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Quarantine Songs Online...Whyte House Relief...Kenny Rogers

Mar 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Monday.  Getting a bit of a late start as I had to make a grocery run.  A week later the store shelves are still bare.  I saw a few carts with paper products for folks who must have been there the minute the doors opened because there was not much of anything by the time I walked in.  I heard a store clerk say, “probably going to be like this for awhile”.  Anyone want to guess how long “awhile” is?



Gosh, haven’t left the house now in a week and counting.  Like many of you I’m establishing new daily routines to help pass the time.  For me, a daily co-writing appointment on the computer really helps.


Friday I was face to face with Matt Hoggatt down in Mississippi and we finished up a funny idea Matt had that we started on Thursday.  Matt’s a funny guy so that time with him helps brighten a quarantine day for sure.  And then later Friday afternoon a rush of inspiration hit me and I wrote a second song.  As much as I write, I think that will increase as this new normal drags on.


And I’m wearing out the Netflix and Prime since there are no sports.  Heck, I’d vote for ESPN to air the Seniors Naked Lawn Darts Championship…anything!  I watched a documentary on the songwriting team of Lennon-McCartney on Prime that was informative and historical.  I’m not a crazy Beatles fan like some.  In fact, I was late to the Beatles party because I was into Haggard and Jones and country.  But in college, you could not help but hear songs from the Beatles being played on record players.  And these days I get a constant education of the Fab 4 from my friend Steve Dean whose part of my “Hits & Grins” trio.  Steve collects their memorabilia, books, you name it.  So my love and appreciation has grown through the years.  Enough so that Steve and I co-wrote a song titled “Blame It On The Beatles” that we recorded on one of our “Hits & Grins” CD.



If you follow my Facebook page you’ll see the coronavirus song now that I mentioned here a few days ago that I wrote with my Mississippi buddy Matt Hoggatt (his idea) and Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores.  If you haven’t seen it…check out this VIDEO of Brent singing our funny song that has over 500 shares already. Proof that even in bad times, folks need and want to laugh.  I think this little song gives you a chance to do just that.  Thank you Matt for sharing your idea with us!



Yesterday I posted the first of what will be a small series of some of my comedy songs online at Facebook at Instagram.  The first song I put up was “The Dog’s Home” that I wrote with Gerald Smith and Paul Bogart…a Christmas drinking song (we need more of those right) that I re-wrote a verse for to turn it into a “Quarantine” verse as suggested by Brent Burns.  I can only do what I can do…just like all of us…and I can make people laugh a little…I hope.  So look for those…and if you missed the first one…just click HERE to watch.  And do feel free to share the video-song if you like it with others who can use some comedic relief too.



Have you seen the video of Steve Martin playing his banjo in the woods?  One online headline reads, “Steve Martin’s banjo music is here to soothe your soul”.  Pretty sure nobody until now has put the word “banjo” and “soothe” in the same sentence.  Right up there with bagpipes for soothing one’s soul.



And then Saturday morning we get the news that Kenny Rogers passed away.  Gosh.  My friend Linda Davis did his farewell tour and we got to hang with both of them…my wife and me.  There’s a story about that and a picture on my Facebook page if you’re curious.


Because of radio I got to be around him a few times…had him “live” with me a couple of times.  Funny, engaging, talented and more.  I discovered Kenny Rogers in the New Christy Minstrel Band back in the day.  Loved him with the First Edition and could not believe the day I received a “Country” record from Kenny and his label at the small radio station I was working at in Missouri. I thought, “Kenny Rogers…country”??  The first song I remember dropping a needle on was “Love Lifted Me”.  Shortly after “Lucille” broke and Kenny became a country superstar that millions and millions loved because of his crossover appeal. 



I had a songwriter show with Steve Dean scheduled in the middle of April at our Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  The entire museum is closed, so our songwriter show got cancelled and will be rescheduled.  Steve and I did a show once in the Hall of Fame right in the middle of the rotunda that holds all the plaques of the stars who have been inducted.  So somewhere near the stools we were playing music on…was Kenny Roger’s plaque. 



I don’t know if you watched any or not but the Hallmark Channel ran a marathon of Christmas movies to try and make us feel better about things over the weekend.  Heck I don’t watch those when things are perfect, so I passed.  But, just knowing they were doing that inspired me to start work on my Christmas Card list…or not.


At the suggestion of our daughter and son in law my wife did camp on the couch and bing watch about half of the Netflix comedy series “Schitt’s Creek” and we do like that.  Eugene Levy who I’ve always loved is the Dad in this series about rich folk who lost all their money and had to move to a little nothing town that the Dad bought as a joke and forgot about.  Here’s the TRAILER for that.  For mature audiences.



And congrats to our buddy Lauren Mascitti who made it through the duo round last night on American Idol…though her male partner singing the Johnny Cash classic “Jackson” did not.  Once again…a LOT of really talented young singers on the show including Lauren. 



And last night two of my musical friends held online concerts that I bounced back and forth between.  My cowboy pal Paul Bogart sat on his couch and sang for over an hour last night and talked with his fans.  That was great.  And he sang two of our songs, “All That Cowboy Jazz” and a brand new one about the birth of his second child that I’ve mentioned before.  Little Ace was born on the way to the hospital on I-40 and we wrote a song about that “The Ballad of Exit 199”…the exit where Paul’s wife Tanya literally pushed the baby out on the floorboard.  The song will be on Paul’s next album.  Wait til you hear.


And the other Facebook “live” concert featured my friends Darin & Brooke Aldridge from their home in North Carolina where I heard them sing the song Lisa Shaffer and I wrote for them “Corn”.  Pretty cool thing to hear some of your songs getting shared by such great artists with a lot of their fans.  Thanks guys.



American Airlines just flew a cargo only plane.  First time they’ve done that in some 36 years.


One report suggests 40% of New Yorkers will not be able to meet the rent coming in a few days.  And the stimulus package did not pass.


And even sadder statistic.  10% of all coronavirus cases in Italy are health workers.  God bless those folks.


Our park system announced “no fees” to enter a park and then on the heels of that comes news that they are shutting them down too. I’m looking for those Smoky the Bear commercials that will have Smoky saying, “Only YOU can prevent coronavirus”.


A Florida idiot-jerk was arrested for stealing 66 rolls of toilet paper from a hotel.  I can only hope Judge Judy hears his plea.




In New Orleans…one bakery is making toilet roll cakes.  Uh huh.  You’re gonna need a bidet if you use one of these cakes.


Folks are not buying kale at the store.  They are opting for Oreos, and chips and comfort food.  Of course in my world comfort food is made by Kraft.


And now it’s going to be legal to have beer delivered right to your front door.  Wonder if they’re out of Corona?



That’s what sports announcer Joe Buck did with his family yesterday in quarantine.  He did a “play by play” of his family.  Thank you Joe Buck for THIS SMILE.



I’m back on the computer today finishing up a song with Josh Shilling who had so many concert dates cancelled for him that it’s not funny.  So…we’ve got more time to create new stuff together and that’s what we’re going to do this Monday in the land of quarantine.


Hang in there folks…keep laughing.  And have a great Monday.





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