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Spring...March Madness Win...Hokey Pokey

Mar 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Spring…good to have ya back.  And on the first day of Spring our temperatures will start to rise.  62 degree high in Music City today with something called a “Full Worm Supermoon” rising tonight.   And on my Starbucks early morning run today you could not miss the already full moon hovering in the sky.  Beautiful.


Our paper pointed out this morning that Tennessee now officially breaks more high temperature records than low temperature records.  Something about what Al Gore invented.  Given a choice…I’ll be happy to sweat a little more over freezing.



Coming off a road trip it was nice to have the day open to catch up and re-load.  The temps go JUST warm enough to get outside for a walk and do some “regular” things like go to the grocery store.  My wife is healthy…really healthy so when I pick up things she needs it takes me awhile trying to find the HEALTHY stuff. On my own I can quickly grab meat and eggs and beer.  But start adding 50-50 Almond-Coconut milk?  It takes me awhile.


I’ve gone from real milk straight from a cow in a bucket to homogenized to 2% to O fat, to Almond, to Flax to Rice and now 50-50 Almond-Coconut.  Yep…I no longer have a clue of what real milk looks or tastes like.  And with the way scientists and so called experts change their minds?  I just know that one day I’ll read, “Actually…MILK is healthier”. 



I did not drink milk on the couch last night as I cheered on our little Belmont Bruins basketball team who won their first EVER NCAA basketball game!  They beat Temple and now head to where I just came from…Jacksonville, Florida to play Maryland on Thursday. We’re just a little mid-major team that’s always competitive because of a great coach Rick Byrd and right now I think our team is being discovered by a lot of the nation for the first time.  It’s just great to see this finally happen for such a class coach.  I could almost hear Belmont graduate Vince Gill cheering at my house.



Mike Trout of the Angels signed like a 12 year 450 million dollar contract to play a game yesterday.  He’s the best player in the game…deserves the highest contract and boy did he get it.


Now…I know that sounds like a TON of money…and it is.  But I heard Mike Golic on a sports talk radio show this morning mention that even at that amount?  He’s not worth HALF of what 21 year old Kylie Jenner is from the Kardashian mob.  And she can’t field or throw!



Scientist say when they play classical music in a room full of cheese it makes the cheese taste better.  Beethoven vs Led Zeppelin apparently there was no contest.  Folks…I can’t make this stuff up.


So I went into the kitchen and played one of my songs, “If You’re Not Careful My Wife’s Gonna Leave You” and the cheese actually curdled.  Maybe there’s something to it.



Now McDonald’s tells us they are experimenting with making VEGAN McNuggets.  Proof there is no sanity left in the world.  If I ever order Vegan McNuggets…please come and get me and lace me up into a strait jacket.  Oh…and order me a milk shake before you drag me off.



A woman divorces her husband and says “Now We Can Be Lovers”.  Congratulations.



“Suspect Breaks Into Dance Routine After A Police Chase”.  And now he can actually do the hokey pokey while he’s IN the pokey.  Congrats Einstein.



First day of Spring and I’m going to get outdoors and enjoy some of that for sure.  Hope your weather is nice enough to allow you to do the same.


Have a great Wednesday!












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