butterworth again.



There’s constantly an article from a travel writer listing the most beautiful places to see.  And most have different choices they rave about.  I still have plenty of places left I want to see.  And certainly I’m looking forward to seeing some incredible sights and scenery on our Rhine River Cruise coming up in a few months where we’ll get to see Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland.  So maybe there will be some personal fave places that will be added to my own personal list.


It would be hard for me to choose absolute favorites.  But certainly for me Ireland, and Italy would be there.  And statewide?  Northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, and the Tetons and Yellowstone would be there. 


Add to that almost any baseball park.



Our Triple A minor league team the Sounds hosted their parent Big League club the Texas Rangers this past weekend.  Proving that Nashville is ready for Major League baseball…you could not get a ticket to get in.  I tried.  I waited too long.  11,824 baseball fans packed our small park.  A man can dream.  Tony LaRussa has already said he’d love to be part of Major League Baseball if it comes to Music City.  And think of the musical celebrities the cameras would catch in the stands!  C’mon commissioner!



Ladies check out this toy and tell me it doesn’t make you laugh.  I give you “The Useless Man”.  Of course you may already be living with that guy for all I know. 


And no…I did not pose for this action or no action figure.



Netflix has announced that Dolly Parton will have her own Netflix series that will start airing this Fall.  Cool.  I’m going to resist saying that you can watch that on the Boob Tube.  Not gonna do it.



I’m writing with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti.  Lauren can just flat out sing and it’s a pleasure to hear her voice every time we write.  And she’s going to be part of something very very cool in the near future at a club called 3rd and Lindsley here in town.  Lauren is going to be part of a select group of girl singers paying tribute to the great Linda Rondstadt as the girls will take the stage and sing selection from Linda’s great album titled “Simple Dreams”.  That album included songs like “Blue Bayou”, “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” and “It’s So Easy”.  I still have a copy of it on vinyl somewhere.


And to prove how my much my young talented friend deserves to be part of this watch and listen to her tackle “Crying” on her couch at home.


Have a great Tuesday!



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