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Groundhog Day Again...Brandy Clark...Grow A Garden

Mar 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

I think the deal is if the groundhog sticks his head out today and sees his shadow we have several more days of having to be quarantined.



Man, it is like Groundhog Day over and over again isn’t it? Bad enough to be locked in but on top of that all the rain we’re getting keeps it kind of moody looking outside. So it made me happy that my Mississippi Trop Rock-Detective friend Matt Hoggatt had a funny idea he wanted to write over the Internet about the world of online dating and what could go wrong with that.  So that’s what we did.  We still have a little work to do, as Matt had to cut off and go to his detective work and help feed three kids who are all at home right now.  So later this morning we’ll finish up his idea and kill a little more quarantine time laughing at each other on the computer.



Now they tell us that if you are ordering food and goods delivered to let say an Amazon Box sit for 24 hours if you can. And whether you can or not, pick it up with gloves, dispose of the box right away and wash your hands and or disinfect.  Geez.  Before this is over I’m going to feel like I’m preparing to give a prostate exam.  Turn left and cough in your sleeve.  Thank you.


And I’m hoping that those oblivious young Spring Breakers are paying attention and seeing that extremely healthy athletes, especially NBA players have the virus. Maybe the beach and the beer pong and the passing out could wait awhile…maybe.



Lots of folks are looking for ways to help make the quarantine hours pass away.  There have and will continue to be a ton of online free concerts to check out.  Yesterday Brad Paisley jumped on Facebook and took requests…just him and his guitar and at one point over his shoulder you could see and hear Carrie Underwood jump in and do a duet with him. Very cool.  And Willie and a bunch of his “willie” good friends joined him last night for a show. If you missed it just click HERE to watch



I killed sometime listening to the new Brandy Clark CD “Your Life’s A Record”.  She’s one of my favorite singer-songwriters in this town and this is her 3rd CD. So many good songs on there and I’ll just share one favorite “Who You Thought I Was”.  Man, it’s funny how music works.


If you read this blog you know that I write with a talented couple Jenny Tolman and her boyfriend producer Dave Brainerd.  The first time Jenny and I wrote together on Music Row one morning some of the time was spent getting to know her better.  I had seen her at a charity event that we were both part of hosted by my friend Linda Davis…a Christmas thing.  She opened and did a couple of songs and I just loved her voice and songs.  So, I asked if she wanted to write and she said yes.  So that morning I ask Jenny, “who are you listening too right now”?  And she lit up about Brandy Clark.  That very morning driving to that appointment I was listening to Brandy’s first CD “Twelve Stories” that was a huge critical success and gave us creative songs like "Pray To Jesus" and put Brandy on the map.  Guess who produced that first CD and played on it?  Dave Brainard…who Jenny did not know that morning we wrote our first song together.  All these years later the three of us have become great friends and written a lot of songs together some of which will show up on album #2 for Jenny.  Life works in strange and wonderful ways sometimes.



My wife and I pulled up a Russell Crowe movie “The Next 3 Days" on Prime.  I like Russell Crowe a lot, but to be honest?  The movie was just so so for both of us.  But, it was fun killing a couple of hours together on the couch being critics while the movie played.



So, California is shut down completely.  Medical marijuana is still for sale so they’ve got that to help them mellow out a little I suppose.


I try not to watch a lot of TV right now as the bad news is pretty overwhelming and depressing.  And I would personally vote for every TV News show to lead with some “good news” before they start scaring us with the bad.  And there’s always good news.


When I was doing radio in Milwaukee our GM there…the late Mike Jorgenson was a forward thinker.  He had our morning radio show deliver the “good news” first…every time.  So when you heard my news partner start the news you’d hear her say, “WMIL Radio…where the good news comes first”.  Seemed a little corny at the time to some…and the local Milwaukee newspaper columnists panned the idea not in a kind way.  Mike, we could use some of what you were thinking then…right now.


That also makes me think about the great song that songwriter Charlie Black wrote.  At the Blast On The Bay Songwriters Festival down in Port St. Joe, Charlie and his hit writer wife Dana always play.  And if you hear Charlie play his huge hit for Anne Murray that says, “We should could use a little good news today” you’ll nod your head in agreement.  Some of the lines in the song are a bit dated now, but it really resonates with what’s going on.  I think Charlie or Anne should tweak the lyrics and re-release it right now.



Wal Mart is looking to hire 150,000 workers right now.  There are companies hiring and that surely will be something a lot of unemployed folks will look at to try and get over the hump right now. Thank goodness for those who do those jobs.  Doctors, nurses, delivery folks, grocery store employees.


The gardening industry is busy too.  Folks are buying seeds and more to start planting their own gardens…many for the first time.  I’m not a veggie guy, so I wonder if they’ve invented a seed yet that grows steaks and pork chops?



A guy in Cyprus has figure out how to walk his dog with a drone.  He doesn’t have to go outside.  Wonder if the drone flies low enough to pick up the poop?



A lot of folks are smartly buying stocks right now.  The really smart ones choosing stock that makes sense.  Stylish loungewear would be worth investing in as so many folks are now working from home.


And those that are trying to build followers on their You Tube Channels may very well see an increase because we’re locked in and looking for entertainment on our computers and iPads. 


AND…some may want to buy a little nostalgia…something that reminds them of better days. Like the new Volkswagen mini bus that they’ve fashioned from the 60’s that will be all electric this time.  Check out this new VW thang.  Paint some flowers on the side and deliver one to my door.  It will be fun cruising down the road again listening to John Denver and Mama and the Papa songs again.



Some problem solving techniques stand the change in time.  Computer stuck?  Reboot. If your Mars Lander gets it probe stuck in the dirt you command it to hit itself with the shovel.  It worked…problem solved. 


I may get a T-shirt that says, “Hit It With A Shovel”!



I’ll be back finishing up that funny song with Matt Hoggatt on the computer this morning and then it’s the weekend of staying in and trying to stay safe.  You do the same.


Have a great weekend.











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