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Bluegrass Comedy...March Madness Rooting...Ron Burgundy

Mar 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello weekend…goodbye Super Moon. 



My writing appointment was with Laura Leigh Jones who has a true love of bluegrass music.  She can write any kind of music but that’s her true love.  And since she brought her mandolin with her we went down that musical road big time.  Really fun writing with her and adding a third song to our little catalog we have together.


Laura’s day job is managing back stage at the Grand Ole Opry so she always has great stories to tell in our writing room before we start rhyming.  I shared one with her yesterday that made her laugh and with her bluegrass background she really understood the story that my friend Jerry Salley shared with me.


A young man gets on Bill Monroe’s bus…the King of Bluegrass…and the King of mandolin players for most folks.  Bill is in the back of the bus and hears this kid trying to show off his hot licks on the mando.  Bill walks out of the back room and marches up to the kid and says, “let me see that” and plays a few Bill Monroe hot licks.  When he finishes he hands it back to the kid and says, “well, it ain’t the mando”. 



We got done in time (which was my plan) to get home to see the Belmont basketball game that tipped off a little after 2 pm.  My daughter who’s a graduate was watching on her couch up in Clarksville so we texted back and forth Dad-Daughter style as the game unfolded.  We lost by 1 sticking point to Maryland and could have easily won that game.  Pretty darned exciting and to share it with my kid made it more fun.  There’s a ton of my wife in my daughter Heather…thank goodness…but she does have her Daddy’s sense of humor and love of sports and I’m grateful for that.


One other highlight of the game was watching my radio friend Kevin Ingram get posterized on national television.  I worked with Kevin in radio for a few years here in Nashville.  He’s now part of a big successful sports talk show here in town AND he’s the radio voice of our Belmont Bruins for many years now.  So he’s sitting on press row watching the game before Belmont-Maryland when a player leaps into him spilling coke all over Kevin’s shirt.  He had no time to go back to the hotel for a new one so he was stained and yakking all at the same time.  And TV caught it all and had fun with him.  Pretty funny to watch.



Some claim that eating salad helps with memory retention.  Ironic that I can’t “remember” the last time I ate a salad.



That a solar storm explosion may allow some of the south to see the northern lights…maybe tonight.  Gosh…I hope I don’t forget to look up.  Think I’ll eat a salad.



If you liked Will Ferrell’s character “Ron Burgundy” in the movie “Anchorman” you’ll love watching this VIDEO of Will recreating the character (as he will do from time to time) and hearing him do some "play by play" in Ron Burgundy fashion during the LA Kings hockey game in Los Angeles.  “Stay classy LA”.



The Venetian Hotel in Vegas is offering up a very cool room package.  It cost $450,000.  But…you get a private jet and lots of diamond with it.  Uh huh.  I’m sure you’ll be rushing to the Expedia website to click and book that bad boy right?


I just saw the real Venice last year.  It did not cost 450,000 bucks…but I got no private jet or diamonds.  I got a bus and a “Kiss me I’m Italian” t-shirt.



Opening Day for baseball now is literally days away.  For those who wonder how in the world can Major League Baseball pay Mike Trout 450 million dollar and Bryce Harper another 350 million?  Last year Major League Baseball made 10.3 BILLION dollars.  Not bad for a GAME. 


I’m ready.  The temps are starting to go up and I’ ready for the sun to shine on me while I’m watching the ump bark out balls and strikes. 


I will say that this has not been an awful winter in Nashville.  Maybe one light snow flurry…that’s it.  And not once this winter did I have to wear a heavy coat or gloves.  No ice to scrape off a windshield. No snow removal.  Gonna be hard to ever get me to move north again…ever.



Nothing really big today.  I’m going to a little farewell party to give best wishes to the young Program Director at WSM Radio that I’ve worked with for awhile who’s taking a cool new job as producer for that top rated sports talk show I mentioned at the top of this blog today.  Congrats to Jonathan Shaffer who deserves this.  I certainly have enjoyed working with ya.



I’ve got some great friends coming into town for a couple of days Dodge and Dean Raymer from Missouri so we’re going to get together.  And that March Madness thing is going on.  Gotta a feeling I’ll be seeing a bunch of that too.


Have a great weekend yourself. 














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