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Gospel Writing...Whyte House Relief #2....More Idol Good News

Mar 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Feel like “Hump Day” everyday right now doesn’t?  Just trying to get over it.



I wrote online with a great gospel writer Lee Black.  Lee is like all musicians and writers; all the shows have been cancelled.  But Lee is multi-talented.  A heck of a singer, plays piano and is part of the southern gospel group Legacy 5.  Folks that know Lee and of his talent have been sending him lots of demo work…recording his voice on songs for others and or playing piano. Nice to be able to do that right now.


The gospel groups are road dogs.  Lee’s talented groups might average two or three shows every week.  Theaters, and churches and festivals.  He told me they were playing in Branson recently…three big shows with over 2,500 folks every show.  They got two done when they heard the Governor of Missouri was going to be on TV and they were sure he was going to shut down all the venues in the state.  Turns out he did not that night but shortly after.  And of course the crowd for Branson AND gospel music trends older for sure.  So 2,500 in the house each night and probably better than 80% were seniors and most vulnerable to what’s going on.  Sing or not?  Tough decisions for some…but now they have no decision to make any longer until the virus runs it’s course.


Lee also mentioned he has a daughter who’s a Senior in High School and that he’s pretty sure she’s done.  Because of the virus she’ll go straight to college with no High School graduation. 



As for the song?  Gosh, when Lee popped up on my computer and we got down to the songwriting he brought a verse and a chorus of a southern gospel song and the idea of the song reflects the times we are living in.  We didn’t have to change a thing to that verse or chorus which is up-tempo and makes you want to tap your foot.  And the lyrics are talking about hope, and how one gets through it with help from someone bigger than we are.  Just love the song…especially right now.  Thanks for the great write Lee.



Yesterday I loaded up the second funny song in a series that I’m doing on Facebook and Instagram hoping to give folks a laugh.  Check out “Take The Girl Out Of The Trailer” that I wrote one day with Jenny Tolman.  A day that went by fast because we were laughing as we wrote it.  Take a listen and look and see what you think.



I saw a video of Lauren Mascitti on her socials yesterday.  Lauren’s the young artist I’ve been telling you about that’s doing so well on American Idol.  She sang the title track to her album “God Made A Woman” on the show this week, an original song Lauren wrote.  Because of the exposure, her song went into the top 40 on the iTunes Country Chart and the album with a song I wrote with her and Wil Nance landed at #10 on the same chart.  Good for her and us.  So glad folks are discovering her.



Garth and Trisha had over 3 million folks watching their online concert to help pick up spirits.  Not everyone could get on as it crashed…too many. Proof that Garth is just as popular as ever.  “He’s got friends in social places for sure”.


Jackson Browne is the latest celebrity-songwriter-musician to have the virus.  I’m a fan.  So much so that I wrote a song with Keith Anderson titled “Bottle of Crowne and Jackson Browne” that I love.  We thought Keith was getting ready to record it and then he lost his album deal.  Dang.  He still sings the song out in concerts…concerts…those things that have been cancelled.  Hoping Jackson gets better.


Lots of folks are digging out their old puzzles and trying to figure them out again.  Many are ordering puzzles online.  Heck, since I still can’t figure out how to beat the golf tee game at Cracker Barrel?  Don’t think I need any puzzles boggling my mind.


Did you see the new McDonald’s arches logo?  The separated the arches to promote social distancing. Kind of a cool though Ronald. 



Some divorce lawyers are saying their requests for divorces is up as much as 50%.  Wow.  Close quarters, folks worried about paying bills, stress.  That may eliminate the thought that we’ll be having a baby boom in a few months.



Well, there ain’t no sports but here’s a couple of related items.  NASCAR did a virtual race a few days ago where Denny Hamlin won from his couch or Lazy Boy.  Dale Jr. participated.  They aired it on FOX and it worked.  903,000 folks watched it making it easily the most watched e-sports event ever.  So look for more of that.  Maybe they can e-sport Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield playing Rock Em’ Sockem’ Robots.  Set up Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady for Madden Football.  Endless possibilities there.



And…you can still put a bet on baseball…sort of.  You can bet on when you think Major League Baseball will return.  Right now the Vegas odds are 50-50 that the Boys of Summer will play by June 1.  And right now?  I’d be happy if they’re playing over Memorial Day weekend.



I read a great story online about legendary baseball announcer Harry Caray who I loved.  He was the first play-by-play guy I listened to as a kid in Missouri as Harry called the Cardinal games along with Jack Buck.  Apparently Harry was out late one night in St. Louis when his car breaks down.  Long story short…a guy walks up and sticks a gun in Harry’s face.  Harry says I’ll give you anything you want.  And then the guy realizes who he’s holding up.  He tells Harry everything he knows about baseball is because of listening to him and puts the gun away.  He offers Harry a ride to get a tow for his car and then thinks better about that choice and doesn’t.  As he drives away he hollers back at Harry, “you shouldn’t be in this bad part of town this late”.  Holy Cow.



The stock market had its biggest day since 1933 yesterday and looks to go up again.  And , the stimulus package did pass.  I’d take my check and go buy toilet paper but…well…you know.



I’ve got a phone meeting early this morning, followed by doing a mock radio interview with an artist friend of mine who just released a new song she wrote and wants tips to how to better handle her end of trying to convince radio folks to play her song. I don’t think I’m an expert on that for sure…but willing to help in any way I can for my friends.


And then it’s back to writing online.  Today both Steve Dean and our Pensacola friend Jessie Ritter will rhyme online. Quarantine time does fly by faster that way for sure.


Have a great Wednesday!





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