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Tornado Season...Daredevil Kids...Back To Writing

Mar 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning…batten down the hatches is what they’re saying here. It’s already raining and the forecast calls for flooding, winds, hail and STRONG tornadoes. Lovely. Further south down in Pensacola where we visit every now and the…they are expecting 10 inches of rain in three days. You’ll be able to row a boat to the great Irish restaurant McGuire’s to get a corned beef and cheap bowl of Navy bean soup.



I had an open day.  That meant a little yard work… getting it cleared for mowing in the very near future. Lot of limbs down from past storms and with a new storm coming it may mean a second round of clearing. Remind me not to have “nothing to do” days. This may be the year I finally follow through on my threat to AstroTurf my lawn. I should have plenty of time to do that if I can get motivated because of all the free time I have from not traveling like I used to do with a show schedule that would have taken me all over the country this year. Not to mention a cruise down the Danube. It’s certainly been an adjustment as I’ve filled up a lot of that time with songwriting and building the catalog up for my publisher Billy Blue. Hard to believe an entire year has gone by that way and it looks to be awhile longer for what I considered to be normal to start again. I’ve got a guitar and suitcase asking me why we’re not going anywhere.



The country just hit a staggering milestone. The US has recorded over 30 million folks who have had the virus.


AstraZeneca is now rolling out more data and says their vaccine is 76% effective and not 79% effective as they first claimed. You’re effective may vary.


How about the researcher who just rolled out a “nose” mask only designed to wear when you’re eating out. Full face going in, nose face while eating, full face mask going out. No wonder we’ve been eating in so much.



Kids will do just about anything when your back is turned or you take an eye off of them for a second. There are lots of stories and most parents have one or two they can share and then give thanks their kid or kids didn’t sustain ridiculous injuries.


Like the Mom who discovered her two very young boys with capes on trying to jump high enough off the bad to grab the ceiling fan. Kids think they can fly sometimes.


Another Mom said, “Yesterday I overheard my 2-year-old saying, “Are you sure this is a good idea” and my 5-year-old replying, “Trust Me”. She said she never moved from one room to another so quickly in her life.


Part of growing up isn’t it?  Especially if you’re a boy. Guilty myself a couple of times. Growing up out in the country with my brothers I remember taking broomsticks and trying to whack bumblebees in the noggin’ while wearing no shirts on a summer day. I’m surprised we never played “connect a dot” on our chests from the bee stings.


And then there was the redneck game you played in a cow pasture daring each other to grab the electric fence and see how long you can keep your hand wrapped around it. Pretty sure that was the start of my hair loss.



The newest themed bar getting ready to open in downtown Nashville next year will be a massive themed putt putt bar. Yep…putt golf and your favorite beverage. 28,000 feet worth of trying to knock a golf ball through a windmill or clown’s mouth. The place is called Puttshack. It’s truly amazing to watch this town build and build and build new stuff. So many new hotels going up too. If there’s a down economy…it ain’t here.



Every President sooner or later has a comedian who becomes known for doing them. Alec Baldwin was THE guy for Trump. And it looks like former SNL alum Dana Carvey may be the GUY to do Biden. Check out his Biden. And of course it was the same Dana Carvey who nailed George Bush “not gonna do it” Senior when he was in office.



Many I hate snakes. And this story of a woman who called for help because her dryer had stopped running and thought it was clogged with lint found out that there was a dead snake in it that stopped the motor. That would be enough for me to go old school and put up a clothesline in the backyard again.



“Guys Get Busted for Smuggling Gold Under Their Toupees”. What gave them away? A piece of a gold bar hanging out? Gold sniffing dogs? Gust of wind came up and the gig was over?  America needs to know.



My bluegrass friend Tim Stafford and I will get together after he had to cancel for a Doctor’s appointment to get an MRI for a knee he hurt moving into a new house he and his wife just built over in East Tennessee. I’m going to try to get him to hold up the X-Rays so I can see how the knee is doing.


Have a great Wednesday!









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