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Storms Moving In...March Insanity Basketball...Snake Whisperer

All eyes on the weather here today as we begin a new week.  If I see a witch fly by on a broom...I'll go hunker down.



Nope...I did not go out and party like a leprechaun.  I pretty much avoided going anywhere except to my couch to watch a lot of March Madness...and there's been more madness this year than ever.  How's your Sweet 16 bracket looking by now?  Me too...shredder city with upset after upset which means...it was fun being on the couch and avoiding all those who wanted to be Irish on St. Patty's. 


So...moving around as I have...I don't have ONE big team to root and die for.  I root for my daughter's school which is a mid major college at best...the Belmont Bruins.  They did not make the tourney...so I'm down to rooting for West Virginia...because I've been a Bob Huggins fan since my Cincinnati days when he coached the Bearcats.  After that...I'll root for the little guys and more upsets.



I smiled when I saw this great VIDEO.  My friend...artist-co-writer Paul Bogart took an on air conversation we had on WSM radio last week where he described his wife Tanya delivering their second child in the car while flying down the highway and turned it into an unforgettable "awww" moment.  Just watch and listen...you'll hear and see what I mean.  Again...congrats to Paul and his wife Tanya for sharing their unforgettable story with me.




One Powerball winner took home 457 MILLION bucks.  My brother Gary and his wife Kay live in Pennsylvania.  I'm going to be treating them "extra" nice in case it was them.



Health nuts are officially out of hand now here in Nashville as they are getting ready to hold the first ever "VegFest".  Uh huh.  Vegans everywhere will gather.  Vegans...sounds like a cult doesn't it?  I plan on protesting by driving by and throwing biscuits at them.



A report claims that the trucking industry needs to hire something like 900,000 new truck drivers.  If they add 900,000 new semi trucks to the road that means during most commutes the scenery you see will be the back end of a semi with a sticker asking "how's my driving"? 


I don't know why they can't put a big video screen on the back of trucks so motorists like me can catch the latest sports scores and updates while being stalled in traffic.



Sonic is rolling out pickle juice slushes.  Lord.  I can't wait to see the expression on those two guys faces who seem to live in their car at Sonic in the new TV commercials when they sip that through a straw for the first time on camera. 



They just did a 3-D print out of a car.  It's electric and costs $7,500.  It took them three days to make it.  Instead of going to Ford or Chevy or Toyota...my next car buying stop will be at Hewlett Packard.





I'm stealing this line from an editorial cartoon I saw this morning where some folks are discussing arming our teachers.  One surmises that all librarians will have a "silencer" on theirs. 



"Famed Snake Whisperer Dies After Cobra Bite".  Uh huh.  Folks...don't whisper to a snake.  Do what I do...scream at it...pee in your pants...and then run like hell.  What would you whisper to a snake anyway?  Buy a goldfish.  Whisper all you want.  Extend your life. 



Most surely we have our eye on the weather here with wind, hail and tornadoes being a possibility this afternoon.  The folks out in the Northeast are looking at more danged snow...but with what we have coming they can think to themselves..."I'm glad I don't live THERE"!  Maybe.


I'll be off writing with my friends Lauren Mascitti and Wil Nance which should put me on the road about the time all the bad weather starts.  Perfect.  Gonna make sure my seatbelt is on in my car with my seat and tray returned to the upright position.


Have a great Monday!


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