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Another Quarantine Day...."Toast"!....Yard Sales

Mar 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday morning…another day of quarantine. 



Man, the days kind of run together now.  My longest trip of the day was down the drive to get the mail. Tennessee is getting a lot of rain, and there’s more on the way.  A little sunshine would allow one to get out and walk or just sit on the porch or deck and feel a little sun.  So I’m kind of ready for that. 


Apparently a lot of my friends are already bored too as I’m hearing from folks I’ve not heard from in awhile.  Not a bad thing.  We had some friends who hit the grocery store yesterday.  Still no paper products on the shelf.  Same as the day before. 


One report I read suggested gas could go below $1 a gallon.  Can you imagine that?  I can’t even remember what year it was I pulled up to a pump and saw that price.  But, I’m not going anywhere…so it’s kind of a moot point.  And of course by the time we get back to semi-normal the price will jump again. 


Any concert that’s on my calendar is cancelled already or will be.  The good news is that the glut of these dates happen later in the year.  And, a couple of shows that look to cancel also look to re-set those dates later in the year.  So that’s good…but it also means the back half of my road dates are all going to stack up together and I’m going to be gone like a gypsy in the wind.  So, I need to remind myself to try and enjoy some time at home while I can.



I’ve got a title.  “Toilet Paper and Guns”.  Since we are making a run on both…maybe there’s a song in that. I hope the one’s that are buying guns are not the same folks upset that they can’t find toilet paper.



My funny funny friend up in Michigan Heywood Banks and I caught up on the phone yesterday.  His kids reflect what my kid is doing right now reminding us we need to stay in.  Meaning of course that we are in the age bracket that needs to take extra precautions.  I don’t know if I feel good that my daughter and his kids are doing that or not.  I’m still thinking about it.


Heywood does a lot of comedy dates with his act…and of course that’s gone for the moment. But if you need a laugh…here’s his signature closing song “Toast” that might put a smile on your face today.



Arnold Schwarznegger is killing time quarantined in his house with a horse and a donkey.  Did you see his VIDEO encouraging all of us to stay in?  I don’t have a horse or a mini-ass to bring into the house but I’m more comfortable with Netflix anyway.



And why every beach has not run off the Spring Breakers is beyond me.  Some of Florida is doing that including Miami Beach.  My friend Brent Burns in Gulf Shores was shaking his head on the phone about all the kids on the beach there acting as if the world is normal and that they are bulletproof.  They may carry the virus…and they will probably be okay.  But, they don’t think about what they might take home to Grandma.  I would hope every parent would be screaming at their kids, “You wanna do what”?!”  Uh…no.



In Spain it’s so bad Police are using drones to scream at people for being outside in groups.  Wonder if we can’t use those to fly over our own beaches right now? 



Pretty much every chain restaurant is providing free delivery right now.  So you can have McNuggets come to your front door with no delivery fee.


Musicians are doing what they can.  Many of them are putting up free concerts online to help pass the time.  Keith Urban put on a dandy the other night and here’s the VIDEO of that.  And Garth is going to do one too in the next few days.  Stay tuned for that.


Many museums are putting up or already have virtual tours that you can experience on your computer.  And no David’s private parts don’t look any larger on a computer than they do when you view it at the Vatican.  Thought you should know.


Wonder if Disney World couldn’t let us somehow go through the park in 3-D since it’s closed down?  Of course it would be just my luck that my computer glitches and I get stuck on the “It’s A Small World” boat ride and the song plays a zillion times.



There are no sports but those in that world are doing what they can to prepare for its return.  Here in Nashville our iconic guitar-scoreboard was damaged from the tornado that passed through here a couple of weeks ago.  So they are working on repairing that bad boy right now so it will be ready to go.  Gosh, imagine some of the folks here who lost so much in the tornado, and now right on the heels of that the Coronavirus.  Some lost their homes…many.  And now they have to self-quarantine with friends or family?



Meanwhile the Sports Channels are just scrambling for content.  A lot of old games are being replayed on TV.  And the NFL Channel yesterday pretty much ran Tom Brady stuff non-stop on the heels of finding out he will not play for Patriots any longer and will probably sign with the Tampa Bay Bucs later today.  Anybody pick the Bucs as the team he would go to?  Me neither.



I don’t see any of us out looking for yard sales or having one for awhile, but still this article about things to look for at yard sales that could make you a lot of bucks caught my eye. They list 40 and the one’s I that really caught my attention were: Vinyl records, mason jars, VHS tapes, t-shirts and old microphones.  Of course you have to know what you’re looking for in those categories but it’s interesting for sure.


I am truly not a yard sale guy and here’s how bad it is. The only one I can remember going to I asked the guy how much he wanted for the table that held all the stuff he was trying to sell.



My longtime friend Steve Dean has collected stuff for years.  Lots of stuff.  And now with the virus guess what he’s doing to make extra money?  Uh huh.  E-bay.  After he told me that I’ve been thinking about all the stuff we’ve got that we never use anymore.  You might do the same.  It’s not like we don’t have some extra time on our hands.



“New Mexico Man Says He Unknowingly Stole TV’s While Drunk”.  And I’m guessing he’ll go on another bender since he forgot to steal any of the remote controls.



Doing some online writing today if we can figure out the technology of making three faces and guitars all show up at once on our phones or computers.  Steve Dean and I are going to write with our Pensacola friend Jessie Ritter.  We invited Jessie not only because of her talent, but because she’s young enough to understand how to make this happen and walk the two of us through it. Yep…I’m a thinker.  So that should help kill a quarantine day in a fun way.


Have a great Wednesday!

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