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Home...Hall of Famers...Mac & Cheese Crime

Mar 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back home in Music City.



It was all about getting home yesterday after the Florida run with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.  We wrapped up in Homestead so yesterday found me at the Fort Lauderdale airport jetting home to Nashville.  I had enough time before boarding a Southwest Flight to give my New York folks a parody they wanted about March Madness and those that fill out their bracket and pony up their money.  So it was fun re-writing a verse and a chorus of the great Don Schlitz penned song “The Gambler” that Kenny Rogers made iconic.


And it was odd to think I had just met Don Schlitz and his wife recently as they were guests on the morning show at WSM Radio as I was walking in to do the next shift after they got done.  And for the record...this Hall of Famer and his wife are really nice down to earth folks.


And even though Don has written a bunch of gigantic hits like “The Gambler”…his little ditty for baseball “The Greatest” is still one of my faves partly because I did not see the punch line coming in this song which is a rare thing.  If for some reason you’ve not heard THIS…take a listen.  And it’s appropriate as Opening Day will be here very soon!



I’m hoping (being the baseball fan I’m in) that Major League baseball this year will adopt the “Ump Cam” that they’ve been testing in some ballgames in Japan.  Makes you feel like you could take a shot at calling balls and strikes while watching the game.  Check out this VIEW from the article.



Jerry Bradley, Ray Stevens and Brooks and Dunn make up the new class that will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame this year. Most are familiar with Ray and Brooks and Dunn.  Jerry Bradley was a Music Row mover and shaker.  He produced a long list of hits…signed the group Alabama and on it goes for his credits.


And I gotta say it is nice to know that my friend Brent Burns and myself can now say we had a song we wrote together “Retired” that a Hall of Famer recorded.


Congratulations to these three who will soon have their plaques on display in that tundra at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.



To Charley Pride who’s 85 today and doing pretty danged well.  I had the pleasure of interviewing him for the first time ever just a couple of years ago when he was a guest one morning when I was filling in on WSM Radio.  Sharp as a tack…entertaining…and had wealth of knowledge about life, and baseball (that he played at a high level) and of course Country Music.  Not to mention talking about breaking down racial barriers in our genre.  Happy Birthday Mr. Pride.


It’s interesting to me at least that our Triple A baseball team the Nashville Sounds is now part of the Texas Rangers system…starting this year.  And Charley Pride is a partial owner of that franchise.



That would be tomorrow March 20.  Bring it on.  We are still in the 50’s here today but by Saturday when we get into the 70’s I’m going to start to believe it’s really arrived.  Spring Break is going on right now as we found out when we tried to book a flight home from Miami this past weekend.  High fares…which is why I flew home from Fort Lauderdale instead.


And the question is Mom and Dad…do you know what your kids are up to on Spring Break?  One good tip for tomorrow and the first day of Spring.  Dairy Queen is celebrating by giving out a free ice cream cone!  Love that.  Wonder if they’ll let me exchange one for a Dilly Bar?



The Japanese reportedly are going to blast an asteroid to pieces in an attempt to find the origins or our solar system.  So…they have to get to an asteroid…then somehow blast it…then somehow from that debris figure out the origins of our solar system?  Mind boggling to my simple little ole cranium for sure.  I’m still trying to figure out how that little key works on a can of Spam.



Gucci has just made “dirty” looking sneakers that are brand new…on purpose.  And people will buy them I guess for much the same reason they spend lots of money on blue jeans that are new with gaping holes in the knees.  If ya wanna pair of new dirty shoes it will cost you $900.


Kids…beware.  If somehow you can afford 900 bucks for tennis shoes that are dirty…do not leave them in your closet.  Mom will wash them.



A woman got so mad at her husband that she tossed her tub of Panera Mac and Cheese at her husband.  Those that know me well know that I consider Mac and Cheese a delicacy.  Not to be thrown! Pick up a skillet…throw a microwave…but don’t throw mac and cheese.  What is wrong with people!



“Woman Fakes Her Own Kidnapping and Murder To Break Up With Her Boyfriend”.  Gee whiz.  Of course in my world, I guess that’s at least better than throwing Mac and Cheese at him.



A day of catching up after the Florida trip.  FYI…my next road trip will be to Fort Smith and Green Briar, Arkansas with my “Hits & Grins” trio that includes Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.  That trip is next weekend…and both of these are house concerts.  That should be fun.  And again…if you want to know where I’m playing and when do check the calendar that I update all the time here on the website.


And tonight?  I’ll be on the couch rooting hard for our little Belmont basketball team who are in the First Four matchup for March Madness in Dayton against Temple.  Go Bruins.


Have a great Tuesday.





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