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Joshin' Around...American Idol Star...Arizona Skies

Mar 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and strong storms and that tornado word is in our forecast again.  We probably will be forced to stay in and hunker down…oh wait…we’re already doing that.



Josh Shilling and I finished up a song using Facetime on our cell phones.  The more I write with this technology the more comfortable I get. Josh and his great contemporary bluegrass group Mountain Heart has had all of their shows cancelled…like almost all musicians.  But, he did get a call to sit in a play piano for Diamond Rio as their regular piano play Dan Truman was sick.  So, despite his hesitation he got on a bus and made the trip and the show where there were maybe 400 folks in a theatre all sitting side by side.  Tough choices. 


I went to the grocery store yesterday morning and hesitated three or four times before deciding to go.  It’s on the top of everyone’s mind and when I write with folks these days we all talk about what we’re going through and check up on each other.  It’s comforting.


And we did finish the tune and scheduled another write in late April.  My hope is we’re sitting down face-to-face the next time we rhyme together.



I mentioned yesterday my wife and I had been looking for something to “binge” watch and our daughter and son in law suggested “Schitt’s Creek” on Netflix.  I figure, since we are up that creek why not…and we’ve got hooked.  We went through 13 episodes of about 20 minutes per episode and I thought we had completed that series.  Wrong. That was just season one…and they’ve already filmed 5 seasons of the show. Wow.  And it is funny…at least to us.  Again, for mature audiences so for those that may be offended by language and all the other stuff that goes with “mature”…it might not be for you. 



One of our favorite folks in this town is going to Hawaii for the final 40 to get narrowed down to the top 20 for American Idol.  Last night Lauren Mascitti sang an original song she wrote that’s the title track of her new album “God Made A Woman” and got a standing O from the judges.  So deserved.  Her and her “Nana” who raised her is capturing the hearts of a lot of the country right now and I am just so happy for her and Nana.  Lauren is not only such a great singer and writer but she does not have one bad bone in her body.  Easy to root for folks like that.


And last night she got some major face time.  If you missed it click HERE to watch.


And as America is starting to discover her it makes me even prouder that I’m part of a song on that album I mentioned that Lauren and I wrote over a couple of different days with our friend Wil Nance “Never Been In Love Like This”.


Because of the virus, production is shut down for American Idol but I think we’ll get to see whether Lauren makes the Top 20 for the show before that happen.  Congrats girl.



I’m making a little time on my quarantine days to touch base and check up on folks.  Yesterday I visited with my friend Roger Naylor the travel writer out in Arizona after seeing a picture of he and his wife Michele’s cat standing on top of his computer keys.  Roger did tell me the cat does not get credit in any of the articles and books he writes…and the same applies for the funny scripts he continues to write for the Bob & Tom show.


Roger is an avid hiker…part of the reason he moved to the “sun” state.  He told me he still hikes because he knows where the trails are that will not be populated allowing him to social distance as he hikes.  He had mentioned how he had seen folks all jammed up on the trails down in Phoenix…and I had seen that same picture.  Hard to go for a walk and be completely safe.


The view from Roger & Michele’s house from their screened in deck provides a nice way to kill time in the desert during this quarantine.  The red rocks of the desert…wide-open skies with stars at night?  Not bad.  And for the most part the virus has not affected a lot of what he does because he writes from home.  What has cancelled on him is his “in person” talks about the travel books he’s written through the years.  So, he might video a couple of those which would allow a lot of folks to vicariously live the desert life of Arizona through Roger’s eyes.  I’ll let you know if that happens so you can check him out if you’d like.  But here's a small example of Roger talking to a group of folks about one of his favorite hikes.



I did read this morning that in Italy the cases of coronavirus have been smaller the last two days in a row.  South Korea and China may be through the worst of it.  Hope. 



The shows we were to have done this month in Wisconsin and then in Carthage, Illinois got cancelled of course. Yesterday Carthage got rescheduled for May of 2021 and we’ll be trying to add Adams-Friendship Wisconsin back on that same weekend.  The virus will gone by then…right?


The Academy of Country Music Awards out in California also got rescheduled.  That will happen September 16.



You can tour almost anything you want virtually online to help take up some of your quarantine hours.  One other thing you can see is the northern lights. That’s available here at explore.org.  I’ve never seen the northern lights.  And though I’d rather see it in person..this might not be a bad alternative.



My online writing appointment is with Lee Black who is a noted gospel songwriter with a lot of hits in that musical world. He's also a member of the southern gospel group Legacy 5.   Today I’ll see him behind his piano at home in a few hours, and I’ll hold a guitar on my end of the laptop.  Staying in…washing my hands.


Have a great Wednesday.





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