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Online Hangout...More Cancellations...Coronavirus TV Appearance

Mar 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and it seems like any other morning these days.



I did kill the middle part of the day in a very fun way co-writing a song in a Google Hangout on the computer  with Steve Dean and Jessie Ritter.  Steve was at home in Hendersonville, I’m quarantined in Old Hickory and Jessie was boarded up in Pensacola.  Jessie is young enough to understand all the latest bells and whistle of the internet and hooked the three of us up all together so we could see each other and interact until we had finished her idea a little over three hours after we first connected.  It too my mind off the news (and I try to watch only a little of that) and made the day seem a lot more normal…at least normal in my everyday world. 


Jessie revealed that all of her shows are gone too…like pretty much every singer-songwriter-musician.  So she’s going to be doing a weeks worth of Facebook “live” shows every day at 4 pm.  It’s a new way of performing for a lot of folks…on the web with virtual tipping.



I was scheduled to fill in for the morning show at WSM this Friday morning for Bill Cody but after thinking about being in the Gaylord Hotel and in studio with other folks…I begged off…and hate that.  But I’m going to live on the side of thinking our Doctors and health officials know what they’re talking about…so I’m staying in.  I’m so appreciative to JP our Program Director for completely understanding and promising that they’ll ask again when the world returns to normal.  I hate doing that because it’s been a long while since I’ve had a chance to go on air for that legendary radio station that’s been the home of the Grand Ole Opry forever.  Heck, even the Opry is going…but with no “live” audiences.  So, I’m going to rest easy with my decision and anxiously await a day I can go back in and crack open that microphone and talk to WSM fans worldwide.



Even though songwriters are still rhyming and creating new songs, most of those will have to sit in a catalog I would think because I’m not sure many artists will be recording any new projects until the virus is contained. Record labels usually coordinate new releases with a tour to promote the new music. Yesterday Zac Brown cried because he had to lay off his band and crew who are like family.


I also realized with gigs cancelling that the amount of mileage musician’s turn in every year is going to decrease dramatically.  Heck, I’m trying to think when was the last time in my life I didn’t have to hit a gas bump for these amount of days?  



Yesterday I got a call from a publicist in Cincinnati I’ve known for a long while who wanted to know if by chance I had written any songs about the coronavirus?  Why yes…I have.  I mentioned here on the blog that I Skype wrote a funny take on it with my friends Brent Burns and Matt Hoggatt just a few days ago after Matt texted his idea to us from Mississippi.


So…it looks like I’m going to be on a morning TV show in Cincinnati either tomorrow morning or next Friday morning singing our little song “Corona Virus And Corona Beer”.  This will be done over the computer as a producer interviews me and records it.  Then I’m sure they’ll edit before they air it.  One thing you learn to do as a producer if you interview funny folks is to RECORD and edit.  The TV station is WCPO…an ABC affiliate in the Queen City where I worked on air for many years.  I’m pretty sure it will loaded onto their website at some time for viewing…and I’ll let you know when and how when I know. 


It also looks like I could be doing an online interview about it with an old columnist friend up there too and I’ll let ya know about that too.



And since I mentioned my Gulf Shores friend Brent Burns, I thought I'd share one of the songs we wrote for Brent's new CD that's out now titled, "Exercise Makes Me Look Good Naked, But So Does Beer".  This is a "live" version of the song performed at a Jim Parker Songwriters night in Huntsville, Alabama a few weeks ago.  It made the audience laugh, and it might do the same for you.



Hundreds of TV shows are halting production.  Yesterday American Idol sent all their final contestants home including my friend Lauren Mascitti who made it through to Hollywood.  So America will have to wait a tad longer to fall in love with this talented young lady.



Meanwhile “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot is singing a version of the John Lennon classic “Imagine” along with several other celebs who are all in their homes staying in to inspire and try to make us feel hopeful.  AND…there was some hopeful news.  China reported no new cases of the virus.  It would be nice to see that kind of news spread country to country quickly.


If you look up the phrase “female panic” right now it will tell you that it’s caused by women knowing they can’t go to a hair dresser right now.  I try to look at the positive side of these things.  I’m not going to be able to turn in a lot of mileage this year, but I’ll get some of that loss back from my wife not having to pay a hairdresser a few times.  There’s always good in everything folks.



And we’re all looking for ways to kill time while we’re locked inside.  One of the recurring suggestions I see is that you can take virtual tours of a lot of the world’s best museums.  Now, viewing paintings and sculptures is not my favorite thing so I was glad to see that one can take virtual tours of some of the best Disney rides at Disney World.  It’s shuttered too of course…so this is not a bad option.  If you need me, I’ll be on the “Soaring” ride later today.



I’m betting American’s put on a few pounds being locked in.  It doesn’t help seeing that one can make a Grilled Cheese Waffle.  Pretty sure we have both cheese and waffle mix here in the house.  Pretty sure.



I’m back writing on the computer with Matt Hoggatt today…who I mentioned earlier.  Matt is a detective in Mississippi and is a really quick-witted funny guy who uses that skill in his music and stage performances.  He just had his hours cut in half and will be working from home.  So, he’s got some time on his hands now to write more, and he’s got another funny idea about today’s online dating world.  So we’re going to look at each other today on our computers and laugh as we write his idea. 


Have a great safe Thursday!



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